A Presidential Platform

Day 464, 11:16 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

Many have asked Jewitt (UIP) what his views on the economy would be, and what he would like to see done if elected. For a list of his complete platform points, see here.


Our economy is not as weak as some fear mongers may suggest; our nation is strong economically and, as of January 2009, was the single most highest trade surplus generator in all of Atlantis. Weak economy, right?

We must expand our export markets for economic security and economic prosperity. By exporting, we bring in foreign GOLD (unlike importing, which is where we send our money overseas) and also add to security: This is because our businesses are not reliant on domestic or select foreign markets as we would have access to multiple markets.

With the rising USD from 0.015 (when we were at our exporting height) to the current 0.018, there are many companies complaining of a loss of revenue overseas and many have returned state side. For a good example, see the current wood market.

The more efficient exporting companies have returned home, and are putting the weaker Q1 and Q2 companies out of business. The original price, in the beginning of February (With a GOLD ratio of 0.016), for a Q1 wood equivalent was 0.82 USD. Now it is 0.57 USD. This is great for our housing and other construction industries, but it is putting the strain on the lesser companies and is putting people out of jobs.

By using Fort Knox to lower the USD value, essentially by throwing large sums of USD on the Monetary Market for a lower value, we are not only recirculating USD but also aiding in bringing it back down in value as well as promoting exports and bringing in GOLD.

Secondly, tariffs should never be set on "protectionist" pretenses for Raw Materials. However, some of our finished goods industries such as food and tickets can easily be undercut. A per-industry basis should be Congress's views on setting tariffs.


This is a game, and there are multiple paths anyone can go in it. Politico, military general, soldier, media mogul, and even a messiah. War makes things fun, and quite frankly over half of our economy depends on it exclusively or secondarily. It is no mystery that I am an economy-reading number-publishing freak, and our economy goes through some of its best cycles during war as long as inflation is accounted for before hand.

War is a drug that eAmerica needs. Period. The nation is hooked on a sort of e-meth and it has to have its fix every once and a while or else it will break down and ultimately go through a very tough cycle of withdraws.

War also can bring prosperity, as Indonesia has displayed, as it has fought for multiple reasons, such as gaining high resources and for nationalist glory.

I am in support of war, though war games are an iffy subject. I support a war to bring the eUSA a high diamond and a high iron region, which will make the eUSA the first nation in the New World to complete such a task. With that, our nation will flourish more so than any other on the eWorld.

Imperialist? Expansionist? Imperialism is the act of forming an imperial empire, taking just to expand one's color on the map. I find this a disgusting policy, formulated exclusively by Indonesia, Romania, and Iran. Expansionist? Of course; in the name of creating an economically secure and prosperous eAmerica, I would endorse such motifs.

War also, even if light, raises our experience as a nation (+2 per individual per fight is a nice little bonus) and allows our weapons, gifts, tickets, and oil industries to boom with business. I am pro-war, to sum everything up.

Also, I plan to create a more personal relationship with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It has come to my knowledge that no formal meeting has been held between the members exclusively; as Commander in Chief I find this as part of my job to speak directly to all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in a group setting to gain an idea of their views and opinions before making my action.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) should appoint their own Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff (CoJCS) through whatever means they find appropriate. A major hamper on progress is Presidential turnover and to keep each department and organization semi-independent and non-reliant on administrations is best for the country. I also plan to carry this view through to the other branches of the government which generally have a lacking in Presidential turn-overs.

Although an unpopular move, I support the idea of giving weapons to our Army and Marine soldiers via the Quartermaster General. Congressional mathematicians have provided prevailing evidence that cost-efficiency is two side😛 It is just as expensive, if not cheaper, to charge Army personnel and National Guardsmen with low quality weapons as it is to tank. Of course, before I would issue such a command the top economic and militaristic minds of the country would be called to review the issue.

Foreign Policy

As a V1 Baby, I am the youngest Presidential candidate to my knowledge, at just 101 days old (I know this because I have not missed a day of work) today. With this, many could expect a different view on Atlantis.

Quite frankly, let me take a portion from my listed platform:

To bring the USA out of this "security blanket" mindset
* Making USA more independent of Atlantis protection

I am not calling to leave Atlantis, but at current Atlantis as a body dictates our views abroad. What are we? Can we not form our own political views? I support the idea that all nations deserve at last one prosperous region, and because of this, I often times criticize not only Turkey, Indonesia, and Iran, but I also call out Romania. I believe it is time that we began to make foreign policy independent of Atlantis, for the better for our economic health.

I do agree, Atlantis can get us involved in many wars, but at the same time we have this mindset that we must follow them. This is wrong.


This is the fun section that I am glad to bring up.

Moar Wimminz was a campaign by Frmr. President Benn Dover to bring in more female players. From this program, PrincessMedyPi, a good friend of mine, came to the eUSA. I plan to open up this program once more, and make it a subsidy of the Department of Fun, which has been seriously lacking in formal work.

I also want to encourage media interaction, by promoting both serious and joking media fronts. The Picayune and The Daily Newb are both great examples. The Department of Fun and the Department of Education would have to work hand-in-hand in this project.

I want to increase citizen interaction abroad, and by doing I am hoping to make a major push to update or increase the following:
1. Update the eUSA Wiki and related pages
2. To increase awareness of game functions
3. To charge the Department of Education to have a drive to increase its popularity in media

I also want to bring in a more serious note: Every time a new President is elected, they change the government. This is ridiculous. If elected, I would push to keep as many of the former administration's staff as possible. I also am working on contacting multiple staff and potential staff so if elected I will not have a "lame duck" period where I spend a week or two selecting a cabinet. Consider it a "I wanna hit the ground running" attitude.

I Need You, eAmerica!

I recognize that the eUSA is filled with a diverse population. Because of this, I also recognize that my views may not be popular to everyone. I want to encourage any citizens to send me a PM if elected, with any concerns or disagreements. Of course, my inbox would be filled quickly if everyone took an activist role in writing their would-be President, so I would encourage you all to sign up at the eUS Forums where I have an unlimited amount of PM storage space.

I want to be the first eUS President to take a vested interest in Government-to-Citizen communication, and plan to revive the Press Secretary position to include three people: Myself, my Running Mate, and a well-known media writer that is to be determined. In these articles, I hope to keep a constant Top Five resource which will show key links and be filled with informational content such as business management, functions, and helping out our newer population.

I also plan to keep the Meals on Wheels program running to aid our newer population, as they are our future. I can attest to this, as I like to think I am part of the new generation of eRepublikans and eAmericans in general.


That is about it. Any questions, comments, or concerns are gladly accepted.

I want to also acknowledge that Kyle321N, Nationalist Party member and Quartermaster General, is my running mate. His knowledge of both the military and BETA facts of eRepublik allows for his contributions to compliment my skills efficiently and effectively. I also, with him, am working on a program to allow for a National Emergency system where him and I, along with my Chief of Staff (whomever that may be), to have my personal contact information so even if I am unable to log in the nation will still be able to respond quickly.

Congratulations to PrincessMedyPi, as she is now Scrabman's (USWP) running mate. This is truly an interesting race, with a United Independents Presidential candidate and a Vice President nominee.

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To Do List:

Check out my platform's points. If you lost the link (top of the page), try this one.

Congratulate your Congressmen! Hopefully they will represent you well.

Check this out. Compliments of ArenPerry

-Jewitt, Chief Editor