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A solution for unwanted bazookas

Day 1,767, 08:15 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Jamie2721

With more and more of us training for longer periods, a large amount of players have now surpassed 10 000 damage per hit making bazookas all but useless for many


Originally, many people wanted a change that allowed us to sell them. However this would have been bad business since tanks would spend cc instead of gold on these bazookas. So what they did do was introduce boosters which allowed people to hit 40 000 damage per hit. But being realistic most of us don't actually spend gold on these boosters, or at least not enough to keep up with our growing supply of bazookas.

So i've tried to think of a solution that benefits people without making less people buy gold.

The solution i think works best is that we shoould be able to share unwanted bazookas with our military unit. And while these bazookas were in stock in the MU, all the players would be able to use these bazookas when they went to fight just as if they owned them themselves.

The only crucial difference between using your MU bazookas and your own private ones is that boosters wouldn't effect the MU bazookas. Thus, they would still not be worth using to the stronger players. However, this would be a massive help to less strong players who could use them up.

Tanks would still buy their own bazookas because using your own would still be the only way to hit 40 000 per hit.

It could also help large MU's supply more players easier if the weaker players could use bazookas passed on to the MU by stronger players who don't need them.

And if you don't want to share them with your MU, you are still free to keep them in your own private collection.

This was just an idea i had when i realized how many bazookas i will never use. Please leave comments on what you think of it



Waruda Day 1,767, 08:22

I generally use them to finish up Merc Medals, other than that they're just about as worthless to trade as well.

Alphabethis Day 1,767, 08:28

it seems a good idea, but what benefit would Plato get on this ? Selling, donating, sharing, eating them are all good solutions if your strength is over 8000. ...wait...
The bazooka-converter or bazooka-sharer, just for 50 gold and for limited time turn your bazooka into Q5 food, or transfer any part to friends. Problem solved. You pay Plato some real life currency and you get rid of your annoying bazookas.

Ivan Blok37
Ivan Blok37 Day 1,767, 09:20

I would like better if I could throw a stock or a barrel at the enemy and do 2000 damage. : D

Niemand Day 1,767, 11:20

Sharing would be nice, but I do not think the admins want that.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,767, 11:37

Sharing would be nice, but I do not think the admins want that. +1

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,767, 13:14

If everyone got an excess of different parts it would be good.

Jamie2721 Day 1,767, 13:22

the gap between people who buy gold and people who don't is getting so big the admins will need to do some things surely

@Danie ,i find it funny that they try to sell us stock and triggers lol

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,767, 13:31

tbh jamie admins dont give a shit .....never have never will

alittlec4 Day 1,767, 14:00

In my opinion bazookas are only worthless when the amount of damage you do barehanded is greater than 10k, people complaining that they do more damage with a Q7 than they do with a bazooka are missing the point that tanks of that level are a luxury item. It's only the gold buyers and older players that can afford a steady supply of Q7s, newer players and non gold buyers have a long slow arduous slog to get to Q7 sustainability.

That's just my 2¢ though.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,767, 15:40

I don't see the point of bazookas at all. You get 1 experience point for every shot you fire in a battle. If you win a fight with one shot, as most bazookas will do, then it'll take 5-6 times as long to gain a level and, heaven knows, it takes long enough now. True they only use 10 food but they're still not worth the bother.

countyair5 Day 1,767, 17:10

i would have thought that the best thing to do woth them, is to pass them on to the weaker players in your military unit to get them to rank up faster, if we have a strong military unit, it pushes us up the leader b oards and means we will attract more players. thought that is what we are striving to do ????

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,768, 01:25

As a smaller Division 4 fighter, it may take me an average of 3 "hits" in order to kill someone for 25k damage (largely with Q7 weapons). The damage per unit of health is inferior to the 10,000 damage that a bazooka does. Hence, a bazooka even for division 4 fighters has a good use. It is only the people at the top of division 4 who can do the level of damage where they can do more damage per 10 health than the 10k of a bazooka that the basic bazooka is a waste. But then Plato wants them...

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,768, 01:30

... to buy the boosters. And I suspect quite a few of the really top players have the resources to buy them when needed.

Countryair5: But all countries would be able to rank up their unit quicker and so the bigger countries would get stronger even quicker than us in an absolute sense.

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,768, 01:34

If you want people to stop getting an exess of bazookas, then Plato should fix the formula so that the more parts you have, the less likely the parts are to drop on the battlefield until you use them. Likewise, when you complete your DO, you get 5 bazooka parts. You just drop that number by 1 whenever you get promoted into the next division up.... There are more subtle ways of fixing the "problem" without further breaking the game. If you could share bazookas, then everyone in the lower..

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,768, 01:34

divisions would be using bazookas almost exclusively and there would be no demand for any other sort of weapon in the game - hence killing the already flatlining economy....

DaJoXTeR Day 1,768, 03:09

Good idea Jamie! voted!

Bigheaded Day 1,768, 04:33

I'd rather you to be able to turn 5 bazookas into a booster. Makes more sense than sharing them would do. For as said, Divisions 1 + 2 would exclusively use bazookas which would be annoying.

Being able to turn bazookas into boosters would mean that you still had a use for them.

Still, they're useful for completing the Daily Order. Still got a lot of use left in mine and i'm at nearly 6k strength, so this info isn't really for all.

Doucher Lazarus
Doucher Lazarus Day 1,768, 17:30


Agreed, good idea.

Reading down the list it occurred to me that something like that would be nice. I was thinking you could make bazookas to be extra addons for higher level weapons (Q6 and Q7) creating x2 damage or something like that. In that way people will still buy bazooka parts keeping Plato happy as well. They'd still be useful for the lower ranks but creating extra value for the higher ones.

Jamie2721 Day 1,769, 05:04

That could work Mr Knee, although there'd still be bazookas not wanting to be used. Only less of them

I do really like Bigheaded's idea.

Jamie2721 Day 1,769, 05:05

and thanks to everyone who voted again

killer2001 Day 1,769, 06:45

great idea jamie!

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