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A Synesi Story -- Part 1

Day 1,682, 16:18 Published in USA USA by Synesi

Here is my story. Who I am and where I ended up.

This segment is very TC oriented, the following segments will be more interesting to the non-TC audience.

I first heard about eRep from a friend in another game(CN).

I had been playing that game for several years and had grown bored with it, so I was looking for something new. eRep intrigued me because it had business, politics, and fighting all built into one game. I played for about a week and a half, it was not an easy game to learn. I had originally wanted to get into politics, because in CN, politics really had a different applicability and connotation. Though i didn’t know that at the time. Politics in CN were inter-alliance type things, and are nothing like RL politics. eRep politics comes with all the backstabbing, corruption, scandals ,etc. I may not have understood HOW the game works, but I did know how to read. I scoured the wiki, read in-game articles, tried to find guides. I looked into everything, but I still came to the realization that I still needed help. I wish I could find the article that told me this, but it was so long ago. But what I took from the article was that to become successful in politics, you had to know people and you had to write articles that people actually appreciated and read. I did not know people, and I had nothing to write about. My aspirations for politics were now out the window.

I looked into business but the lack of guides for that kept me away along with the sheer fact that companies were expensive and money was hard to earn in V1 for a noob. Really, the only aspect left for me was the military. The requirements were low and it seemed to be the best place to learn about the game. So I saw an article from this United States Training Corps and I decided to give it a shot. I filled out the application and waited.

I got a response, “Application Denied: Low Wellness”.

I did not give up. I thoroughly used Meals on Wheels to get my wellness back up. Once again I applied, this time I was accepted. I received an avalanche of messages, (all of which i read from beginning to end) and found out that I was placed in the 114th platoon. The messages were one of my first hooks from TC by the way, they were so official looking and I knew that this organization was legit. I did all my tests and read all the information I was provided. I read it so carefully infact, that I found a “clause” that would prevent me from graduating and could possibly lead to discharge. What is funny is that I don’t think my CO even knew of this clause, because he had to go ask his CO about it when i talked to him. More on that later.

I had known about and been using IRC for a couple years already in CN. I had led an alliance of 50 people and had known about leadership, though I still consider myself a humble person in that regard. I hopped on Rizon a couple times, my CO greeted me warmly. I was greatly impressed by this because #TC had a TON of people in it, and my CO had noticed me joining and had personally welcomed me. This was phenomenal in my eyes. This PCO was a certain Admiral Quasar btw, I had no idea that he was become one of my best and first friends in this game. The clause I spoke of earlier was something along the lines of, you had X amount of days after finishing your tests to fulfill the graduation requirements, one of these requirements was wellness above 90 within X days of finishing tests. Well, I had fought to 10 wellness on accident, and I would never make the deadline. So I talked to AQ, and he sent me to AmyHat. I was nervous as I timidly pm’d her on IRC. Side note, I was nervous because

1)She seemed like a high level officer,

Anyways, she made an exception for me and said that I could have the extra time. I was thrilled that I would still make it. Then to top that off, AQ started sending me gifts to get my health up(For you younger people, gifts). Even more, AQ offered to put the TC border/frame on my avatar, it was amazing for me. These people went above and beyond. Something I will never forget.

So I finally graduated, and was placed in the 311th platoon under 2LT Virii. I joined my platoon’s IRC channel and was instantly welcomed very warmly, both by Virii and the other members of my platoon. At this point, I still viewed eRep as just a game though. I logged on and talked on IRC while I was on IRC anyways for my CN obligations. But the turning point for me was the TC Olympics, in particular the scavenger hunt. This event bonded me with my platoon mates and brought me closer to my CO. I had great pride in being a part of something, a part of the 311th, a part of TC. From that point on, Virii was more than just my CO, he was also my friend.

It was that point where I had found the community I was looking for. I spent several more weeks as a soldier in the 311th, but it was watching Virii that made me want to be a part of this TC. I asked him about being an officer and told him that I was thinking about it. He encouraged me to fill out the XO application and I did so. I spend a good deal of time on the application, because the application asked things that really made me think. I didn’t think my app was that good, but I was filled with pride when Virii said that it was an impressive app. A bit of time later, I was interviewed by Kalel Kent. And then I was interviewed by Karll Hungus. Karll was very thorough in his interview and he told me that he was looking for a D1 XO. Well, because of my experiences with Virii, I was dead set on being a D3(Reserves) XO. Karll let me know that he desperately needed a D1 XO (if you know karl, you know how he was about having to train XOs). I couldn’t say no, so I agreed and was made an officer of the United States Training Corps.

The next segment of my life will come soon. Tune in later for the next chapter.


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,682, 16:37

Great article, great people, best times I've ever had to this day.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,682, 16:49


greeling Day 1,682, 16:52

needs more greeling

♥ synesi

greeling Day 1,682, 16:54

Vikings are the best TC recruits

Chutley Day 1,682, 17:00


Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,682, 17:00


McPingvin Day 1,682, 17:11

9/10, would read again.

DIRTY ANGELS Day 1,682, 17:17

Good article. Can't wait till next one! voted and subed

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,682, 17:32

law and order:S+V

Sean Virden
Sean Virden Day 1,682, 17:33

Synesi \o/

Komari Day 1,682, 17:45

Very nostalgic article and a great read.

Alex armstrong
Alex armstrong Day 1,682, 18:25


SweetBags Day 1,682, 19:32

\o/ Synesi

Oblige Day 1,682, 20:12

o7 Synesi

AdmiralQuasar Day 1,682, 20:52


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,682, 23:35


BeRT2me Day 1,683, 14:10


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