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Adastros4CP ~ Introduction

Day 2,351, 03:02 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Addaway.

Greetings eUK,

As you can probably tell by the title, I am putting myself forward to run for CP on the 5th May. The eUK is going through tumultuous times at the moment, facing an internal PTO danger and invasion by two foreign countries. I’m running for the Presidency because I think that the eUK desperately needs new ideas and impetus to counter these many threats, and I believe that I can deliver a Government that tackles all of the issues the eUK faces, with enthusiasm, activity and fresh ideas.

I am putting my candidacy to all parties at the same time, because while I'm a member of ESO I am ultimately running to represent the whole of the eUK, so I am approaching this election as an apolitical candidate

So, just who am I?

I figure that it’s probably a good idea to write a brief summary of who I am and what I’ve actually done to think myself qualified to lead the eUK. I got active in June last year, having come back to the game after I made an account about three years previously. Party-wise, II’ve been in ESO for a large proportion of my time, with an excursion to the BEP (now GBDP) last year, when we made a decent fist of trying to be a proper party.

I’ve been in Congress for three terms this year, and was Speaker once- during my time there I spent a great deal of time pushing for reform of congress to make it more effective, but ultimately to no avail.

I’ve gained some experience in Government over the past half year,occuyping every role in the MoHA at some point and being vCP in January. Whilst I know this is not a staggering amount of experience, I do think I understand how it works, and the roles and responsibilites of each government ministry.

I’ve condensed this into just three short paragraphs because I think that things I’ve done in the past are only secondary to running for CP; what really matters is the ideas I have, and my attributes as a player now.

Now, this is just my introductory article; I intend to spell out all of my policies in coming articles, but I want to give a brief overview of what I want to do if elected to the CP Chair:

- Firstly, the PTO threat is starting to get out of hand, with fresh PTOers being granted citizenship and taking root in our community. This is a massive threat to the eUK and it is high time that the government stepped up and started leading and co-ordinating the eUK’s attempts to protect itself. If elected I will establish a dedicated government Ministry of Internal Security, which will take an active role in organising ATO actions.

- In Foreign Affairs, we obviously need to kick the invading Taiwanese and French out of our lands, that goes without saying. On top of this; I would like to see much closer co-operation between the eUK and the other friendly nations that border the Asgard alliance (eNL, eGer, eLatvia, eLithuania, eEstonia) so we can work together to try defend ourselves and/or launch combined attacks on Asgard should the chance arise.

- In Domestic Affairs; I would like to totally re-organise the department, with the Minister of Education becoming the primary domestic minister, encompassing the traditional role of the MoEd as well as everything currently covered by the MoHA. In my opinion having two separate domestic ministers is unnecessary, considering the light workload each ministry has. I would like to expand the BBC News operation; and get the domestic ministries back to producing regular informative and educational content.

Okay, so hopefully that has given you a flavour of what will be contained in my coming manifestos, and ultimately what an Adastros CP term will bring.

I’m going to open up applications for my cabinet straightaway, please use this gdoc to apply for a position in my Cabinet:


Prospective CP Candidate



Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 2,351, 03:11

I think I'll be voting Acroc but good luck 🙂

Yossarian Afudyakno
Yossarian Afudyakno Day 2,351, 08:39

If ACroc is running, I'm boating Crocodile too. \o/

CptChazbeard. Day 2,351, 03:17

Best of luck Squire o7

WookieO Day 2,351, 04:01

Good luck mate o7

WayneKerr Day 2,351, 04:51

Acroc is nothing but a TUP puppet. Keers as got his hand right up his arse...


Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,351, 05:56

Oh that's right, I forgot I'm known for never being Independent.

And as I said Adastros, If you get the support I'll pull out and back you mate.

Good Luck o7

Crispy Squirrel
Crispy Squirrel Day 2,351, 10:47

Sounds something like a Punch and Judy show.
That's the way to do it!

JiminyChristmas Day 2,351, 12:34

Chaz is nothing but a DC puppet. Kerr's got his hand right up his arse...

Although that may be a sex thing rather than puppetry now that I think about it. 😉

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,351, 12:52

Voted for Acroc for puppet but not chaz4cp

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,351, 06:52

Good luck

jamesw Day 2,351, 08:33

Supported. You've shown you're more than willing to stand up for stuff you believe in and put the country above anything. A lack of 'experience' has never stopped anyone having a good term, we all have start from somewhere!

CheetahCurtis Day 2,351, 08:46

If you win we are throwing a GBDP/BEP ex-members party to celebrate. Make sure you make Bob Bloggs vCP because we are still secretly trying to get him as CP so that will give him a boost...

Good luck.

Aleksandar.V Popovic
Aleksandar.V Popovic Day 2,351, 09:00

I"ll hope that he will give BobBloggs vCP spot and to me maybe MoFA 🙂

TheJny123 Day 2,351, 09:41

"we" you coming back to GBDP? 😮

CheetahCurtis Day 2,351, 09:44

Me and Bob have our own secret gang which he doesn't even know about. Do you want to join?

TheJny123 Day 2,351, 09:45

will you rejoin GBDP if i do?

CheetahCurtis Day 2,351, 10:00

Well I'm hoping to move to a certain Caribbean country when it is added, so that's not possible when I'm in another country. If admins let us know when countries are added, I might think about it. Maybe we could all go to eCuba and create the Cuban Democratic Party...

Also, if you don't join the gang I'm going to have to kill you.

TheJny123 Day 2,351, 10:17

im up for CDP.

count me in for the gang.

Sexagenarian Day 2,351, 08:52

Really? You're not going to create 1001 committees?

Aleksandar.V Popovic
Aleksandar.V Popovic Day 2,351, 08:59

Good luck !!.I"ve hope you"ll win iAdrastos !!!.Your enthusiasm,willing for change country and experience you have will be the most needed to this country.Greetings from Alex Popovic.Voted,subed.

Ragnell Day 2,351, 09:22

Best of luck! o7

Huey George
Huey George Day 2,351, 10:25

Best of luck, Adastros

You have all the ingredients to be a very fine CP.

Frank J. Underwood
Frank J. Underwood Day 2,351, 10:28

Good luck.

JiminyChristmas Day 2,351, 12:35

Good luck. o7

Invalidation Day 2,352, 02:55

You'll just quit after some mild trolling from Dapper. Voting you would be a wasted vote, might as well vote Chaz since you'll need to be impeached after the ragequit..

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,352, 03:24


Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 2,352, 07:56

Good luck

ClairV0yance Day 2,352, 08:03

I would like to talk to you... As PP of a party that is in top10...

Send me igm o7

Thanks o7

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 2,352, 11:19

good luck!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,352, 13:56

Best of luck mate, good candidate.

VaultGuy Day 2,353, 11:39

god dam those graphics are so fucking beautiful

Addaway. Day 2,353, 16:29

Glad you like them 😃

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