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About Supply Pack [HH]

Day 1,820, 17:48 Published in Hungary Hungary by Heidar

An average eRepublik player ...

While me ...



Heidar Day 1,820, 17:53

The first ( and the rest) who will comment what I mistyped is (are) homosexual.

rRonin Day 1,820, 17:57

voted (not mention about your mistakes -which not exist, 'couse you do not have off course) xD

ow santeaja
ow santeaja Day 1,820, 20:05

no mistake xD

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,821, 00:16

who cares x2

inkább veszek sört abból a pénzből

Dream2010 Day 1,821, 02:12

Hol van ez a supply pack? Nekem nincs sehol

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Day 1,821, 03:45


Heidar Day 1,821, 04:05

gay gay gay gay

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Day 1,821, 04:12

: D

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,821, 04:44

If you get it you won't get another offer like it again, leave it alone and you probably will.

HEPBO3AH Day 1,821, 07:34

So, you choose one or get all if you buy this?
I said I'll never buy gold, but now I'm having second thoughts.

jivomax7 Day 1,821, 09:30

good ofer hope to have another:) v from me

TankAranka Day 1,822, 18:12

Nuku vote, köze sincs az előző cikkhez. Hírhajhászás. Még csak nem is hiánypótló.

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