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About the Brazil-PHX-South Africa negotiations – as we see it

Day 1,114, 15:05 Published in Turkey Spain by Del-Magyar Kormany
The official announcement of the hungarian government of South Africa

Hungary and citizens of the eWorld,

As many of you already know, Brazil have launched an attack on the hungarian colony of South Africa,left Phoenix and declared their neutrality at the same time. The latter came as a great surprise for the Phoenix leadership, and for this loss many accusing us, the hungarians of South Africa. We consider ourselves Phoenix citizens, and hereby with our point of view, we would like to deny the accusations that we are the ones to blame for the war. We've learnt, that chatlogs are spreading amongst PHX citizens, which clearly shows our responsibility, we consider those either forged or/and edited.

The hostility between Brazil and the hungarian government of South Africa has its history: in August, Brazil launched an attack on our country, which later became an issue in PHX due to the voluntary aid of some hungarian citizens. At that time we've managed to come to an agreement: Hungary, Brazil and South Africa have signed a contract, in which South Africa gave the high titanium region of Gauteng to Brazil,for a 12,5% rent of the taxes from the region.On the other hand, the hungarian PTO of South Africa became an officially sponsored group by the hungarian government, which granted equal rights to SA with the original regions of Hungary.

The contract was signed for a 2 month period, and it'd have ended officially on the 31th October, but on the night of the attack of North of Brazil (few days before 31th), the original south africans launched a successful resistance war in Gauteng. Due to the closeness of the date of expiry, the 2 sides didnt fulfill the points of the contract regarding this matter, and no enquiry arrived from the brazilian side for a new rental agreement.

There was no further negotiations until the arrival of the new resources, when the people of the 2 countries have noticed that South Africa has more than one of the resources, that Brazil was missing. The brazilian government have noticed that, and approached the leadership of Phoenix.

Learnt from the incident in August, the sides started to negotiate on 3rd December: president Vigoncalves86 of Brazil, from the hungarian side president STimi, and Griffmadar (SA MoFA) from the hungarian government of South Africa, who was invited by the alliance, because of his knowledge of the local affairs.Phoenix was represented by Clueless-Djex and Kistru.

Vingoncalves86 stated his opinion first, asking Hungary if they'd be willing to give 3 regions from South Africa to Brazil, which would strengthen the alliance, since Brazil would gain bonus and South Africa wouldnt lose that bonus. It was about the aluminium, saltpeter and cattle, South Africa has 2 of each on its original regions. The hungarian-south african side didn't decline the enquary,but also turned to Brazil with a request: a route to Chile. About Chile, the plan of the south african government was to strengthen the alliance by acquiring missing resources from there. First, they wanted to go through Brazil (to the occupied peruvian regions), but Brazil found this impossible, since the only way is the North of Brazil, the powerhouse of their industry. They didn't decline to support the plan through Argentina, and they've guaranteed that Argentina will let SA a temporary passage.The plan was that South Africa opens the war against Brazil, half of the cost'd have paid by them. You can see the results by the end of the day in this google document. The sides agreed to continue the negotiations on the next day (Cost of declaring a war is no longer vailid, admins have shrinked the fees by 50-66% without any notice).

Saturday, 4th December: the negotiations continued: Sulejmani joined to represent Brazil (he is their current president), Nalaja (hungarian MoFa) representing hungary-south africa, and replacing the 2 serbs from PHX, Iain Keers, Supreme General of Phx, and jamesw, Supreme Commander of PHX joined the talks.(STimi did not attend the 2nd day). At the beginning of the 2nd round, it turned out that Brazil does not support letting SA to the Chilean border (not even through Argentina).They started to demand the following: South Africa pays the war, then Brazil captures the 3 regions (at that time those were Kwazulu Natal, Free State and North-West Province),and the 2 countries signs peace. This is good for Brazil, but not for SA, since delcaring war would've cost 300-400 gold for SA, not to mention the loss of the french and hungarian MPPs. Even though, Brazil offered to pay the costs through PHX, but for SA, this would've mean they gave away 3 regions for free. From the experiences of August (for renting Gauteng, Brazil paid only 18 gold to the South African Bank) the hungarians in SA rejected this, and considered it provoking. However, Nalaja as representative of Hungary accepted it, claiming that it would be a benefit for the alliance. They were waiting for the answer of Griffmadar, who (in agreement with the community in SA)answered the provocation with a provocation: Using the polish-slovakian contract regarding Central Slovakia (Poland pays 250 gold to Slovakia every week according to that agreement) as a sample, asked 2000 gold a month for the 3 regions. This was rejected by both the brazilian and alliance leadership. They said there's no place for a rental contract.

