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Day 1,832, 10:08 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan
Vote HOPE!

Cause eBe is urgently in need of it..

Helping Our People in Emergencies

for Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election


BrunoCND Day 1,832, 10:14


Olv007 Day 1,832, 10:17

Why do you have so many multies in your party?

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,832, 10:21

Olv007 please give names instead of shouting pointless accusations. And most of all report them! That is what everyone should do if they spot a multi. Hit the report button!!

Btw the biggest multihunter of eBe is a member of HOPE. Don't worry if we have multies Kylero will spot and destroy them. I hope other parties are as ethical..

tommot Day 1,832, 10:33

You assume that such an action is not being done.
our point...

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,832, 13:08

I hope it is done. I also hope you do the same at your party. I start cleaning in front of my own doorstep. Do you?

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,832, 14:42

You will not do anything, your past dealings with multies and PTOers makes you one of the worst person to lecture about fair elections...

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,832, 14:45

lol says our uber PTOer who sucked so much and cared so little about eBe that he was only a month or two here. Could you please stay out of eBe business. You already shitted enough on our beloved country

Kylero Day 1,832, 16:32

If there are multi and PTO threats, the government needs to deal with it. Oh, wait, they don't want to and Congress voted down an agency that would do this. Sure, if I see multis, I'll gladly report them. But then I get called a Multi-Hunting freak and obsessed. No thank you. I'll do it if I see it, but I am not going to go out of my way, on my own time, and hunt them down just so I can be called overzealous! Admins will deal with them accordingly, don't you worry.

NLSP Day 1,832, 22:04

Why is HOPE asking for more votes, if they don't have enough candidates to become Congress-Member?
Currently, HOPE would get 6 congress members, but there are only 4 HOPE candidates....

Kaad Day 1,833, 05:20

When hope will stop tring to kill the country with a war with Poland, than maybe you will reçeive more votes.

Kaad Day 1,833, 05:21

Same thing for Bastards of Liberty Belgium!

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,833, 06:02

Typical AVegan, making a lot of noise and saying everyone is wrong except him. Care to explain your dealings with Wim/ Vincent Pain? Care to talk of your dealings with Libertad and PTO of eBe parties? Care to talk about your actions in your past like which you urge all Belgians to leave the country? WHat happened to eBe as a beloved country?

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,833, 09:07

lol why HOPE wants as many votes as possible? Cause that is how politics works. A politician wants a clear mandate and doesn't only enter to get some free gold.

The arguments to attack HOPE and myself are getting more ridiculous with the day...

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,833, 09:29

Kaad what has HOPE to do with that NE? And we got enough votes no worse others are blaming us that we got to many votes lol

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,833, 12:54

@Konrad I wasn't going to answer you anymore cause you only try to create flame wars but for one more time I will.
You bullied Wim/Vincent out of eBe. Wim/Vincent was a good eBe citizens but had other ideas than you that is true. I have no dealings with Libertad. Could you tell me what dealings I have with them cause I don't know any. Could you tell me which eBe party I supposedly have PTOed? I know you PTOed the LCC but as far as I know I have NEVER PTOed any eBe party.
continued in next post

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,833, 13:00

You post a link to an article I posted 700 days ago. What has that to do with now? Or maybe it has. In the 32 months I have played this game around 28 months I have lived and worked in eBe for eBe. I have been 11 or 12 times congress member for eBe. I have created two successful parties and been PP for I don't know how many times. I have fought for eBe since the start. In that time I have gotten 10 TP medals for fighting for eBe (not for other countries) and done max 10 mil damage in 1 campaign

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,833, 13:00

What have you done for eBe? And how many months have you actually been an eBe citizen?

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,834, 06:59

I think my standings in the community suggest that I did a lot more for eBE than you can ever do. From the SC rule book to fighting against PTOers etc. But this is not about me as it is all about you. You are a bane in eBE society and this is why you are always a small and insignificant person in eBE and this is why you continue to PTO and work against the country that you claim to support. All of your actions are against that of eBE. From telling people to leave to PTO's...

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