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A Turning Point

Day 1,887, 17:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ziltoid16
Britain At War

The war while at first looking bleak for the eUK is now beginning to turn in our favour, although the fighting in eNorway was a none starter, it did give eCanada the excuse they were looking for to attack, they did not even feel the need to contact their eNorway or their Asgard allies before declaring war and invading Wales. BigAnt did everything in his power to get TWO on board with us and eventually he succeeded in that task.

Our CP BigAnt has taken a lot of stick over this conflict, but there are people who would criticise BigAnt, or in fact any CP that is not them or someone they support, no matter what the outcome of their actions were. BigAnt made it clear that he wanted war, and would give us war, and war is what we got.

The end result has been that the inevitable war with eCanada was given a kick-start, which in the beginning went very badly for us, but in the end has forced TWO's hand in coming to war with eCanada.

eSpain have been invaluable in this conflict and I hope that once it is all over we can repay them by being extremely active in support of our allies as they have been for us, Macedonia lost more ground to eGreece today and the sooner we can secure our island and come to the aid of our allies in need the better.

The Fighting

The eUK was involved in a lot of fighting today, and we have won or are winning a great deal of the actions, although it is inevitable as we enter eCanadian prime-time this trend will not remain so strongly in our favour we have fought incredibly well today, securing the West Midlands from eCanada, repelling the eNorwegians in the North West of England, and at the time of writing winning the Scotland RW. The only place we have struggled today is Wales, but the time will come for us to regain Wales I'm sure.

In Other News...

eNorway fear a possible PTO in the near future

There is a rumour that the eUSA may enter into the war against eCanada

Our other enemies eFrance gained 400 new citizens today

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Niemand Day 1,888, 01:06

To attack Norway knowing Canada would come was a bad move by UK.
Our allies needed support at that time (for example Macedonia against Greece).
UK got more enemies than needed. Some neutral nations became UK enemies (Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway). Some of the allies of UK were not that pleased.
There were many other possibilities for a war:.TW with Ireland, TW or real war with Canada.
It would have saved a lot of money, energy and avoided some tensions and still a war was there.

BigAnt Day 1,888, 01:17

Niemand you dont have a clue, im sorry but there is stuff we cant say in public but

UK got more enemies than needed. Some neutral nations became UK enemies (Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway)

you are wrong 😉

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