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A Poem To Mustaches

Day 819, 17:26 Published in Australia Australia by Jason Longwell

How I wish I could grow a mustache,
so that people could see me as cool.
With a fashionable style, a furry smile,
the ladies would drown in their drool.

Oh I wish I could grow a mustache,
so that people could think me a man.
I would work on a farm, have a rugged charm,
and probably drive a white van.

I wish I could form a mustache,
maybe people would think I was snappy.
I would keep it in trim, I would go to the gym,
with some hair on my lip, I'd be happy.

How I long, and long, for a mustache,
so people could think I was smart.
I would hypothesise, that a mustache is wise,
and then show my results, in a chart.

I wish I could own a mustache,
so that people could think me their friend.
With a jolly old tash, I would sure be a smash,
and a man on which you could depend.

But alas, I cannot grow a mustache,
my face is unfavourably bare.
And now I have disclosed, that my lip is exposed,
'til I can, a fake mustache, I wear.



Lil Jon McSkeeter
Lil Jon McSkeeter Day 819, 18:19

If you grew a moustache,
I might call you gay,
if you perhaps, wore arseless chaps,
and sung YMCA.

Br0adside Day 820, 05:30

if you grew a moustache you might be considered a man?

I dont know if you didnt realise Lil Jon but facial hair growth is a natural recurring process. Because a guy is 2 lazy to shave hes automatically gay? Man I feel sorry for you.

Koala Industries
Koala Industries Day 820, 05:53

@ broad - i think he was just continuing on with the poem 🙂
Love the moustache poem - lol

Lil Jon McSkeeter
Lil Jon McSkeeter Day 820, 13:14

Did you only read the first 2 lines?

Yendor of Yinn
Yendor of Yinn Day 896, 03:18

This guy has the best writing talent. Keep going dude!

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