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A Year In Review

Day 1,862, 05:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GameChanger

Hello, all!


Today, I want to reflect on the past year, and what has occurred in our country over that time.

Last Christmas, we were in the process of being invaded by three countries, those being France, Canada, and Ireland. The whole ONE alliance was in shambles, as Turkey changed sides. We managed to get a congress, but it was a very melancholy affair. Then, a few days later, we were wiped for the first time in our history.

We would remain without congress for three months.

Then, in early spring, the ONE alliance started to resurge, as Chile and Bulgaria left the TEDEN mega-alliance, and formed CoT, which was then neutral. First, we negotiated a peace with Ireland, and drove out the Canadians and the French. At one point, we even took Paris!

Then the U.S. passed through us like a winter cold, on their way to Poland. Like a healthy dose of Pepto-bismol, the pink scourge drove out the americans. The Canadians tried to reconquer us, but we stood strong. The Polish then took semi-permanent residence on our southern border, guaranteeing our safety.

We had a mini babyboom, which did not come to fruition. However, it did bring in a wave of new, dedicated people, many of which are still here today.

Then, we started to have political issues. NE came up, promising a change, a big one, from the "tyranny" of TUP. UKPP took advantage, bolstering their membership as well. Enormous media wars ensued, with people buying hundreds of votes for their respective articles.

It has calmed down recently, with UKPP taking the presidency, and the media wars coming to a close. Now, we see a new party, One Vision, which has made its way into the top 5. Where will they go from here, and how will they influence the politics of our country, is a big question. The emergence of NE and 1V has ushered the end of an era. UKRP has fallen from the top 5, and ESO is down to 5th place.

However, we exit this year far more content than the last. We are part of TWO now, with CoT as our allies. No one is threatening to wipe us, or PTO us. We had an enormous battle with Portugal, and are at war with Canada. But, the odds are in our favor now. The only thing we have to fear is our own divisions, which are already healing.

A reflective look back,




ViciousDeeds Day 1,862, 06:58

Great article voted and subbed mate

happy christmas o7

Saiwun Day 1,862, 07:25

Very nice! Merry Christmas!

Alphabethis Day 1,862, 07:28


T White II
T White II Day 1,862, 07:49

brilliant, merry Christmas

GameChanger Day 1,862, 07:59

Dunno why that picture isn't working

lancer450 Day 1,862, 08:36

Voted. : ) Happy Christmas!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,862, 08:44

5th Place is by no means settled. ESO has fallen fast and for a brief moment, before a few bans kicked in UKRP overtook them!

Perhaps ESO will find similar fight when/if UKRP knock them out and bring 1V back into the mix.

With the recent 'shenanigans' about the impeachment going on -we're in for an intresting couple of months.

Spite313 Day 1,862, 12:04

We're about to be wiped by simultaneous attacks from 4 countries.

Time for a change eh? Hopefully they'll vote for someone with a brain next month

CatBea Day 1,862, 12:34

someone has opened Pandora's Box....o/

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,863, 00:28

Have to agree with Alfagrem, I think this impeachment has thrown all the good will out of the window. I also sadly wouldnt be surprised if one or two senior eUK'ers were trying to use their influence to talk other countries into attacking the eUK. We've already seen a few opposed to our CP try to fuel the fire with foreign governments.

Rfeist Day 1,863, 18:55

Voted. : ) Happy Christmas!

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