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Day 2,042, 10:25 Published in Canada Canada by Zianni Vaatez

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Sir Vincent Vega
Sir Vincent Vega Day 2,042, 10:26


Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 2,042, 10:27


Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,042, 11:00

Brilliant article, very informative. Voted hard.

klop123 Day 2,042, 11:28


Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 2,042, 12:06

voted. :'D

ArtyFowl Day 2,042, 15:25

"Um pedaço de papel está no chão ele tem o número nele 3"

Leo Magrinho
Leo Magrinho Day 2,042, 15:51


ArtyFowl Day 2,042, 15:53

Dex usa todos os seus contatos do submundo em busca do pergaminho One

Lordjas Day 2,042, 17:01

lol voted

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,042, 21:52

voted hard

Chochi Day 2,043, 05:04

How did this article ever make top 5? Oh wait... : P

Actually, even if there was a sixth article, I'd probably vote for it. Keep up the good work!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,043, 11:44


Joshur Day 2,043, 18:18

Wow, your take on [ ] was very informative, and educated. I appreciate the amount of effort that went into this.

Keep up the good work, man. Voted, subscribed, now an avid reader

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