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A Tale Of PPs And Others

Day 1,888, 19:19 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari
To my international readers: I know it's been a while since I've written something of real value for you. That is mainly because foreign politics are less interesting with smaller, weaker alliances. When CoT rises or EDEN crumbles, or if something really interesting happens, however, I promise to write more regularly for you.


When I came back from my hiatus and decided to become PP of the KPeD, I had a clear goal. I wanted to do the job for one month, no more. I wanted to do what KPeD had not done in the months before - be active and present in the media. And In this month, I did that. I posted articles, forced everyone who ran for office to do something for their gold, and I organised primaries for congress elections, on order to get people more involved.

Still, I was not successful with everything. I wanted to introduce new players, forcing them to become more active and making them more popular at the same time; this only workes once. Every other interviewpartner cancelled or went inactive - and there were not many I considered to begin with. Most importantly, however, I failed to make the forums and our IRC channel more active.

IRC is hard for me, as I currently live in another timezone. When I would have time for it, no one would be there except for a few newds with no life (I'm looking at you, DSM). And on the forums, I was often the only guy who posted for weeks. When people do not expect activity, they do not visit the forums, making them less active. That is why some people missed good chances - running for congress, voting on congress candidates, discussions on international cooperation and PPs. Well - it is your loss, and I tried my best to force people into getting active (and to some extent, I succeeded).

But then, I had less time, while no one wanted to be PP. So, what to do? Basically, I tried to delegate certain tasks and stopped writing so many articles. Organising congress, i.e. forcing people to write presentations, organising the primaries and occasionally mobolising voters would be enough. And then, last month, I saw Bragge Schorsch, a long time KPeD member who was rather active, running for PP.

It was time for a change. I asked him, if he was running for real, and when he comfirmed, I let him be the real candidate. I had finals coming up and was happy that someone more dedicated than me whom I knew to be trustworthy would take up the job. Well, now would be the time for one of these fancy Hobbit/Thorin memes: Never have I been so wrong.

The day after the PP election, a very confused and confusing article was written. You have to understand that prior to this, Bragge and others in the KPeD had been attacking onrop and the LPP very fervently, at times too fervently for my taste. This article now said to vote onrop and ensured support for him - how else would I read this but sarcasm? Again - never have I been so wrong.

So Bragge left the KPeD. Obviously it too much to ask for him to stay in office until after the congress elections; obviosly it too much to ask for him to inform everyone on the forums in an intelligible way or find someone who had a high level and agreed to be PP, and most certainly it was too much to ask for him to stay fomally as PP, but let someone else to the job, telling him how to organise candidates only on election day. Really, I could think of a dozen ways how to handle this without screwing everyone over. But alas, the butthurt over the MoD was too much, so rash action was needed.

The rest of this is told fast. Edna handled the situation very well for someone who didn't even realise he was PP until someone told her. We managed to block possible PTOers in the last minute, and decided something like this could never happen again. In fact, I was about to crown myself eternal dictator of the KPeD, since we had only trouble with every new PP we had in the last year.

But then, one of the few guys who have never been PP before and whom I'd still trust, even after the trouble we have had with new PPs, agreed to being the new PP. I hereby welcome Mustermann.

A few more words. When Mustermann first joined Erepublik, he was in the SPeD. In the SPeD, he started as a very promising member, however, he was also the fiercest critic of the KPeD, and that ment mainly me, as I was running for CP at that time. If you had told anyone that two years later, he would be PP of us, we all would have laughed. But things changes; I lost twice; Mustermann became the one funny guy left in Germark after Seidel, Lyu and others had left; and now, he is the best chance Germark has to make politics more interesting.

Mustermann leading the KPeD is not only good for us, as it gives us some activity - it is good for Germark, because as head of a top 5 party, he has the potential to make politics more interesting. Overall, we live in interesting times.

Do me a favor - never vote for someone as PP who did not announce his candidacy on the forums and in an article. 15 votes for MrMaus, an unofficial candidate, is ridiculous, and you should know better.



onrop Day 1,889, 00:58

Man könnte auch sagen, er hat euch erfolgreich pto't.

MMMaster Day 1,889, 01:25

@onrop: wenn bragge sich einfach entscheide, das er nicht mehr mit der kped zusammmenarbeiten will, weil nicht geug leute sofort die regierung stürzen wollten un dann meint er wäre bei euch besser aufgehoben, dann hatdas nix mit pto zu tun

also:great article! Still alive, still fighting, still communist!

Herbert Mustermann
Herbert Mustermann Day 1,889, 02:27

Hasta la victoria siempre o7

onrop Day 1,889, 02:39

Die Rede war von Max Mustermann.

kosmopolitson Day 1,889, 03:15

marx mustermann, kped!

