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About my real life for my friends (or for me)

Day 1,880, 15:11 Published in China Romania by alpho

Hello all!

Actually this article is not meant for all of you. These are some of my thoughts that I have built over the years while living on the boundary between Romanian and Szekely traditions.

1. I was born in Brasov, a city well known for it's svab (Bavarian Germans) inheritance.
2A. I lived throughout most of my youth and the first 4 years in school in Marosvasarhely (Targu Mures, Romania) where, even though I was living in Romania, I've learned the Hungarian, the Szekely and the Csango hymnusz.
2B. In preschool I wore on special occasions clothing like this :
3. In 4-th grade my teacher (I was in a Hungarian class in Targu Mures in Romania) took me and my class to Csiksomlyo, Romania for an annual festival. In that year, 1998, there were rougly 100,000 Szekelys there. This is close to Miercurea Ciuc, Romania (Csikszereda in Hungarian). This is an annual meeting that eludes most Romanians, few Romanians know of it's existence.
We sang the szekely hymnusz (anthem). All 100,000 of us at that time.
In 2009 it was 150,000
4. In modern, current time Romania, I've learned to write in Runic alphabet, a very old alphabet. Or It was fun to write in an alphabet few in Romania could understand.
5. I also learned about the Csango hymnusz (anthem) and I also had to learn it.
6. A school trip to Opusztuszer and Pusztamerges in 1998 to see the first Hungarian tribal remnants of King Arpad, the tribe leader that lead the Hungarians to moderb day Pannonia within the Danube sandy basin.

To end it.
So half of me is an anicent turkish nomad tribe, the szekely, that was positioned by Hungarian Crown close to the Carpathians to protect the Hungarian Regal regions from invaders. Or, if we listen to the old stories, I'm a descendant of one of the 3,000 most courageous warriors of Attila's Huns.
And the other half is from a Romanian protopop (high priest) and a Boyer (boier) family. Which one am I?

I am both. I am, now, from Banat.

Hungarians, germans, romanians, serbians, italians, jews, croatians (carasoveni - a part of an actual name of a Romanian county), ukrainains, russians (lipoveni), csangos, bulgarians, turks, svabs, sas.. all of them live in current modern day Banat, Romania. So, what am I, with my father from southern Romania, Oltenia, and my mother from the Szekely tribes while I'm born in Brasov, Transylvania?

A "banatean", an inhabitant of Banat, my home.

alpho - Mi-s mandru gugulan.



LilyanaJenoTyel Day 1,880, 15:14


oboj Day 1,880, 15:16

you are what you eat : ))))

alzena Day 1,880, 15:20

: O, so you were born in Brasov ?

Nativio Day 1,880, 15:22

Banatul Montan Mândru Gugulan

staruszek Day 1,880, 15:22

@oboj thats true, i'm fat : P

Didei Day 1,880, 15:22


marius16 Day 1,880, 15:24

gg oboj 😁)))

cool article bro, voted!

Alexandross Day 1,880, 16:02

Great article!

Prunt Day 1,880, 16:28

sort version: you are hungarian : )
(if you ask irl citizenship you will get it)

Murlockij Day 1,880, 17:33

Nehéz ügy ez - egyetértek, az vagy akinek vallod magad, ebben a genetikai kondérban amiből kikeveredtünk, réges-régen összekeveredett minden nép és törzs minden más nép és törzzsel.
Ezért sincs máshogyan értelme, ha magyarnak érzed magad, akkor magyar vagy, ha székelynek akkor székely vagy ha románnak akkor az, és így tovább. És ez így van jól, aki nem ért egyet - az tehet neked egy szívességet 🙂

GregoryG Day 1,880, 17:52

I know you love beer. I have bought you a few myself.

aniujual Day 1,880, 19:10

Stop it, you're oltean and you know it!!!

elbandido Day 1,880, 22:12

nice : )

hritcucos Day 1,881, 23:23

si eu m-am nascut la brasov 🙂 tata moldovean si mama ardeleanca, si eu ma intreb de multe ori ce sunt..., dar pentru mine e simplu: sunt român

vladb Day 1,881, 00:12

Parca ar fi cineva in Europa care de fapt nu e rezultatul a nspe mii de neamuri si triburi amestecate .

Mie imi place articolul .

Vlad Sabau
Vlad Sabau Day 1,881, 00:14

you are european

Leviatanul Day 1,881, 00:20

@aniujual +1 😁))

ion-voda Day 1,881, 00:26

aniujual, asa cum zici, 🙂 si se poate si muta acolo, mai ales ca merge la meciuri, iar Muresul e periculos de trecut : D : P

basmebriga Day 1,881, 05:52

Nascut in Banatul serbesc, aici sunt Roman, in Romania sunt Serb.

googoodoll Day 1,881, 06:33

Cine s-a nascut in Brasov, brasovean ramane. Asa-i?

giap Day 1,881, 08:42

Alpho, sasii au fost colonizati in sudul Transilvaniei din zona orasului Chemnitz, situat in landul Saxonia (Sachsen). Pentru o intelegere corecta a textului de catre cei ce nu vorbesc romana, sasi se traduce prin Saxons (da, una dintre cele trei populatii care au colonizat dupa cadrea Imperiului Roman de Apus insulele britanice). Din cate stiu, germanii din Kronstadt (Brasov sau Brasso), cati au mai ramas dupa epurarea etnica facuta de comunisti in anii '50, sunt Sachsen, nu Schwaben.

Butters.Stotch Day 1,881, 09:47

Banatul Montan si aici 😃

IntoOblivion Day 1,881, 11:55

I hereby hail the mighty unifying powers of beer and kisses

Mirror Wong
Mirror Wong Day 1,882, 04:37


Legica101 Day 1,882, 13:51

A Croatian region in Romania, interesting 😃

LitoII Day 1,908, 14:12


Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,908, 14:50

you are human rest depends of view

Strength and Honour

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