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A Little More Raw [Zacharia Raven]

Day 2,135, 13:58 Published in Norway Norway by Joshua Morriseau

Here for the next issue of "A Little More Raw" we have Asgard's new Supreme Commander Zacharia Raven! With a new Supreme Commander that could mean many new changes for the alliance. Would we disband or perhaps even seek out new members? What was the opinion on Canada's exit? These are all questions I've been asking myself and Im sure many citizens of Asgard have been asking to. So instead of keeping ourselves in the dark I went digging to find the answers we've all been looking for. But before we get to that, lets get a little bit more of an idea about the actual man that is Zacharia Raven.

1. RL age and occupation?

25, graduated to Business and Administration, degree in Business Economics (Oulu University of Applied Sciences) 8/13, and 4th year student of Accounting MBA in Oulu Business School. 3 summers working as a bad debt collector (business, leasing).

2. What was your favourite childhood toy?

A dinosaur miniature.

3. What would you say is your worst RL trait?

Being blatant in my opinions. Might also seem arrogant and selfish to those who don't really know me.

4. What album would you say defined your adolescence?

Not into music that much, but maybe Scooter's the one which had Fire in it.

5. If you had to change your RL, what would you change it to?

The American Dream? I don't know.

6. What is the #1 most played song on your iPod/computer?

Probably Hammerfall - Hearts on Fire. I usually just play Spotify's top lists everywhere.

7. If you could meet one person living or dead, who would it be and why?

Maybe Jesus, and tell him that well played, sir.

8. What is the last film you've watched?

The Conjuring

9. What talent have you always wanted to learn but just haven't?

Attracting women without doing anything myself.

Now, lets move onto the harder questions.

10. First off congratulations on your new term as the new Supreme Commander of Asgard. Now this isn't your first term as Supreme Commander. Could you tell us how this term will differ from your previous term?

Thank you. You are right, this is my second term. This has dffered this far in that we are in a very weird situation, where we have Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia etc all at us at the same time. There really isn't much we can, except focus in getting at least one region for the congressional elections.

Otherwise I'm hoping for better intearction with media and bring back some features (IGM messaging) from my first term. Also now there is no friction between myself and a president. Last time we actually had 2 presidents who were more or less there to "destroy Asgard" or "the elites", and they were really, really harmful to respective nations, and to Asgard through that.

11. Now there has been some hints dropped at you retiring from politics or erepublik altogether in the latest update from Asgard HQ. Will you be retiring after this term from the game or just politics?

Yes. I will be retiring from active politics all together, at least in eFinland and Asgard. I have never thrived for personal gain, so I'm somewhat baffled by the fact that I've become CP and SC.

I am a Mentor in eFinland, so I want to focus in that more also. I want to see new faces making decisios. Whenever I'm available, I'm going to say "yes" for positions or apply for them, so I have to make myself unavailable. That means basically getting some other CS, and just focusing on the mentoring. I've learned that CS does not affect mentorship status. so I can still follow the media and forums in eFinland.

12. What do you think will be your biggest challenge this term for you and the rest of HQ?

Flow of information is always a challenge. It might be a good idea to have new blood in HQ, besides me. I don't mean that current ones are bad, but the enthusiasism of new reps would be nice. That is, if they genuinely are pro-Asgard, and not pro-ego or dictator or some other garbage. Change does not have to be a force of destruction.

13. There has been next to no updates from Asgard HQ in recent months. When you look at the other alliances in the eworld you can see that they regularly release updates on their current situations and to give inscription to its citizens. Can we expect you to fix the laziness of the previous HQ's?

I'm trying that, yes. Currently there is not much to tell about, but some updates would always be nice. And like I said, maybe Asgard needs new people to do stuff like that.

14. What is your view on Canada's exit from Asgard?

To be honest, I could almost be "blamed" for that. It was a mistake to bring them to Asgard. We dragged them and they us. They stayed in Asgard just for loyalty, which I admire on a personal level but when thinking about bigger picture, realism behind idealism, it was hurting Canada and Asgard. HQ took the cat on the table, and in the end Canadian people did the right thing.

