A Message From Your CP: Government Announcements and Vacancies

Day 595, 08:25 Published in Philippines Philippines by HazzN

I have been inundated with applications and job requests, and everyone has found work somewhere. Yet it is not enough! There are still vacancies, still work to be had. If you are interested in the vacant positions, please PM me and I will put you to work.

Government Announcements

Department of Finance
Director of Finance - Ariel David Buena
Finance Assistant - Nikko_33

Department of Defense
Director of Defense - Saladin23
Assistants - romansolider and Anarchist

CO PNF - carlo909
CO PMC - Anarchist

CO PA - Mr. Dimagiba 2.0
Co SO - romansolider.

If you are interested in applying as a soldier to one of these units, please fill in the form below:

Department of Home Affairs
Director of Home Affairs - Bestie101
Home Affairs Assistant - VACANT

Department of Foreign Affairs
Director of Foreign Affairs - Hoskin
Assistant Foreign Affairs Officer - EZEX Lacroa

There are still PLENTY of ambassador positions. If you are interested in liaising with any country, please contact Hoskin or EZEX.

NICA Director - divinitywolf
NICA Assistants - slothen and romansoldier

If you wish to be a spy for our country and help us defend against them buggers out there, please contact divinitywolf directly.

Department of Education/University of the Philippines
The Dean - Mr. Dimagiba 2.0
Faculty Team - Nikko_33 , Gabriela Fajardo, Juan de Minda and rosmant-0.

This department will have a lot of work, so extra hands may well be needed.

Department of Fun
No applicants for the Department of Fun. This department could be th ekey to our population boom, so please people, let's have some enthusiasm. What could be more fun than running games and competitions! Get them in people!


Assistant Home Affairs - This is your opportunity to get the experience running a company, without having to fork out any gold. Thinking about starting your own business and worried you'll screw it up and cost yourself lots of cash? In this position you will get that experience, and have the help and guidance of the Director. So please apply by PMing me, HazzN.

Director of Fun - Will be in charge of the entertainments budget, and will work with a team of people running and organising fund raisers, competitions and games to keep the citizens of the Philippines happy.

Fun Team - Will work under the Director of Fun providing a little extra to the funness of eRepublik.

Without people in these positions, I can not hope to achieve what I set out to. So help me help you.