A Moment Of Your Time

Day 1,467, 13:49 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

I have been thinking a lot lately. About the past, about the future. About the nation, and about my place in it. I have been talking to some of my closest friends, people who have become very close advisors to me as of late. I asked them for some advice, and their answers were pretty much the same.

I never thought I would say this again, but I am running for President of the United States.

You may recall about one year ago when I published my first presidential campaign article. It talked about new leadership, new outlooks, and a new year.

Now, the year is old. We are looking to the future. To 2012, I would be honored to lead us into this new year.

A lot has changed since my last campaign. We have a new military. We were wiped once. We’re currently under heavy occupation. The tax code was changed. Old leaders have come and gone. New ones have risen up. The times are a changing. If we do not change with them, we will be left behind.

This is why I am running. It’s time to change some things. I have been discussing some changes I wish to implement, and we see to be on the same page. In fact, I chose my running mate because of our similar views on the issues.

Introducing my vice-president: General Deificus

As a former General in the Mobile Infantry, Commandant of the Marines, and General of the Army, Deificus is one of the most decorated officers around. It is a privilege, and an honor to have him as my running mate.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my cabinet, America. You will be impressed.

I’ll be publishing more and more as the campaign picks up. But if you want to stay in the loop and get up to date info on the campaign immediately, join us in #HaliPOTUS on irc! We would love to see you guys in there!

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A Moment Of Your Time
Haliman for President!