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Day 1,735, 14:34 Published in Argentina Greece by Lord Tinchosss
Dear friends, allies and respected foes,

A few hours ago, while I was out in vacation with my pals, I got a phonecall from the Turkish CP, Lord Vaako. He told me that my account was fighting 11M for Bulguristan against Argentina. I immediately drove back to my summer house and logged in to the game to see what was going on. What he said was correct, all my energy bars were spent, some of my companies were downgraded, and all of the gold was lost of course. Not only that, the hacker was shouting stuff, while pretending to be me, saying things like “I’m real kloraq, I’m mad at EDEN HQ, I saw the leaked logs, that’s why I’m fighting for Bulgaria.” etc.

Well, the people who know me immediately noticed that this guy wasn’t me, and I got few more phone calls. Once I logged in to the game, I changed my password. However, the hacker was still inside the account, and he was still shouting and commenting. The other thing that took my attention, was that more than 50 Bulgurs were added to my friend list.

Like I said at the beginning of my sentence, I was away at vacation and all I did was work+train for the last 3-4 days, so I did not click on any phishing links if you’re wondering, my password is a really complex one, not “123456” for the guy to guess, the account is not connected to Facebook. So this brings the queston to mind “is any of us safe ?”.

I found a game moderator online, and asked him to temporarily ban my account, since the guy was still logged in and there was nothing I could do to log him off. I also asked him if he could remove the 11M damage that was done by the Bulgur hacker, but he replied he didn’t have access to such things. After all, that 11M got Bulguristan to a victory of 1800 to 1650 points, with only a difference of %0.11 in the division 4. An honorable victory for Bulgurs that are the masterminds behind the Ninja Script, the perfect proud farmers who accuse Turks about cheating based on the banned presidents.

I congratulate them on their success.


Queridos amigos, aliados y respetables enemigos ,

Hace unas horas, mientras me encontraba de vacaciones con mis amigos, me entró una llamada telefónica a mi celular de Lord Vaako, CP Turco. Me dijo que mi cuenta estaba pegando para Bulgaria y que había pegado 11M de daño en contra de la Argentina. Inmediatamente me retiré hacia mi casa de veraneo, y entre al juego para ver que estaba pasando realmente. Lo que Lord Vaako me dijo era correcto. Todas mis barras de energía y todo el oro se había perdido. El hacker estaba Shoutiando en mi Muro, diciendo cosas como: “ Soy el verdadero Kloraq” “ Estoy Enojado con EDEN HQ” “ Vi los registros filtrados y es por eso que estoy luchando por Bulgaria” etcBueno, la gente que me conoce inmediatamente se dio cuenta de que este personaje no era yo. Una vez que me he logueado en el juego cambie mi contraseña. Sin embargo, el hacker estaba todavía dentro de la cuenta y seguía shoutiando en nombre mío. Otra cosa que me llamo la atencion fue que mas de 50 Bulgaros se añadieron a la lista de mis amigos.

Como dije al principio, yo estaba de vacaciones y lo unico que hacia era trabajar y entrenar en estos ultimos 3 - 4 dias . No hice click en ningun enlace pishing y mi contraseña es bastante compleja, no es “123456”, mi cuenta no se encuentra vinculada al Facebook. Así que esto me trae a la mente la siguiente cuestión "¿ Alguno de nosotros está seguro ?".

Me encontre con un moderador del juego en línea, y le pedí que me aplique Tempo Ban, ya que el tipo todavia esta logueado a mi cuenta y no había nada que yo pudiese hacer para cerrar su sesión. Tambien le pregunte si podia eliminar los 11M de daño que llevo a cabo el hacker Bulgaro, pero el me respondió que no tiene acceso a esas cosas.

Despues de todo, esos 11M consiguieron la victoria Bulgara 1800 a 1650 punts, con solo una diferencia de 0.11 % en la DIV 4. Una victoria honorable para Bulguros que son los cerebros detrás de los sripts Ninjas, grandiosos semilleros de multi cuentas que acusan a los turcos de ser tramposos solo por haber tenido un presidente Baneado.

Los felicito por su éxito.



Petsku Day 1,735, 14:38

Traitors cannot into fair victories : D

AminOgluEstaban Day 1,735, 14:40

Traitors cannot into fair victories x2

hail cheaters of bulguristan

JohnTki Day 1,735, 14:40

tr nerde oc

Defactor Day 1,735, 14:41

melaba panpa

AttilaBleda Day 1,735, 14:41

geçmiş olsun

Hoffaa. Day 1,735, 14:44

Döte giren şemsiye açılmaz zanza...

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,735, 14:44


Ahí queda demostrado que los búlgaros son traidores.

Tal como lo escribí: TRA-I-.DO-RES!!!!

Meronym Day 1,735, 14:44

Gecmis olsun...Sanirim hicbirimiz guvende degiliz....

Aga aka Zoska
Aga aka Zoska Day 1,735, 14:45

once my acc was also hacket to fight against EDEN. I never connect my acc to fb as well, no one is safety here...

eDarkAngel Day 1,735, 14:46

No surprise at all, trying to pin this on Bulgarians, why don't you just come out and admit that you let someone sit your account who did a stupid thing and stop with your usual lies.

Machiavelli Day 1,735, 14:47

You shoudnt f*k bulgur 😕

S E R H A T Day 1,735, 14:47

türkçe yok amını yidiğim

Tte. Sosa
Tte. Sosa Day 1,735, 14:47

kloraq ♥

Bulgaria GO HOME!

