A vote for National Pride

Day 763, 17:13 Published in Australia Australia by harriesan

Greetings my fellow compatriots. I, harriesan, have decided to run for the South Australian seat of congress in order to put forward several key ideas and input that you and I share alike in order to improve our great and beautiful nation.
The notions of Pride, Strength and Population. These will be my focus as they are yours.

Pride; Our national spirit.

eAustralians have always been strong hearted and inspired by the virtues of mateship, courage and honour. This is, as always, an encouraging and powerful aspect of what it means to be an eAustralian and I will be strong in my convictions, basing decisions not on what is best for the few powerful individuals, but what is best for the larger majority.

Stength; Our military capabilities.

Currently our military might is suffering, it is weak. A poison is seeping into our society and propagating itself through the inactive and the apathetic mind set of members within the public.
If elected it will be my highest priority to increase our military prowess through encouraging citizens to participate in day-by-day training and wars abroad.
This weakness too is due to the lack of numbers of our citizens, and so I am brought to my next point.

Population; Our inspired citizens who make the former two notions possible.

Our population is stagnant. The downward trend of eAustralians is a most sorry state of affairs as it is a nations population that boosts our economy, through workers, and our military, through soldiers. I would even argue that the small, declining, number of us effects our national moral and sense of community. As such population is imperative to the survival of our nation, and I will force home this truth throughout the senate and actively engage the members of congress, irrespective of party, to participate in a national forum seeking to discover new ways in which the population of our beloved nation may grow and prosper.
Such methods I shall propose will include the speeding up of the citizenship process for migrants who bring with them the skills developed within their home country, enabling active participation in the workforce and the military.

Now is a time for change! Now is a time for the long term planning of the future of eAustralia! Elect me as your congress representative and together we may reshape our fair nation into a power that will withstand the tests of war and time!
Aussie, aussie, aussie!