15. In the past little while their has been some tensions between the members of Asgard. What do you feel is needed to fix this?

Tensions were caused by Canada's situation and few other things that have been cleared. We made a stand, and it caused some ruckus, but in the end it was for the best of Asgard.

16. Certain people in Asgard have made it clear they do not want Asgard to grow however doesn't it seem necessary to add some extra fire power or we risk being wiped by Lithuania once again now that Bulgaria has been expelled from Scandinavia?

That is a short-term point, yes. However Canada was the perfect example of expanding. Asgard was not, is not and will not be made for superior ilitary strenght. We had that in EDEN, and I personally wanted us to stay there. Our congress did not, because they wanted more power in their matters. Also Asgard is meant to be able to protect itself very fluently and without concerning itself with battles irrelevant to the core; Scandinavia. Divided loyalty means divided strenght. And that we can't handle.

Also on operational level decisionmaking gets more difficult when there's many countries. EDEN meetings were many hour long and one country could not chage much. In Asgad, one member has a great power.

17. What is your view on Romania now being in Norway and what will HQ to send them home?

I am disappointed in Romania. Not much else to say at this point.

18. Asgard and CoT have worked well together recently, can we expect this to continue in your term?

I hope so. We are neutral, but we must try something with those that are willing.

19. Currently Asgard is in a bit of a downward turn, would you not agree that perhaps it is better to just disband and look at other prospects such as joining CoT or forming a new alliance?

No. It would take us back to where we started from, with big countries telling us what to do and when. Again, this is pure idealistic question, so our congress mght any day decide that it's what they want, and then we do that. In the end this game is always changing, and we can never say for sure who our enemy is tomorrow.

20. Even though Asgard is one of the smallest alliances in the world, what would you say we have that no other alliances have?

Lone Wolf ;_____:

To be serious we have pretty relaxed HQ which consists of member countries governments, and a SC who is usually more of a outside view, a mediator. We are immediate neighbors and we are conserned only about our immediate regions.

21. Moving forward, what can the average citizens of Asgard do to help the alliance?

Follow the battle orders, work in factories to help Asgard get CO monery from Work Tax and keep calm. We might get wiped, but we will always come back.

22. And lastly just for fun, which is the next country you would like to see added to erepublik?


Thanks for doing this! I hope it will give everyone a chance to get to know you a bit better and to learn a little bit more about the brotherhood from the North. This concludes this issue of "A Little More Raw." I hope you all enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions for who you would like to see in the hotspot next time then just drop a comment below.

As always don't forget to V,S&S!

Kind Regards,

Joshua Morriseau
Free Liberty Party President
Minister of Propaganda
Congress Member
Ambassador to Finland & Sweden


Martin Robstad Day 2,135, 14:13

Comment deleted

Martin Robstad
Martin Robstad Day 2,135, 14:14

Fantastic interview ! It really helps the newbies like me, understand and learn about our situation. I love it, keep it up 🙂

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 2,135, 14:19

Thank you, and welcome to the game 🙂

Wolf Henrich von Helldorf
Wolf Henrich von Helldorf Day 2,135, 14:22


Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,135, 14:28

Well done!

Princess Cendorella
Princess Cendorella Day 2,135, 15:23

moi jusu jernkuukki

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Day 2,135, 23:32

Terve. : )

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,135, 14:35


eCanada had a good run with Asgard. Stay cool, friends.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,135, 17:03

Well always love our Canadian friends!

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,135, 20:38

great article

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,135, 22:25

Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Encourages me to keep doing these 🙂

bATRA Day 2,136, 00:37

Zacharia Raven is a sexy beast 😉

Thor Goodson
Thor Goodson Day 2,136, 09:05

Good article. I made sure to subscribe.

Mr.Oslofjord Day 2,137, 02:47

Nice one!

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,137, 12:32


Akashaton Day 2,137, 05:21

ZR is a big step up compered to Jussi Jernkuuk, but we still have a long way to go,
If Norway are not to follow our Canadian brothers. 😉
Glad to hear that ZR will retire from politics soon, we need new players with fresh ideas,
and no fear for expansion. 😃

Akashaton Day 2,137, 05:22

Great article BTW!

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