After a brief break, the negotiation continuted, Clueless-Djex replaced Iain Keers for the PHX side. After a short summary , Clueless questioned Griffmadar about the 2000 gold, who claimed the deal wont work for free (again, an experience from August). After this, Sulejmani declared , that the contract is already valid (since Nalaja accepted it), but the south african government rejected it, claiming that they aren't officially part of the hungarian government. After this, Sulejmani left to handle RL things. From this point, Brazil had no representative in the negotiations.

5-6th December: Phoenix tried to save the day. After Vingoncalves86 started the DoW on SA ( almost at the same time of the DoW by Romania on Hungary). Clueless-Djex and Iain Keers continued the talks with the south african and hungarian leadership, trying to reach an agreement. The hungarian side still didn't reject to negotiate, and finally they've come to an agreement. The deal was the following: South Africa starts the war, and attacks Brazil, so SA loses their hungarian and french mpp. Then brazil takes 3 regions, Mpumalunga, North-West Province and Free State. After this, the countries sign peace. For the next step, SA would get to the chilean borders through Argentina, and wouldnt sign an mpp for 4 days. Some problems occured: for instance, how will SA goes through Argentina without MPPs (due to the closeness of the new military module), and what if Hungary needs SA's support in the war against Romania. They agreed to continue the negotiations the day after. Phoenix told Brazil about the progress (according to Clueless) but Brazil denied to continue the talks and they've left Phoenix. At dawn, the war started, and 4 hours later Brazil launched an attack on Northern Cape.

We, the hungarian government of SA, wanted to let the public know about this. We firmly believe, that we didn't declined to make a contract with Brazil, moreover, it was them who did that at the end of the negotiations. If we don't see improvements in our reputation, we will disclose the logs of the whole process, and let the general public form their opinion who is responsible for the departure of Brazil from PHX.

Anyway, we would like to thank PHX and the hungarian government that they didnt decide over our head, and tried to mediate between us and Brazil. Don't forget, we still consider ourselves the part of Phoenix, the part of Hungary. To prove this, we fought in SGP, instead of Northern Cape.

A few words to the brazilians: We'd like to thank Sulejmani, to let Josh Frost, the american president, dissolve their mpp with the attack on Shannon. At least, you didn't tank the cost of resigning against us. We not gonna give up, if you wasted so much gold for this, we're going to make your life harder here in SA. Also, enjoy the alliance with your newest friends, we guarantee it won't last long.

Hail South Africa!
Hail Hungary!

With respect:

the leadership of South Africa.


merga Day 1,114, 15:30


Stadler  City
Stadler City Day 1,114, 15:32


Griffmadar Day 1,114, 15:35


the true face of brazil : x2

L T A Day 1,114, 15:37

the true face of brazil :
hint: fabio=sulejmani


stevest Day 1,114, 15:43


Krulla Day 1,114, 15:43


e.Jean68 Day 1,114, 15:50


sad but true...🙁

same on you Brazilia!

montaigne Day 1,114, 15:52


Heidar Day 1,114, 16:11


Kero One
Kero One Day 1,114, 16:14


Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Day 1,114, 16:19

bye, bye, pirates!

TemujinBC Day 1,114, 16:23

Hail Brazil
Hail America
Hail Canada


isegien Day 1,114, 16:25

Comment deleted

Stadler  City
Stadler City Day 1,114, 16:31

"SA for being so greed..."
Read it again!


merga Day 1,114, 16:37

@isegien: Brazil offering 150 gold a month to africans (EDEN ppl) and offered 0 gold for hungarians (PHX). go figure.

qablo Day 1,114, 16:42

"We consider ourselves Phoenix citizens"


Nice article to read I must say

Dio Sulejmani
Dio Sulejmani Day 1,114, 16:50

lies lies and more lies.

mad, in erep we can put logs 😕

Davey Romper
Davey Romper Day 1,114, 16:51


pulikutya Day 1,114, 16:57

Fail Brazil...

