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A POTUS Popular election, and Uma Thurman wants us to have babies together!

Day 1,801, 17:07 Published in USA USA by Candor

This movie looks good. But never mind that bit of random...

The PP's of the T5's have chosen, by a majority I assume, to conduct the Unity elections exactly as they did last month, with one change: If there were to be a tie (there won't be), the run off would happen in forum.

I would like to see each party produce their own candidate (a Fed from Feds, in example, a WTP'er from WTP etc) and place the four of them up for election in an article popular vote. This would mirror most closely the mechanical system the game uses (four choices in a popular vote).

So here is what I plan to do: The day of the conclusion of the primaries, I am going to post a vote article. You will choose between the four (or probably three, since USWP will throw up not a USWP'er but Cerb, an AMP'er)
winners of the primaries by popular article vote.

Now this vote will have no effect on the official outcome, since they have chosen NOT to have a popular vote, but at least we'll get to see if their system accurately reflects the popular opinion.

Frankly, knowing who the candidates will most likely be, I think it will. But still, let's have our voice heard either way.

You can chose to participate or not, no skin off my back.

Would you? She wants us to have babies America!

The freedom of expression, the freedom of thought and action, and the freedom to speak my mind, and to disagree with your opinion, these are traditional American values that I cherish. I may not like what you say, but I will defend your right to say it with every power I posses. And I will put every effort that I can muster into being civil in tone, and respectful in nature.

But we will disagree , that’s a pretty safe bet.

Since my previous article of substantive content, I’ve had ongoing conversations with some of you over the nature of our nations rot, and the change that I propose a national recovery must entail.

A small number of citizens seem to be of the opinion that contrarian thought is equivalent to action against the team or community. This is wrong, of course. Diversity of opinion makes us stronger, not weaker.

On a practical level, we need to provide the game our babies sign up for. They sign up not for war gaming, because we all know better war games exist, but instead to engage in forming a nation with thoughts and ideas, through a democratic process, through respectful debate and engagement.

Our natural weapon?!

Our redemption, if we help them help us!

Our natural strength, and the one our current internal adversaries lack and forever will, is our daily influx of new birthed natural citizens.

Our greatest weapon to national strength and recovery has always been those new citizens.

Let’s provide them with the game they signed up for: Social democracy, social strategizing, and communal war gaming. We are a community of people, real people.

Involve and engage our youth, challenge them, give them voice. And in all things, respect and encourage involved participation in free thought and democratic involvement. Win hearts and minds through constructive dialogue.

We can overcome our current challenges over the long haul, but not by shutting down freedom of thought and expression. The exact opposite is true: We must provide our babies with the game they signed up for; Participatory democracy.

In We The People, these are the words we live by.

Dutifully Submitted,

Help us help you eAmerica. Join us

We welcome our loyalist international allies as well: Albanians, the Brazillians, Finns. And more. If you are here, and looking for a home with a voice, the WTP is the place for you.


pop George
pop George Day 1,801, 17:29

damn your articles are getting better and better, though being retarded I am not sure how much my opinion matters...

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,801, 17:44

pop your opinion matters just as much as Candor's or my own. That is what this is all about.

pop George
pop George Day 1,801, 17:49

I know, I can't help myself when it comes to trolling though. Actually Candor and I have lively conversations fairly regularly and I did miss him when he went undercover and am very glad to have him back, though I don't agree with him always

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,801, 17:53


Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,801, 18:16

Why do you presume to know that every baby's interests and goals lie in "social democracy, strategizing, and communal war gaming"? I wouldn't say that's the order of my priorities, nor was it when I started playing this game. In fact, facilities barely exist in-game at all to serve the priorities you name. And the fact that a large majority of players never even try to get seriously involved in the metagame suggests your conclusions on that matter may be flawed.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,801, 18:16

Further, on this notion of contrarian thought not being tolerated, my experience is apparently drastically different from yours. In fact, right now this country has united an incredibly diverse coalition against AFA. Despite deep differences of opinion on a wide variety of issues and ongoing debates amongst coalition members on these topics, the vast majority of us continue to respect each other and work toward preserving our eCountry. Perhaps the fact that you often seem to be saying YOUR prior

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,801, 18:17

priorities are the only ones that should matter is one reason the general reception of your return has not been to your liking.

av khan
av khan Day 1,801, 18:34

I agree with you Candor. I have seen people who are against AFA saying why are there some reasonable people who are still in AFA and supporting them. I am not sure, but it could be due to this problem in eUS community. I don't know whether Ajay does the same with the newbies. But EVERY time I have gotten eUS CS over the past year. Within a few hours of me getting CS I have received a pm from Ajay along these lines.

