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A message from the AMP Communications Department

Day 1,936, 14:48 Published in USA USA by Dczip

Straight from the AMP Communications Center we bring to you, direct links that will connect you to the latest information. Keeping you up to date on the party’s current events, and “stuff” you want to know.

Click here to read all about the AMP Party Statutes. The Party Statute is the basic framework under which our Party Operates, and represents the Skeletal Structure of our Party Legal System.

Click here to read all about the AMP Party Policies. The Party Policies are a living document reflective of the current atmosphere of the party. It will include many things that revolve around day to day running of the party as well as policies on various topics.

Click here to visit the AMP Museum, in the museum you will find the PDBs (Presidential Daily Briefing) from the old AMP Party Presidents as well as curiosities and funny facts that remarked the history of our party:

Click here to see the AMP hierarchy. (The hierarchy is the framework for who runs and controls each aspect of the party, from Party President all the way to the tech people who run the forum.

Click here to get images to make your own cool avatar. Why have a boring old avatar, when you could be rocking the awesomeness that is silver and gold!!!.

Click here to get all the information you need about AMP election topics. Want to find out more information on who is running in the next election? Want to find out how to get your political career off the ground? We have everything from party president to country president and everything inbetween.

But most of all click this link to get registered on the forum.

Also Party Member Access request.

Dczip, Director of Communications Department
BeeBee, Deputy of Communications Department
George S. Patton Jr., Deputy of Communications Department



DanielEsp Day 1,936, 15:25

Voted o7
What do I need to do to get access to some topics ?

DanielEsp Day 1,936, 15:26

Nvm xD

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,936, 21:00

Good job here from comms! Thank you : )

Lord.Darcia Day 1,937, 00:51

Feel the AMPs!

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