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Day 1,975, 05:35 Published in Republic of Moldova Republic of Moldova by Alexandru Anghel

Unitatea Militara ACVILA anunta inceperea festivitatilor prilejuite de aniversarea a 3 ani de la momentul infiintarii printr-o parada militara ce va avea loc Vineri, 19 Aprilie la ora 22:00 ora locala.

Deoarece vom asigura cate 15 Q7 abia iesite din fabrici, precum si hrana necesara a va garanta buna dispozitie pe tot parcursul activitatilor, va asteptam pe chat-ul #acvilacoord incepand cu ora 21:00 ora locala.

Cei prezenti pe chat trebuie sa fie deja echipati in tinuta de gala "Acvila 3 ani", pe care o puteti procura in mod gratuit de aici.

Participantii sunt asteptati sa se iscaleasca in registrul-jurnal pentru a primi bunatatile promise.

Grabiti-va! Locuri limitate!

The Military Unit ACVILA announces the beginning of the 3 years from its founding celebration festivities through a military parade due to take place on Friday, 19th of April at 1200 eRepublik time.

As we are offering 15 brand-new Q7's, as well as the necessary food to insure your good mood all the way through the activities, we are waiting for you on the #acvilacoord chat starting 1100 eRepublik time.

The ones arriving on the chat should already wear the celebration uniform "Acvila 3 years", available for free here.

The attendees are expected to sign off the log book in order to receiving the promised goodies.

Hurry up! Limited seats!



Mitzoi Day 1,975, 05:43

nais!...defilam!... : D

MAXIMA1997 Day 1,975, 06:15


RICKPUK Day 1,975, 07:09


BanatForce Day 1,975, 11:26


Leviatanul Day 1,975, 13:09

pt un asemenea eveniment, pun uniforma de gala si fac pas de defilare

Mitzoi Day 1,975, 13:20

hugs... : D

zdidi Day 1,975, 22:55


GringoLBV Day 1,977, 01:40


AlexD111 Day 1,977, 02:28

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