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 1,735, 14:48

bütün bulguru banlasınlar amk

Pablin.89 Day 1,735, 14:48


Romper Day 1,735, 14:49

The fact that they knew the email used to log in could potentially mean that someone from the staff leaked the info or hacked the account. Just saying.

Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,735, 14:49

from kloraq does not let anyone sit his account. he was doing w+t from his iphone. it is obvious the guy was a bulgarian cause he fought 11M for bulgaria, and pretended to be him with those bullshit shouts that he is so-called mad at the EDEN HQ etc.

AminOgluEstaban Day 1,735, 14:51


kloraq also thinks that someone from the staff, probably a Bulgarian mod/admin, leaked the info or logged in himself.


he did not let anyone babysit his account, he was logging in from his iPhone to do the w+t.

Feliks Edmundovic
Feliks Edmundovic Day 1,735, 14:51

See you soon back, my friend!

L0ngh0rnn Day 1,735, 14:52

geçmiş olsun.

Ah Chuy Kak.
Ah Chuy Kak. Day 1,735, 14:54

Bulgaria GO HOME!

gecmis olsun bu arada

Dieguii Day 1,735, 14:55

Para algunos, con tal de ganar vale todo. Otros ponemos por encima el honor y la honestidad, y más en un juego.


El3ssaR Day 1,735, 14:56


e1453 Day 1,735, 14:56

döte şemsiye değill pazarcı çadırı girmiş : D

geçmiş olsun

Rona1d Day 1,735, 14:57

xaxaxa cry me a Marmara

AnatolianFalcon Day 1,735, 14:58

Very common for Bulgurs. Sorry dude, hope you get it back as soon as possible...

jaymzhtfld Day 1,735, 15:00

eDarkAngel could you, just for once, stand for right side? being a bulgarian doesn't mean that you have to support your own kind no matter what. just saying...

eDarkAngel Day 1,735, 15:00

Nothing new, Turkey loosing, xenophobes like Kloraq fabricating accusations.

If Argentinians buy into it, then they will truly believe they did not get beaten and will keep on loosing, because they will not seek to remedy their weaknesses.

The reason for this is, that there are no Turks fighting for Argentina so now they throw mud in the eyes to divert attention from the obvious truth.

Yetlanesi Day 1,735, 15:02

Shame on you, Bulgaria

AminOgluEstaban Day 1,735, 15:02

eDarkAngel, if you're still supporting this pitiful act, then you're a real Bulgur. I congratulate you for your honesty.

Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Day 1,735, 15:03

Increíble, muy desleal.


Gligobadavar Day 1,735, 15:03

"some of my companies were downgraded"
Your pass maybe the same as the pass of downgrading?
You need facts to accuse the bulgarians, dear boy!

And the name of my glorious country is Bulgaria, not the bloody bulgaristan shit.
Wait for the rumble of our tanks!

PsyCokenin Day 1,735, 15:03

traduce bien salame

eDarkAngel Day 1,735, 15:03


Prove it, then talk, here there is only speculations and slander no proof.

A State 0f Trance
A State 0f Trance Day 1,735, 15:06

Turkgentina peeps don't have brain ! 😢

I think you are kind of medium.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,735, 15:07

That's disgraceful. I hope admin do the decent thing and return what's rightfully yours Kloraq, including your Gold, weapons, bars AND the companies that were illegally downgraded.


Boyan Day 1,735, 15:07

kloraq, simply BOYCOTT the game : D

Ariel MAteu
Ariel MAteu Day 1,735, 15:11


Traitors cannot into fair victories

Nadie con un poco de memoria puede desconfiar de la ayuda que siempre fuiste para nosotros.

Tenshou Day 1,735, 15:11

PsyCokenin: traduce bien salame

Jajajaja un chileno haciendose pasar por argentino 😛

Only using cheats Bulgaria win, you are disgusting guys...

Treiko Day 1,735, 15:13

Gracias kloraq por la aclaración!!

Búlgaros, dense cuenta q limpiamente no pueden!!

Búlgaros, son muy FAILS igual q CHILE!

Frozen Flame
Frozen Flame Day 1,735, 15:13

pardon beyler , kuzenim yapmış deme de sonra 😃

Wildrunner Day 1,735, 15:14

There have been countless accounts being hacked by Turks in the past, Bulgarian, Serbian( I've got several messages from people explaining to me that it wasn't them who fought in turkish RW's but a hacker) but not only, even this guy got hacked too:

For the first time there is a Turkish account being hacked. And it's kloraq... This is very odd indeed.

Joaco Know
Joaco Know Day 1,735, 15:15

PsyCokenin Traduje yo y en 5 minutos. Decime donde voy asi te enseño INGLES...

CharlyGarcia Day 1,735, 15:15

Bulgurs cheaters

Plato earns money.


BarbanegraPC Day 1,735, 15:16

Hail Kloraq!!!

Wildrunner Day 1,735, 15:16

And no, your petty 10m did not decide the outcome of that battle, they were hit at the start of the battle and you know very well that Flausino could have trippled that ammount if he wanted.

Ambro17 Day 1,735, 15:21


Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,735, 15:22

Flausino is my girl 😛

eDarkAngel Day 1,735, 15:23

Until I see a shred of evidence, this is lies and slander, these types of hacks were always performed by Stankovic Alexa in the past, he has bragged about it publicly on many occasions.

What is very disappointing is the response of Argentinians, learn how to loose with dignity.

Radu Pangaiu
Radu Pangaiu Day 1,735, 15:24

eDarkAngel, I knew you as of today as an honorable man, now I just found your trolling side and I don't like it

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