Versuchskaninchen Day 1,889, 04:58


auf jeden Fall schreibt er humorvolle Artikel

Sebastianovic Frenzelson
Sebastianovic Frenzelson Day 1,889, 05:24

kruzifix, kped lebt...

Bragge Schorsch
Bragge Schorsch Day 1,889, 05:56

naja ein positiver aspekt hat die gnaze sache doch: ihr habt was worpber ihr reden könnt, artikel schrieben könnt und daher mehr aktivität....
zum wechsel: man kann alles schlucken was auf einem zukommt, irgendwann geht das aber nicht mehr. werdet ihr merken. oder man kann aufstehen und versuchen etwas gegen den filz zu tun....oder weiter hin in diverse körperöffnungen kriechen....

Thuroi Day 1,889, 06:20

guter artikel und schön mal wieder was von dir zu hören Skalg! und bisschen erfolg in deinen aktionen hattest du doch und das ist doch was 😉

@ onrop
schrecklich wie mustermann massen an multies aktiviert hat um gegen unseren willen bei uns PP zu werden!

@ Bragge
nicht nur, dass wir endlich wieder was hatten, worüber wir uns aufregen konnten, wir haben auch gelernt, dass man nicht allen leuten vertrauen kann und aufpassen sollte, wen man zum PP macht.
man kann sich übrigens auch in der community konstruktiv beteiligen und versuchen etwas zu verändern, oder man kann alles als "foll fies und foll ferfilzt" beschimpfen, das hilft bestimmt!

slayer10 Day 1,889, 06:57

dieser elende filz, überall hat er seine finger im spiel

The Docfather
The Docfather Day 1,889, 07:24

"In fact, I was about to crown myself eternal dictator of the KPeD, since we had only trouble with every new PP we had in the last year."
Filz :>

Bragge Schorsch
Bragge Schorsch Day 1,889, 07:54

ich hätte ja mrmaus gewählt aber naja...lord tywin lannister (slayer10?) seit wann bist du in der lpp (nicht dass mich das stört aber warst du nicht immer bei den metzen?)

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,889, 08:26

PP 1: Lässt sich wählen, tritt sofort ner gegnerischen Partei bei
PP 2: War mal in ner verbündeten Partei, ist seit ner Weile in der KPeD, kündigt seine Kandidatur im Vorfeld an, hat Unterstützung von der Mehrheit der aktiven (Forum, IRC) und macht bisher nen guten Job

Wer ist eher PTO verdächtig?

eisenmutter2 Day 1,889, 10:08

@Bragge Schorsch Day 1,889, 05:56

tja um was auf die beine zu stellen braucht die KPeD (aber auch andere) halt leute die durchhalten und die eben auch mal schlucken selbst wenn es ihnen nicht gefällt ohne gleich wegzurennen wegen filz*

daher ist einer der (nicht ohne gewisse gegenwehr)** alles schluckt wie Herbert Mustermann doch der perfekte kandidat

*filz gehört zu einem richtigen mann dazu
**und grade das ist doch sexy

Bragge Schorsch
Bragge Schorsch Day 1,889, 10:13

wenn du meinst...

eisenmutter2 Day 1,889, 10:18

@Bragge Schorsch Day 1,889, 10:13

ich meine nicht ich weiß es! solange du schluckst ist es nämlich auch nicht so wichtig ob die technik mit der du es angehst perfekt oder nur mittelmäßig bis gut ist.

ps: danke für die schlucken vorlage, hoffe sowas bietet sich mir auch mal in einem RLgespräch...

Duracraft Day 1,889, 10:58

ist doch nix außergewöhnliches. spedler im irc sind doch quasi schon kpedler.
man denke an Mustermännle oder s0ver3ign. Und Tiuri bekommen wir auch noch.

onrop Day 1,889, 12:48

Wie macht ihr das bloß?

Zumsel Day 1,889, 14:10


Thuroi Day 1,889, 14:26

@ onrop
natürlich durch ungemeine attraktivität!

NorthAfricaCorps Day 1,889, 14:39


eisenmutter2 Day 1,889, 16:37

@Thuroi Day 1,889, 14:26
ach ja?

pics or gtfo

MMMaster Day 1,890, 23:56

thurois sxy astralkörper, damit eisenmutter mal hocherotisches anschauungsmaterial bekommt:

eisenmutter2 Day 1,890, 05:25

@MMMaster Day 1,889, 23:56

moonburn Day 1,890, 09:20

nice article

Versuchskaninchen Day 1,890, 16:04

Ich verwehre mich dagegen, nur weil es dort im Chan so schön ruhig ist, das man schlafen kann, als Quasi-KPeDler gewertet zu werten.
Unerhörte Unterstellung sowas!

Duracraft Day 1,891, 05:06

das hat mustermann auch mal gesagt. und manic eskimo. und s0ver3ign.

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