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A rather important article for the survival of the eUK

Day 1,985, 04:31 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by bananaboy378

Greetings fellow peasants.

Recently i have been bullied and forced feeling morally pushed towards releasing an article as a member of spamicans. Now, i, unlike others care about robbing the treasury gaining the respect of the people of this great nation, and helping explain important information

The important information this time is about the noob barrier.

Now, the noob barrier is something that is hard to define, as it has multiple levels. So, being hard over Chaz+Wayne4CP i will explain.

Tier 1 of the noob barrier:
Entry level.

This is a land we all travel through, this is when we first enter the game. What is the game, what is irc, what is TalonKarde doing to that guy over there, questions that the more you play the game, you will gradually learn the answers too. Generally, these are people no-one but the MoHA and their inviters care about sadly. Breaking this is the 1st step to addiction getting active players in eUK.

Tier 2:
Political Noob-ness.

Generally entry level noobs who are just getting addicted active firstly jump into politics. They ignore important things such as TUP ONLY ALLOW OLDFAGS BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (to get new era's vote) and NEW ERA JUST SPAM 4 DAYS AND DESTORY OUR INTERNATIONAL CREDIT (to get everyone's vote). So, the next step is directing them into spamicans so we can pto the country and rob the treasury into a neutral party where they can then choose their next step, into a party that represents their polical views.

Tier 3:
Political blindness.

Then the noobs jump into politics with two feet, and generally into the party with the prettiest colours in the window. Around times of wipes, this is more predominate, so parties with no morals of opposition capitalise on this to try and grow, to present their side in the next elections, which they think are the best way forward for the UK. Normally, this also involves believing party propaganda, something that, in the eUK, should be banned for spam. This means all facts are overlooked. This is a tier that even non-noobs can be in, such as a player we all know who has 88,548xp atm amongst others.

So yeah, as my first spamican article, i thought i'd only make it a short one as my asshole hurts from Wayne i don't want to embarrass myself too much.

P.s. what would you guys think to a set of video guides. I made them for a better game with sexier admins a similar game and they went down a treat.



BigAnt Day 1,985, 06:33


Sorry TUP blew our international rep, please learn some facts

bananaboy378 Day 1,985, 14:05

Do you constantly watch the news feeds?

mwcerberus Day 1,985, 14:44

Comment deleted

mwcerberus Day 1,985, 14:47

you're not a proper writer until you've been given the once over by BA you should feel privileged he has taken the time to s**t all over this article

WayneKerr Day 1,985, 09:03

mentions Wayne, so I have to vote...

CptChazbeard. Day 1,985, 13:41

Voted for factual accuracy and expert redaction

wigibob Day 1,986, 10:39

of which there is none

CptChazbeard. Day 1,986, 10:53

Under the rule of Spamican article writing law and legislative bureaucracy 2.1.a) IV. iii: "All words written by a Spamican are to be recognised as factual by other Spamicans"

wigibob Day 1,986, 10:58


CptChazbeard. Day 1,986, 10:59

What are you doing?

wigibob Day 1,986, 11:57

trolling you

CptChazbeard. Day 1,986, 12:00

Ohhhh gotcha. Wasn't sure what trololololo meant at first. How the trolling going so far?

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,985, 13:47

I know a fact!

Horice o/

wigibob Day 1,986, 10:39

no you don't

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,986, 10:47


CptChazbeard. Day 1,986, 10:50

Sh*t. He's onto you Horice. Fire up the Spam Mobile!

wigibob Day 1,986, 10:55

Comment deleted

wigibob Day 1,986, 10:57

oh, what are you going to do, spam me with TUP propaganda
eep, shouldn't have said that...

CptChazbeard. Day 1,986, 10:59

eh? TUP propaganda

mwcerberus Day 1,985, 14:46

Comment deleted

mwcerberus Day 1,985, 14:47

voted and subbed

HaydnMH Day 1,986, 16:02


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