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A Report on The Battle of Britain Day 1,885/6

Day 1,886, 15:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ziltoid16

Day 1,885

eCanada continued hostilities yesterday by going deeper into eUK territory by attacking the East Midlands & I spent the night monitoring the situation, following the various battles for over 23 hours.

At first it seemed the eUK had the upper hand, with support from eSpain and our TWO allies we were winning in all divisions early on, however eSpain was forced to change it's support over to eChile as the night went on, and eCanada started to gradually take the upper hand, especially in Division 4. As the night went on and more and more eUK citizens disappeared for the night eCanada went from strength to strength, it was beginning to look like we would lose control of our country as we slept. At the end of the third round of battles the eUK was just barely ahead, with eCanada catching all the time. Throughout though Division 1 had remained undefeated, & Division 2 was holding it's ground.

As the last eUK MoD suppliers went off to bed a new player, Mark Augersburgh, during his first day in eRepublik began supplying arms on behalf of the MoD. Despite his efforts it still seemed as though we would soon all have to learn how to play hockey and speak Canadian.

Division 1 and 2 kept on fighting hard well into the night, Division 1 (Of which the aforementioned Mark Augersburgh was a member and went on to take 3 True Patriot Medals in) still undefeated in the conflict. However despite all efforts after the 8th round of battles eCanada had taken the lead. Things were looking bad once more.

eNorway had also taken this opportunity to attack Scotland, where early on they met little to no resistance.

A RW had also been set up in Wales to distract eCanada away from the East Midlands, but this in truth had little effect.

Meanwhile the eDutch had started an invasion of the sole eNorwegian province we had secured during our brief invasion, Vestlandet, and they too met little to no resistance.

Day 1,886

In Vestlandet the eNetherlands were throwing everything they had into the conflict and meeting little resistance with all our resources tied up in the East Midlands, by midnight the eNetherlands wre winning by 46 - 9. However it seemed a good thing to lose Vestlandet, with eCanada having only just signed an alliance pact with nearby Russia. After 16 hours of fighting, Verlandet fell to the enemy.

After 14 hours of fighting the Wales RW finally failed.

By Midnight, eCanada led 33-22, and during the early hours the battle drifted backwards and forwards, with Division 1 hanging on to their unbeaten record & Division 2 and 3 pulling their weight, with eCanada only dominating Divison 4, making our progress very slow.

Finally, as morning came eUK players began to appear, the MoD supply lines re-opened, and we started to see Division 1 through 3 getting the wall to 75% in our favour, yet still the eCanadian Division 4 continued to fight hard, and progress remained slow, but at least progress was now being made. At this point BigAnt put in an appearance, but didn't seem his usual self, leaving the chat soon afterwards without saying a word. He left behind rumours of an argument with the eIrish CP Brian Boru that turned out to be seemingly unsubstantiated.

The breakthrough came when the eSpanish made a return and started fighting hard, with the eUK even briefly going ahead in Division 4, this prompted the eCanadian CP Rylde to make an appearance in the eUK IRC, seemingly drunk, stating that if the eUK gets out of eNorway, eCanada would leave the eUK. Throughout all this the eCanadian Division 4 continued to do its part to slow eUK progress, winning all of its battles on day 1,886 up to this point, and suffering only a single defeat on day 1,885. However 16 hours into the battle the eUKs Division 1 had not lost a single battle.

eSpain made an NE proposal during the morning, this brought out the eCanadian CP Rylde for a second time, this time appearing even more drunk, he stated; "I'll make Spain regret they NE'd Canada" adding "Spain [is] stupid they [could] barely keep Portugal off the map" He then proceeded to release this article.

18 hours into the battle and eCanada were still leading thanks to their Division 4 superiority by 58 - 52. The eUK continued to consistently win the points in all divisions but Division 4 thereby slowly but surely gaining ground in the conflict.

In round 12 of the fighting the eUK finally took the lead with a second victory for Division 4, Division 1 on the other hand finally lost a battle against eCanada after a 21 hour unbeaten run. From here the eUK continued to win Divisions 1,2 & 3, until finally we overcame the eCanadian invaders, meaning we hold the East Midlands after over 23 hours of fighting.

The battle for Scotland was lost to the eNorwegian invaders after a 14 hour fight.

Even with the East Midlands defended we have still lost ground today, and made no gains at all, it was an important victory, but there is still much to do.

In other News...

Our CP BigAnt accused Betafoxtrot of stealing his IRC name, a claim that was checked by an IRC moderator and seemed not to be the case, unsatisfied BigAnt claimed he would present proof of the guilt of Betafoxtrot after the conflict with eCanada has been resolved, we shall see.

There is a rumour that Alfagrem prevented Mittekemuis from standing for election as CP last term by threatening to attack the eUK should they do so.

It appears the eIrish CP Brian Boru is worried that in the next eIreland elections there may be a Croatian PTO.

Also the proposal to impeach BigAntfailed, with the Congress failing to reach a majority decision, with 16 members voted for and 15 against the 66% needed for approval was not achieved.

Enjoy the snow people and be ready for more heavy fighting!



WayneKerr Day 1,886, 15:20

first vote first comment

brap brap

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,886, 15:30

Great write up!

Voted, Subscribed (=

good stuff

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,886, 16:31

WOW - Mark is the most impressive new player to ever grace the UK!

First day and he makes it on irc and gives out supplies. That has to be some sort of record!

Rylde Day 1,886, 18:21

Yeah I was drunk alright.

Niemand Day 1,887, 00:56

Very good article with nice links. Impressive.

@Rylde: You are a good mate to BigAnt.

Jimbobfrey Day 1,888, 01:45

Great article. Very well done! Please keep writing - this was a really entertaining read 😃

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