A Game Changing Team

Day 2,478, 21:56 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

One crucial thing I've learned is how important assembling a quality team is to the success of an administration. The size and scope of the Executive ensures that no one person no matter how talented they may be can do everything. I have assembled a solid team to assist me and the nation for the next month.

Vice President

As DMJ alluded to in his latest article, rarely if ever has the Executive enjoyed as close a relationship with private MUs as we currently do. This has been crucial in coordinating helping our allies while balancing multiple RWs opened up by our enemies to distract us from important priorities. This is a relationship that I wish to maintain. Deepchill a multiple time former NSC chair, and long CO of EZC is the perfect liaison for continuing to cultivate cooperation between government and private MUs. He was my number one choice for VP, and I am thrilled to have him on board.

Chief of Staff
Civil Anarchy

I love Civil Anarchy. His media is second to none. He's as organized and capable a player as I've ever seen. He's been Secretary of Media at least 10 times. I've been Secretary of Media before myself, it's not an easy job. I have nothing but respect for a man that can be SecMed that many times. More recently Civil Anarchy has served as Secretary of the Interior. I asked him to be my Chief of Staff because I intend to focus heavily on domestic programs and he's been right there in the thick of things.

Secretary of State
Wild Owl

Wild Owl is one of my best friends in eRepublik. We've had a strong relationship based on friendship and unshakeable trust for a long time. He's been a prominent figure on the world stage for quite some time now. He bears a lot of the credit for our current geopolitical situation. Thanks to his efforts we have strong allies and continued bright prospects.

NSC Co-Chairs
The Mike
and John NWP

Another DMJ innovation that we'll be keeping is the Co-Chair arrangement in the NSC. This is one of the most demanding positions in the cabinet as constant near round the clock attention must be paid to maintaining priorities and directing damage to where it's most needed. The Mike and John NWP have been fantastic in this role and I'm pleased to bring them back in that capacity.

Department of the Interior

Code-Y has been Secretary of Education under DMJ. He's done a solid job, and because Interior has had a lot of turmoil lately I wanted a solid player in this spot. With Civil Anarchy moving into the Chief of Staff position, and Education having such a close working relationship with the Interior I know Code-Y is the right choice for a Department that will be integral in implementing my agenda.

Department of Education
Evil Elvis

Evil Elvis and I both returned to erepublik in April of 2013. We joined the Federalist Party within days of each other. We worked in the Fed messaging department known as FedEx together. Basically we "grew up" as players together. Today we're both 3 time Fed Party Presidents. He was a solid Secretary of the Interior under Wild Owl, an administration we both served in. In short I know Evil Elvis. I know that he's likely the best kept secret of the Federalist Party, and I'm excited to see him take his talents to the National stage. Expect greatness from the Education Department under Evil Elvis.

Secretary of Defense
Disco Musolini

Disco Musolini is awesome. I have gotten to know him over the last year or so. He's a hard worker, and always been willing to volunteer regardless of the job. He's been Secretary of Defense before with the exception of DMJ I've personally never seen anyone perform better in that role. I believe this month will be no exception and Disco will be excellent as usual.

This month the USAF will be forming a Press Corp. I spent time in the USAF a few months back. I found a vibrant community with an educational apparatus, contests, and great supplies. I was awarded tanks and a personal thanks from USAF leadership for contributing high damage in an MU tournament. There is so much that's praiseworthy in the USAF. This Press Corp will shine a light on the USAF. They will publish regular recruiting articles, tout the results of tournaments, and put forward those who work so hard in the MU for recognition. A^2 has agreed to head up this new Corp. Of all the ideas I want to implement this is one of two that I am most excited about.

Secretary of Media

I love Scolbert's style. Every article of his that I've ever read has been an awesome combination of hilarious, entertaining, and engaging. He's served as a multiple time USWP PP, Interior and Education Secretary, and recently he's been the Deputy Secretary of Media. This month I'm going to ask the Media department to hold contests aimed at increasing article publications by the general populace. There will be prizes awarded so keep an eye out for that.

Homeland Security

Apollo is another Fed brother that I've had long experience with. I've known him for about a year now. He's worked his way up from a fresh returnee (similar to myself) to holding every major position in the party including Party President. He has competence and work ethic second to none. He is the right person for the job. DHS is not as labor intensive as it was, but it still important to organize ATO help for our allies. It's also of course important to continue to hound the would be scourge Ronald Gipper Reagan.

I would like to thank Melissa Rose and Evil Elvis for creating this graphic

Secretary of the Treasury
Kemal Ergenekon

Kemal is one of the most respected players in this game. His thoughts on tax policy are highly sought after and trusted. I know from experience that it's nigh unto impossible to successfully pass a tax cut without his stamp of approval. He's not afraid to give advice even if he doesn't think it will be well received. He's not a yes man and every administration needs advisers who will tell it like it is.

Press Secretary
Dave Gulya

This is yet another DMJ innovation that I will be keeping. Dave who is coming off two terms of SecMed will be sliding over to the Press Secretary job. He will be releasing daily summaries of the business conducted in the PDB. Dave is a hard worker and just a quality individual. He will be a great asset to my team.

Save eRepublik Initiative has operated under the umbrella of the Interior. Civil Anarchy the current Secretary of the Interior and Oblige have been the driving force behind this program. It's basically eNasa rebranded, which fair or not has become synonymous with failure. During the time period when we have actively pushed the program of voting links we've seen an increase in new players. Currently with Save eRepublik Initiative only running 5 links as part of its pilot program we've seen an increase in new players of 60%. If we stick with it and expand it we will see even more results. So in the interest of adding continuity to what I believe to be a crucial initiative I will be splitting it off into its own Cabinet level department.

Director of the Census Bureau

Everyone needs more Greeling, and Greeling needs more everyone. He will be heading up a 4 person team of himself, