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A Guide To... Military's of the eUK [And now a chance to win 50 Q7s weapons!]

Day 1,799, 11:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

The eUK has seen its fair share of militaries throughout its history. We boast one of the earliest official government militaries in the eWorld and it’s been central to our eSociety up until recently. It’s undergone many variations and commanders, as well as structures, names, Ministers and Chief of staff’s. Many older members of the eUK have spent much of their elife within the eUK Military and it’s certainly had its ups and downs. The day I joined eRepublik I joined the military and a lot of the people I’m friends with now I met there, and I’ve hardly been in any other Military Unit since! If you read Talon’s latest article he has announced that BEF has been removed and the Military Unit Legion has become the new government endorsed Military due to its success as an independent unit and its structure that will not cost the government or the tax payer a penny! As the military has formally disbanded and doesn’t look like it’ll be revived, todays Guide To… will focus on the past structures the eUK has seen. Enjoy!

The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard was one of the two branches formed from the remnants of the Reserves back in December 2008. It was the main territorial fighting force of the United Kingdom and was overseen by the Ministry of Defence. It was created back in the day where resources didn’t give you just a bonus to how much you made, the resources you had dictated just what you could make. Also, congressmen and the CP couldn’t move country at all without resigning so the Royal Guard catered to those who were unable to move, those who didn’t want to move and, when it was formed, those with lower strength. During mid-2009, there was little-to-no activity within the branch and it was decommissioned and a new boat was created in the Royal Navy for those who couldn’t move, the HMS Westminster.

The Royal Navy

To start, this Royal Navy has nothing to do with the current Royal Navy what so ever, they just share the name. The Royal Navy was the main and largest fighting force of the British Military for over a year until it was disbanded on the 21st April 2010. The original Royal Navy was created in November 2008 alongside the Para’s and Royal Guard, in the run up to the invasion of France by ATLANTIS, known as Operation French Toast. What was interesting was that the members of the Royal Navy were also deployed over sea’s on a commune rota, where Russia and Brazil served as month-long mining bases for fleets to produce iron for weapons. It was eventually disbanded just before V2 to make way for the new tri-force structure and because Navies don’t tend to have much effect on land battles.

The Royal Marines

The Royal Marines was a sub-branch of the Navy, designed to be a fast response unit like the Special Forces and the Para’s, but without the strength requirement. It was disbanded the next month due to a lack of recruits, but was revived by R. R. Napier not a month later with a more efficient structure that made it more relevant to the Navy.

The Royal Air Force

Again, this has no relation to the Military Unit, the RAF, other than the same name. The RAF was an experimental unit that was supposed to bridge the gap between the Navy and the Para’s. It aimed to train up those who ‘graduated’ the Royal Navy into Paratroopers but was decommissioned due to its ineffectiveness. It was resurrected at the end of July 2011 after a big reform of the British Armed Forces in-which the tri-service structure was introduced due to V2.

The Royal Parachute Regiment

The Para’s were the special force unit of V1 and was the most senior branch while it was in service. To be a Para you had to be active and have a strength of 14 or greater and had to be a UK Citizen or a trusted ally. While it had fewer members than the Royal Navy at the time, it was a powerful unit at the time in the eWorld. Eventually it was decommissioned and merged with the Royal Marines to become the Special Forces Support Group.

The Special Forces Support Group

The SFSG was a merged branch of the Paras and Royal Marines. It was the Special Forces branch of the British Armed Forces until version 2, when it was renamed as the Special Air Service. To join, members had to be fully active on IRC, and have the in game rank of General or above.

The Special Air Service

The SAS was created after V2 kicked off in conjunction with the tri-service structure. When a soldier met the strength and rank requirements, so long as they was very active, they were able to apply so they could join what was the British Armed Forces elite unit at the time. The SAS was disbanded on the 26th of July 2010 by Jamesw, who was temporary Chief of the General Staff at the time, when he decided that a separate high-strength combat unit was ineffective for the British Army's manpower.

The British Army

During V2 the military was reformed so that it fit each specialist weapon. For those not around then, these were; British Infantry – Gun Specialist, Royal Artillery – Artillery Specialist, Royal Armoured Corps – Tank Specialist and Army Air Corps – Helicopter Specialist. Each unit had its own role to play in a battle where different weapons had different uses. To give a brief history of the V2 battlefield, it was a tiled map and people could move 3 hexes per turn, each side had 5 minutes to move and attack until a special hex with a building had an enemy unit on it meaning it had been “captured” or the time ran out. The weapons had different uses; Guns were the bog-standard unit who could move and attack. Tanks were the same, just more powerful, artillery could attack further, helicopters could move over impassable terrain. There was also a rock, paper, scissors kind of thing with the weapons too, guns were most effective against helicopters, tanks were most effective against guns, artillery was most effective against tanks and helicopters were most effective against artillery. Not too long after this was introduced it was clear that helicopters and tanks were the only units you should use due to imbalances and the British Infantry and Royal Artillery branches became inactive while the Armoured Cops and the Air Corps blossomed and along with the exodus of people across the eWorld due to V2 being bad, the British Army suffered by the end of its life where it became, overall, quite inactive.

The Tri-Service Military

There was one more reform to the British Army in 2011 with the introduction of the tri-service. By now eRepublik had reverted from V2 to a more manageable and popular battle module that we still enjoy today. It was very much like the British Army, only this time it managed to regain some activity and was split into 3 different branches. The British Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

The British Expeditionary Force

The BEF has seen a limited life span. Due to a declining population and Military Units over taking it in terms of activity, effectiveness and efficiency, the BEF was officially decommissioned yesterday. It ended up as an IRC only military where you had to turn up to a particular channel to receive supplies after working in a military company.

The Legion

The Legion is the latest official of the military. It is true that Legion was once a party Military Unit from its creation but it’s actually severed from ESO and has been for a long time now. I for one think that this is a great step forward; we have an official military that actually costs you, the Taxpayer, absolutely nothing! In return we have some input into how this Military is ran and we can make sure that they fight in the places that we think they should fight and that we think are the most effective places to go! I’m excited by this, I think belonging to a society is one of the best tools for retention we have and it’s good we have somewhere we’re able to keep an eye on so that we can help educate and look after new players.

Other Military Units in the eUK

Just because Legion has become the ‘official’ Military Unit of the eUK doesn’t mean you should join it blindly. There are many Units within the country that offer a decent supply, aren’t party affiliated and have plenty of friendly people. I’d highly recommend to everyone that they do some homework on the all the military units before deciding which one you choose so you make the right decision for you!

That’s about all there is to say today, so here’s to the next period in the eUK Military’s life! o7

And now for something completely different.

Today’s guide also features a chance to win 50 Q7s! All you have to do is vote and comment, that’s all! There of course is a catch. To win, you have to be the last comment before Goku Jones comments. The last person before he comments will win 10 Q7s and the person who commented before that person will get 5 Q7s. Only your first comment will count so judge when you post carefully, you never know when he’s lurking around.

Thanks for reading!

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eUK Home Office
eUK Home Office Day 1,799, 11:57

Go, go, Goku, go!

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Now Goku

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Go UK go!

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,799, 12:02

Go go Power Rangers!

Betafoxtrot Day 1,799, 12:02

I now have 50 Q7s to give to the winner(s) thanks to a donor 😃

WayneKerr Day 1,799, 12:02

oldfag shit, thought it was actually going to be about the current military units, you know... Inform the newbs about current stuff.

Betafoxtrot Day 1,799, 12:05

If you bothered to read my other articles, you'll notice I'm doing one about old Militaries and one about current Military Units >_>

Arashk 72
Arashk 72 Day 1,799, 12:10

v10 sub 103

Mr. Alex Great
Mr. Alex Great Day 1,799, 12:16

[EN] About International eUniversity project. General info.

SycoASL Day 1,799, 12:19

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T White II
T White II Day 1,799, 12:26

Long live the Legion

Join the RAF:


Woolfie Smith
Woolfie Smith Day 1,799, 12:28

You missed out the transformers period 🙁

Woolfie Smith
Woolfie Smith Day 1,799, 12:31

probs for the best

prostokreten Day 1,799, 12:58

v+s +shout

Spygon Day 1,799, 13:16

The marines did have a strength requirement it was just not as high as the paras

Once a marine always a marine o7

I miss the royal navy -o_/

bannera Day 1,799, 13:17

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T White II
T White II Day 1,799, 13:17

Royal Marines o7

alexg737 Day 1,799, 13:35

Liking the new look Legion

Bohemond4 Day 1,799, 14:29

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nathaner Day 1,799, 14:37

great article

Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler Day 1,799, 14:53

Happy Days brings back great memories

GameChanger Day 1,799, 15:08

I didn't know Legion was now the official MU. Guess I'm going to have a lot of new people in my chat bar now...


Irasian Day 1,799, 16:28

Interesting read, shouted

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Viridi Day 1,799, 17:00

I didn't know it was the official MU; when did that occur?

Betafoxtrot Day 1,800, 04:18

2 days ago : P The article is in the first paragraph

Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Day 1,800, 05:05

You there Goku?

Pingelhoek Day 1,800, 05:33

Voted 🙂

Puppie Master
Puppie Master Day 1,800, 06:35

Was very informative, enjoyed the read

Skyfury Day 1,800, 07:29

I didn't know the Legion was the eUK official MU. And how's the BEF?
I'm so left behind ;_;

Kulinero Day 1,800, 08:29

no goku no cry, noo gokuuu no cryyyy

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,800, 08:38

Lots of lovely info Beta, nice one!

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Azzy451 Day 1,800, 11:13

way too early for a Gok - voted anyway as it's a good article o7

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,800, 13:05

I had the pleasure of fighting in the old Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Special Forces Support Group and the SAS until I left for eNZ. Good times were had in the good ole days of planned strikes to push the wall!

Great Article bro o7

Mihalache Catalin
Mihalache Catalin Day 1,800, 14:18

v46/ 1010 nice art...

Apathetik Day 1,800, 20:27

Dates for SAS seem wrong - or I'm wrong and SAS was reborn with pink badges or something.

Good article anyways

Stihll Day 1,804, 04:38

v. 49 / sub. 1016

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