av khan
av khan Day 1,801, 18:38

This is one of his smaller pm usually he writes in much more detail. And the first time I got US CS and he asked me. I went straight and joined his party. Just to help him because he was asking for help and no one else was. Because I wasn't interested in US politics and I didn't know who he was at that time. It was later when I read in US media and when A LOT of reasonable i knew in US said things against him that I left his party and understood that he was a threat to USA. If the rest of the

av khan
av khan Day 1,801, 18:39

people do not do a similar thing. People should have a reason to go with AFA. Why go with someone who doesn't even care about you?

olivermellors Day 1,801, 18:48

I went to a local market out of curiosity. I found that the farmers knew how important it was that I keep coming back. They had done all the work to make the place attractive to me, and thousands of others. That is why I keep going back. I keep going back for the things I have discovered during and since my first trip. Interesting really since I originally went to get some Belgian kale and they didn't have any.

olivermellors Day 1,801, 18:50

Someone is making the US attractive to members of the eSerbia team.
You should make it attractive to newbs.
More newbs than eSerbian immigrants.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,801, 18:51

What brings you here?

Four simple words. How many new citizens do think he gained from the four simple words? The point here is the Government doesn't care why they are here.All they care about is 'STFU and work, train and fight and if you don't your a traitor...'

olivermellors Day 1,801, 18:53

candor: be careful about using "contrarian" which is generally (and correctly understood) to be the taking of positions for which there is little or no evidence, simply to contradict the prevailing opinion.

Candor Day 1,801, 19:02

Oliver: You may be right. But I understand it to mean taking a position which is contrary to prevailing theory or course. It needn't be without supporting evidence, as in contrarian investing.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,801, 19:06


Exactly...from chaos comes order....

olivermellors Day 1,801, 19:17

candor: no you're wrong, no I'm not, yes you are, No you're wrong, bull - I'm right, you are not, yes i am. Nope.

The word contrarian has a generally understood meaning. I see you don't agree. You don't agree because there are exceptional instances when this general statement doesn't apply. You therefore hold to the exceptional case. Good illustration. (insert smiley)

Here is a better word to describe your article - not contrarian but "smart". Or "thoughtful" or "reflective" or..

pop George
pop George Day 1,801, 19:53

darn players discussing...whats next actually working to build a community?

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,801, 21:55

Brozilians, join the AFA. The government here is racist.

Candor told me he hates "Brazil nuts."

Candor Day 1,801, 22:01

But I luv u Ck, you ball of silly.

DokJon Day 1,801, 23:52


Thedillpickl Day 1,802, 01:31

I don't even...

Candor Day 1,802, 01:53

^^^ I hope you dont!

Candor Day 1,802, 02:07


"...the fact that a large majority of players never even try to get seriously involved in the metagame suggests your conclusions on that matter may be flawed."

Or, to the contrary, may exactly prove my thesis?

E R M A L Day 1,802, 03:03

Nicely done.
50 albanians came in USA yesterday to help against the serbs.
We'll be always ready if someone needs help to ice the serbs, noone can do it better than albos 😑

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,802, 03:29

Joined WTP for the candor. May stick around for the weed.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,802, 03:41

Candor: "Or, to the contrary, may exactly prove my thesis?"

Not at all. It would tend to prove your thesis IF most players attempted to join the metagame, but quit because of lack of emphasis on your priorities. But the fact is, most people never even try the metagame for one reason or another.

As I said before, facilities to serve the priorities you name exist almost entirely outside the game people see when they first sign up. Unless they have played before (not true babies) or have

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,802, 03:42

friends who play, most people don't even know the metagame exists before they start playing. So the vast majority cannot be signing up intending, as you allege, to do things with this game that they don't even know are possible before sign-up.

DonCurtis Day 1,802, 05:36

Albanian flag in the end of the article. YAY!
There are more Albanians in US than in Albania. LOL
I'm sure there are ~200 Albanians (from those that fight everyday) in the US, and about 400 in Albania.

Hail Albania, USA, WTP and every other Political Party which is against afa 😃

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,802, 05:46

Slade Cash
'But the fact is, most people never even try the meta game for one reason or another.'

I disagree. IMO new citizens who join FT... etc...go to the eUS Forums so they may graduate. They look around, read some threads and decide that being trolled and belittled into submission is a bunch of BS...if you want citizens to join the meta game...stop trolling them into submission or banning them because they stand against you....

