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A Synesi Story -- Part 2

Day 1,682, 20:43 Published in USA USA by Synesi
Part 1
Part 2 - The Officer's Life

Edit: I accidentally hit delete instead of edit on the original of this article. So this is a repost... <--- Media noob 😛

The Officer’s Life.

Being an officer was a daunting task, and there were times that I didn’t think that I would be able to do it. But I kept on pushing myself, and it resulted in one of the most rewarding times of my life(both eLife and RL[sadly o.O]). Working with Karl Hungus is single handedly one of my best experiences in this game. He taught me all about running the 111th Platoon, the Browncoats.

If I did something wrong, he would correct me. When i did it right, he made me feel great about myself. He drove me to excellence to put it simply. It is because of that, because of him, that I am where I am today. I continued to do my work as close to perfection as possible. It payed off. I was promoted to 2LT and moved to CO of the 121st platoon, the Coyotes.

I want to add, me and Karll spent many hours talking about life, eRep, and alot more. We became great friends and I cherish every moment of that time. I was somewhat sad at being moved to the 121st, me and Karll had been planning for me to take over the 111th when he got promoted to Company XO, but the timeframe was off by a couple weeks. I was given a platoon that was simply not up to par, the previous CO(who I deliberatly am not mentioning here) had let things go into disarray and I essentially had to fix up that platoon by myself. Luckily, Karll was an excellent teacher, and he had given me the ability to create a flawless platoon. Docs needed updating, troop status’ needed fixing, letters needed sending. I did all this from what I learned from Karll. One other note, I was partially saddened by the move because of the Browncoat name, i LOVED Firefly and I desperately wanted that platoon. Instead, I got the “Coyotes”. I was disheartened because of this, a coyote is nothing too impressive, yet I pushed through. I made the Coyotes into a platoon that was Legendary. Legendary!

The recruits that went through my platoon later became excellent officers that at one point had command positions all throughout TC. I have never been so proud, special mention for John892 😉 . Back in those days, finding an XO was quite a huge deal, the Company level officers (mostly Dmjohnston <_< ) were VERY insistent on filling XO spots; there were a good number of choices in the potential XO pool. It came down to two names, Juan Ladino and Hajime Hitoshi. Their COs gave both of them excellent reviews, I ended up picking Hajime because his name seemed cooler. Hajime was an excellent student, he learned very quickly and he yearned for the perfection that I demanded. Me and Hajime ran one hell of a platoon and that was hands down my favorite experience ever in eRep, not running the commune, not running D3, not being an SO, not being TC XO(or CO), not being dSoFA, not being JCS. It was being a lowly PCO. I did my job, and i did it well. Karll and I had stayed close throughout everything. I also want to say that it was during this time that I met Ethan Deluca, one of the greatest and most dedicated officers and person that I have ever met.

He was french.

Ethan is one of those that I consider my greatest friends in the game. Anyways, when Karll told he needed a Jr T3 officer(a staff office type position), I was the first person on his list, he knew my work methods and he could trust me. I took on that additional task, and I demanded perfection of myself. Because of T3, I got promoted to be a 1LT. During those days, it was a hectic time in TC.

There was an exodus from TC after an incident regarding Bia Pandora and some officers,______, _____,_______,__, and can't forget __________ 😃 . In addition, some decisions made regarding the D3 tracker caused several officers to leave. Though not the direct reason, this led to Virii leaving TC I believe. His departure saddened me and stuck in my mind. I believe he had issues with how large changes were implemented without the jr officer's opinion. Though he never let that come out when I talked to him. When I asked him what was going on, that was the one time that he shut me out.
This impression has led to one of the reasons that I come off the way that I do. As a leader, you can rage, yell, b*tch, rant however you want in private, but when you are in public, you keep calm, you do your job, you don't let the bad corrupt the good. Commit no rash actions, always be calculating. Image is so important, learn that well. Anyways, I did not know the full situation, but I full heartedly trusted in Bia at the time, I was a diehard supporter of her decisions through this. I even stood up to Avruch regrading a ban on certain officers in TC channels.( EW) I kicked people from his channel while Avruch was still owner 😃 Me and Avruch shared a few harsh words back then. hehe

The next big event was the arrival of Relin. I should say re-arrival because Relin had been general of TC long before I had even started playing eRep. His name brought awe to me as I saw him re-enter TC as a Trainee to see how the program was. Relin became somewhat of an advisor(I think) for Morrigan, Bia, and Nuriessa during this time. I also want to point out that Karll Hungus was a quartermaster. Relorian was in charge of the commune up until this point, but he left TC for reasons that i still do not fully understand. Nonetheless, Karll had taken over as commune operator. But the commune was too big of a job for one man to handle. This is where Relin stepped in , he resurrected the TC 2nd Division and completely re-worked the TC commune. 2nd Division was created as sort of an economic division that would ensure that the commune was well tended.
Younger readers may wonder how we can put the commune into the hands of more than one person. We had what were called organizations back then. And imo, removing them was one of the biggest mistakes that admin as committed. Some info on the 2nd and broken version of orgs:

As quartermaster, Karl was logically the next operator of the commune. Though, during these days, the commune required daily attention and was very tedious. Karl was at company level leadership and did not have the time to run the commune by himself. So Relin asked him to find someone to help that was absolutely trustworthy and reliable. That was a short list, I was at the top. So Relin put me in charge of half the commune and introduced me into a new world of TC, I was also a Quartermaster one the side.

