A Message From Your CP: Government Positions Update

Day 596, 11:34 Published in Philippines Philippines by HazzN

Our new Assistant in Home Affairs is Sphagin, who is relatively young and unknown and will hopefully learn a lot from this positions under Bestie101.

The Department of Fun has a brand new Director, Anarchist, who will be leading his team: Rich Porter, Awul and viperb10, in an attempt to living things up around here.

If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to contact him. Hopefully they will be raising lots of cash for PhilHealth, a charity that will one day soon buy us that Q5 hospital we so desperately want.

The Department of Fun and The Department of Education are brand new projects and so there is a lot of work to go round. If anyone wishes to help the current crews out, please contact the Directors of each Department, I am sure they will be grateful for your support.

Similarly, the Department of Foreign Affairs requires Ambassadors, to spread the Filipino way around the globe. So please, get involved and support you country.

Director of Foreign Affairs: Hoskin
Director of Education: Mr. Dimagiba 2.0
Director of Fun: Anarchist

Country President