Hanse Davion
Hanse Davion Day 1,802, 05:55

I am a new player but it sounds like you don't understand the Internet, Adams.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,802, 08:20

"IMO new citizens who join FT... etc...go to the eUS Forums so they may graduate. They look around, read some threads and decide that being trolled and belittled into submission is a bunch of BS"

I was never in FT. Very few of my friends ever were. Also, I have never used eUS forums except when I absolutely had to, e.g. Congress. It doesn't seem to have hindered my elife much. Most of the real metagame action is on IRC.

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,802, 10:14

Candor gets people talking and not cursing him out. That right there means he's doing something right, they may disagree, but he's showing respect.

Viarizi Day 1,802, 15:46


crying baby

fingerguns Day 1,802, 16:16

Less talking.

More doing.

Candor Day 1,802, 16:23

^^^ Home Depot? Everyone will need to "do" via civility and an invitation to discuss old, and new, ideas. I'm inviting and "doing" right here. I'm inviting a different style of play. Our survival depends on it.

Slade: If your experience were the norm, the nation should be growing, not shrinking. My idea proposes it is how we reach out to our noobs, and how we present our communal face once they take a peek, that is the cause of our decline. Must change.

fingerguns Day 1,802, 19:13

We're not going to put up someone for CP just to do it. The best option is the best option, regardless of party.

You're asking us to add extra arbitrary steps for no reason at all. Doing things that way wouldn't give more people a voice it would just muddy the waters with more candidates and create more divisions between parties.

Why would you even want that?

Dbsndust Day 1,802, 19:26

You write this as if somehow there's some BIG IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE behind a direct popular vote that somehow invalidates the unity elections. I'm sure you also take issue with the electoral college, which is virtually the same thing.

Candor Day 1,802, 19:35

^^^ I do, actually. So do most scholars. It's an interesting thing to get into, if you research the topic. A popular vote isn't an if, it's a when, in RL eUS. Following most of the rest of the developed world.

Another good article:

Syz2 Day 1,802, 19:49

Voted, nice article

AlexJ1890 Day 1,802, 21:01

Albania FTW!!

Inwegen Day 1,802, 22:38

Actually, even though you're attempting to paint it as elitism, the current government and many in the past would love nothing more than a true primary, but the issue stands unable to be resolved on multiple fronts. One front is PTO citizens that do not deserve a vote. Second us a system in which we can verify votes against a writing API. Much work was done on a previous system, but then the API broke.

Candor Day 1,802, 23:23

Iggster: What would multi's achieve in an election with 4 loyal candidates?

And an article vote negates the need for API, right? Cerbs idea was simply to void AFA votes (take a pre-picture of their party).

Alternatively, we still have the system we offered last month, which takes 90 seconds to vote, no one sees how you vote, and eliminates all but eAmerican votes.

bigcdizzle Day 1,802, 23:28

"Cerbs idea was simply to void AFA votes (take a pre-picture of their party)."

That takes care of the majority of my concerns. therefore I'm game. I do have to say that Cerb will probably garner quite a bit of support, but I like the idea of an article primary anyway.

Candor Day 1,802, 23:32

^^^ I'm prefectly fine with him WINNING! He's a great guy.

I just want whoever wins to win in the most legit way possible, because voting is the only power most players have in game (the silent majority), and taking that away, or muddying it up, harms us as we lose people and the peoples confidence. And we can't afford the losses. We need every body, and a greater percentage of the bodies yet to come!

Waruda Day 1,803, 00:21

"Less talking.

More doing."

I put trolling in action in you're last article requesting it, Mrs. VP. Plato didn't like it, I didn't like it, the majority of commentators didn't like it. I don't think many people in this post millennium world know what trolling is.

Inwegen Day 1,803, 00:36

Article votes could be bought in small quantity to make it look legit or done with multis to achieve the same effect. Really, that is the system most easy to abuse.

From there we could do a google doc, but that takes ages to verify CS, blacklist, and party.

API would accelerate the process by allowing categories, sorting, etc.

Essentially, any system can a) be easily exploited with little effot and will never make anyone any happier than they already aren't.

av khan
av khan Day 1,803, 01:14

You know what? You are saying exactly what they accuse elitist of saying and doing : P
The question is, 'The best candidate is the best candidate' according to whom?

Oh and why is it that every time some one wants to avoid democracy they go the way of unity? :- >

Candor Day 1,803, 02:48

Iggy, the point of the primary isn't to rid a vote of multi's, or vote buying. That can happen in any election, especially a mechanical in game vote.

The point is to have four non-AFA candidates up so that none of that trickery would gain our enemies any advantage.

I approve of in party step one = pick party candidates. So the four choices would be legit.

It's then choosing from those four that would be in an article vote. Why multi then anyway?

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,803, 03:32

Damn the man! Power to the people!

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