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A request to my Bulgarian brothers/sisters!!

Day 2,395, 21:35 Published in Bulgaria Egypt by Real Steel 4

Hello the fellow brethen of Bulgaria!!!

Days ago I announced you my arrival to Bulgaria from eIndia.

But for following two days I feel disheartened to say that the incidents happening in eIndia have totally disheartened me!!

I have been contacted by many players to get back to eIndia and serve the nation once again!!!

As a matter of fact I planned to remain in Bulgaria for a stretch of one month but things at home made me so sad that now for me it's difficult to stay!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

A positive point of my visit to Bulgaria is I have made some good friends here and met with a wonderful Military Unit called "Tsar Samuil".

But the scenes back home make me crunch as everything seems to be in disorder...

India doesn't have a set of MPP's and no one is ready to take up the "responsibilities" assigned!!!

As you all know I am well known for two things-"Dispatch and Donations"

I hereby request the friends of Bulgaria to contribute small amounts of supplies (maybe food or currency) to ME to ensure I re-build the broken economy of eIndia!!

Remember tiny droplets of water make up an ocean!!!

I think it's ADIOS for now but sooner or later I shall be returning back to my second "HOME"!!

I once again sincerely thank all the citizens of Bulgaria who received me with great enthusiasm and respect...

With heavy heart and deep regret signing off!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

Real Steel 4



Sansaptak De
Sansaptak De Day 2,395, 22:24


Suleyman I The Magnificent
Suleyman I The Magnificent Day 2,397, 11:07

Approved by Suleiman The Magnificent

Vijayakrishna Day 2,395, 22:35

Ah come back home, enough staying on friends beds...

TheRedCross Day 2,395, 22:38


investmkd90 Day 2,395, 22:52


4i4ko Day 2,395, 22:54


Palt0 Day 2,395, 23:23

Good Luck Friend 🙂

Jurukov Day 2,395, 23:26

sub 524


Carliito Brigante
Carliito Brigante Day 2,395, 23:31

Voted but I am too poor to help 😕 + shout

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,395, 23:33

Friendship is barrierless brother!! rich,poor cannot separate good friends!!! 07

Carliito Brigante
Carliito Brigante Day 2,395, 00:08


khantervel Day 2,395, 23:38

and you are always welcome back!

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,395, 23:41

Thank you very much brother!!

Basaev Day 2,395, 23:58

Good luck to you Indians friend *-*

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,395, 00:19

Thanks a lot brother 07

off whisky
off whisky Day 2,396, 01:26

You have successfully donated 5 Gold.

For a stronger eIndia!

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,396, 01:52

and it will be used for the good of every citizen bro including you!! 😉 🙂 😃

VoKill1 Day 2,396, 05:04


Backo BG
Backo BG Day 2,396, 05:06

You have successfully transfered 1000 item(s) to Real Steel 4.
Hail India!
Hail Friendship!

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,396, 05:12

Hail Bulgaria Hail India!!! Hail Brotherhood!!!

Bobuu Day 2,396, 08:18

celuf4ici razdavate li ?

Mr YYY Day 2,396, 08:26

Successfully transferred 250 item(s) to Real Steel 4.

Good luck India 🙂 I will help with more if I find enough 🙂

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,397, 06:09

thank you buddy \o/

Mas que un club
Mas que un club Day 2,397, 05:59

No worries buddy, you are welcome anytime. 🙂 Good luck and best wishes for India 🙂

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,397, 06:08

thank you buddy \o/

Taekov Day 2,397, 06:03


Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,397, 06:09

Im gonna miss BG bro i wish ill come back soon!!

Taekov Day 2,398, 02:45

You're always welcome 😎

windfall Day 2,397, 07:59


Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,398, 02:48

Come back to india windfall 😛 we need you at this moment!!

Scarandir Day 2,397, 10:45

Successfully transferred 2000 item(s) to Real Steel 4.
good luck

Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,398, 02:49

thanks a lot brother 07

EmoLb Day 2,397, 12:23

въх, ще се разплача от умиление!

Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,397, 12:39


Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,398, 02:50

07 Bro!!

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