Relin asked me to idol in his IRC office, which was the place where Morrigan and him discussed issues that were above my paygrade. For most of this I was allowed to observe, which i am deeply grateful for.

This is where I first really met Morrigan Alexandros, one of my dearest friends. You really don't find players like Morrigan anymore. I would have followed her into the plains of Oblivion(read Serbia trololol) had she asked it of me.

Eventually, I was promoted to commander of the 22nd Logistics Company, i.e full commune operator. I ran the entire commune and reported directly to Relin, who then reported to the TC CO. During this time, it was decided that running the commune was a full time job, and it had to come before my D1 duties. This is something I accepted because I had always had an interest in running companies. I was destined for D2 Leadership, though in the short term this was somewhat exasperating. You see, I was passed up for promotion within D1 because I was slated for D2. I saw Ethan Deluca get promoted above me, I admit I was jealous. I felt that I was the better candidate, but that was the way things were. I now feel terrible for that jealously because Ethan is singlehandedly one of the greatest officers ever to be in TC, he became one of my best eFriends and he saved TC through his recruitment efforts. More on that later though.

On one sad day, Relin announced that his time in eRep was at an end. He would be leaving. This was bittersweet, I had come to admire Relin, he was a true leader and the kind of person that you cannot help but admire and follow. While I would miss him, this also meant that someone would have to take over D2. He chose me. When he first told me of my promotion, I was somewhat in shock. I asked him if he thought I was ready to run a whole division and become a senior officer. To this day I will never forget what he said,
[Insert Epic Music Here]
“I knew you were ready from the moment I promoted you to CO of the 22nd, you are the hope of all of us young one, on the third day look to the east.”
Actually it was more along the lines of: "Bro, I wouldn't have promoted you if you weren't ready, you dumbtard. [Bro-fist]" Relin was bro like that.
Relin’s trust in me blew my mind. Relin was a truly great man and bro. Running D2 required some knowledge of TC financial matters, which Morrigan trusted me enough to tell me some of. In those days, TC’s financial assets were HIGH HIGH OPSEC, so she trusted me on a whole new level. For this reason among(many) others, Morri and I became close and I became someone she could rely on.

I should mention that during my time as D2 commander, Karll was D1 CO, he needed someone to fill a PCO spot for a bit, and I offered to do it because I missed the troops. He put me in charge of the 111th Browncoats, which meant a great deal to me. Though, while I loved the 111th, the 121st was my first and true home. That was just a short stint of mine that I felt like mentioning. Good things come to those who work really hard 🙂

At this point the beloved Nuriessa stepped down from Commander of the Corps, and after the customary 3 days of mourning and clothes tearing, Morrigan Alexandros became General.

This was epic.
^^deserves it’s own line,

So concludes Part 2 of Synesi's Story. Please tune in tomorrow for the next segment.


greeling Day 1,682, 20:51

Synesi is awesome

Kria Erikson
Kria Erikson Day 1,682, 20:52

Synesi is awesome x2

Morrigan Alexandros
Morrigan Alexandros Day 1,682, 20:53

Like I said, it's "my friends and I" not "me and my friends".

Synesi Day 1,682, 20:54

Morrigan Alexandros, comes back from the eDead to correct my grammar.

Morrigan Alexandros
Morrigan Alexandros Day 1,682, 21:01

Yep. I almost think you did it on purpose. But, no the idol idol instead of idle suggests it's just bad grammar. 😛

Howe is afk
Howe is afk Day 1,682, 22:10

o/ v + s

Gryphon Skull
Gryphon Skull Day 1,682, 23:29

Morri correcting Syn's grammar :sniff: just like old times

GloveisLove Day 1,683, 05:00


beerman616 Day 1,683, 06:29

Great story. It's certainly making me think back.

Avruch Day 1,683, 06:48

I even corrected him on the idol / idle thing on IRC and he still didn't fix it!

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,683, 06:51

Synesi is awesome x3

DIRTY ANGELS Day 1,683, 09:12

wait wuh.........I just found out Synesi was leaader of TC /me facepalm.
I really need to catch up 😛

P.S. I knew he was high up their but not leader.

Synesi Day 1,683, 14:06

@Avruch, me trying to edit that typo is when i accidentally deleted the article...

Dio wants it left in there.

BeRT2me Day 1,683, 15:32


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,683, 18:46

I miss Relin so much. I wish you had gotten to know Abayarde as well, they were an awesome team. And I miss Morrigan terribly. I feel like my eSis died 🙁

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