Dead Citzen
Dead Citzen Day 1,114, 17:24

So, did you want to atack Chile? Why would we agree with it?

Animal Farm
Animal Farm Day 1,114, 18:15

If you want something, you should give something in exchange.
Like the 50g/region, that you would give the proEden south africans.

szbszig Day 1,114, 19:51


Hungarian Field Marshal
Hungarian Field Marshal Day 1,114, 21:19


Cirbolya Day 1,114, 21:52


ArweniaE Day 1,114, 22:08

Brazil offering 150 gold a month to africans (EDEN ppl) and offered 0 gold for hungarians (PHX). go figure.


sinko109 Day 1,114, 22:23


hundaob Day 1,114, 22:26


Rains Day 1,114, 22:57


Feco101 Day 1,115, 23:08

Hail eSA!
Hail Hungary!

Fail Brasil!

Free Gauteng!

bannme Day 1,115, 23:41


Tarasiy Day 1,115, 23:46

Very nice,
HAIL Brazil

Stephanus N
Stephanus N Day 1,115, 23:48


Tim_Holtz Day 1,115, 23:49

hey heres an idea fk off out of South Africa. you won't have any problems with them if you do that

Nemmondommeg Day 1,115, 23:53


MerKano Day 1,115, 23:55

How is that SA makes a plan to take Chilean borders trough Argentina without talk with any argentine authorities? sounds like a lie.

Peterbond Day 1,115, 23:58

Merkano: Ask the leader of Phoenix. If you dont belive him than who would you belive?

Peterbond Day 1,115, 00:02

But just one question.

Did ANY Phoenix nation made a war where Phoenix nation is fighting whit Phoenix nations? Or Brazil is the first?

Becouse now 11 nation is fighting against eSA Frnace and Hungary in Guateng while both Serbia and Hungary has major battles and UK is fighting USA and Canada at the same time.

Latvia was kicked out for having a polish MPP. But Noone asked that Btrazil should be kicked out. They leaved. Made a war between Phoenix nations ( a coordinated attacke whit Romania ! ), and still we are the bad guy who ar greedy.

Ramet3 Day 1,115, 00:05

vote. Szomorú, hogy ez történt.

graduallynevele Day 1,115, 00:06

Thats nice.

A Rock Star in Tanzania
A Rock Star in Tanzania Day 1,115, 00:10

ptoers must fail.

Peterbond Day 1,115, 00:11

O and before someone thinks we are fighting Brasil you should watch our battle orders. We fight for Serbia in BiH. Even The dammend PTOüers fighting For Serbia.

Best "friends" Brasil is fighting in Guateng.

MerKano Day 1,115, 00:13

I dont know if is a lie or not, but is sure that It makes no sense. Starting from the point that eArgentina and eChile are "allies" in the game with good relationships.
Besides, why do Hungary (or the Hungary tovers in Southafrica) are soooo greed? i mean, Hungary is a big powerfull country with a lot of expansionist ways in Europe, why you insist on came here and remove opportunities to the southamerica countries like Argentina and Brasil?
I really can understand the Brasilians desicion after reading this.

Geraj Day 1,115, 00:13

Brazil offering 150 gold a month to africans (EDEN ppl) and offered 0 gold for hungarians (PHX). go figure.


ArweniaE Day 1,115, 00:18

MerKano: you should read only Brazilian newspapers. It fits better with your IQ. : )

MerKano Day 1,115, 00:25

ArweniaE ok, but you should read "how NOT to be the submissive bitch of Brasil" first ; )

montaigne Day 1,115, 01:03

Brasil and Argentina both have lot of opportunities to expand in South America.
Brasil and Argentina has failed to occupy or to PTO SA several times. This shows, that you have no planning and execution ability.

Jenkiz Day 1,115, 01:05

ez qrva hosszú

supercar Day 1,115, 01:07


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