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A United Netherlands... Anyone?

Day 1,959, 10:06 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Nomadicracer

For those of you who have not meet me.. Howdy! I am new to the game.. & the Netherlands.. I was reborn on march 1st of this year with a blood lust to reunite our Country!

I keep reading about Freedom & Democracy.. all noble ideas.. but to truly embrace these ideas.. we need a country of our own!! otherwise, they are just pipe dreams..

I know that i do not stand alone with my vision of a united Netherlands.. Happy locals & tourists enjoying our tasty coffee shops, along with all the adventures found in the red light district 🙂

I am ready to fight.. and do whatever it takes to realize this dream.. But without the proper organization and leadership we will continue to fall short of reclaiming what is rightfully ours! We need to come together & work as one well oiled fighting machine!!!

When we have a war in the Netherlands.. it is your duty to fight for our country and not another.. it pains me to see our president, & others, dividing our troops right before battles in the Netherlands.. I see many more 'unsupported' wars in our region, than ones supported.. its CRAZY.. Why have a government, if they dont support fighting for the country they represent?? We need to be a thorn in polands side.. not a push over to play with when they get bored.. & with better communication & organisation we can save our bazookas & bombs for supported & coordinated attacks.. 411.. secret attacks.. dont work.. Soldiers need to know!

I plan on publishing several articles on how we can all work together & achieve the common goal of uniting our country... any political differences, or battles should be put on hold until we have a country to support a government.. until then they are nothing but a waste of time and effort..

If you to share the same dream.. Please subscribe, and feel free to share your thoughts.. these are just mine.. i am open to any intelligent discussion.. just know.. my number 1 priority will always be uniting & protecting what is inherently ours as eNetherland Citizens..

Thanks for reading!
Nomadicracer ... Warlord



nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,959, 11:22

Great article, cant wait for the follow ups.

SKYJACKED Day 1,959, 12:13

i fully support this article , voted & subbed

SpikyJade2700 Day 1,959, 12:45

vote and subscribe, great article!

Kordak Day 1,959, 13:21

Voted and subscribed, let's push for the final victory! o7

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,959, 14:00

Nice article, I like your ideas. Unfortunately our country seems very dead on the days that it counts. Like today, we all should have known this was the moment to RW us a region free. But almost noone came to our supply channel, so MoD had to stop supplying. This RW was announced on forum, also in the public part. About uniting the Netherlands, some in Belgium would like that, but most wouldn't imo. And many in eNL don't want it either. I'm still a supporter of the thought, especially when we finally manage to get Luxemburg added, wich makes for 2 extra regions, one fruit, one alluminum. We'd be a great empire; 9 regions, and 60/60 bonusses!

odan Day 1,959, 14:51

what would you rather do? spend a holiday with friends and family or play a silly game?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,959, 14:53

you're right mate, but we had a nice chance today, a shame it got wasted. 😛

Auggustus Day 1,960, 05:35

And where was it posted about supplies?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,960, 18:08

lol, in MU shouts, on forum, in general shouts, etc.
all MU's DO where on it, you couldn't have missed, yet you only did 15 kills 🙁

Auggustus Day 1,960, 23:32

well I saw the shout where to fight not getting weapons. As for just 15 kills, I did fight full health. We cant all do as much damage as you if we dont all have health bars.

Nomadicracer Day 1,959, 16:02

Amen Van Spijick.. today was a shame.. I hope we can rally some support in the coming weeks.. Cheers

Nomadicracer Day 1,959, 16:18

Not sure exactly why I was just De-friended by the Prez..4 writing a "United Netherlands" article.. Very interesting statement though... Are we not a Proud Country that preaches freedom & Democracy?!? I am honestly confused by the state of affairs & our National Pride..

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,960, 06:53

why the heck would I defriend you? if you didn't yourself it must be some bug

Nomadicracer Day 1,960, 09:45

I had no clue.. lol .. hence the comment.. we were friends.. I wrote the article.. that same day, our friendship ended... must be a polish spy.. I have no reason to de-friend the Prez! crazy..

Shibitah Day 1,960, 08:47

I don't check the forum all that much, if you really want to spread the word you should try to do so by writing a. an article (but those can be seen by polish ppl) or b. personal message everyone who you think might be interested. Plan b might actually work, although it's a lot of work to pm everyone in eNL..

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,961, 01:55

Yes more articles would be a great thing. Not sure Poles are interested in our press since we don't give them praises and glory 😃 .

Shibitah Day 1,960, 08:50

Also.. some people are having trouble moving back and forth. Now I know we are handling things trough the forum with printscreens and all for div 1 + 2 but I haven't actually got any NLG back so my guess is that others didn't either.. You can't expect people to move back and forth every single day if they don't have an income to support it.

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,960, 08:52

I think the best channel of communication now that comment boxes were improved would be the MoD newspaper.

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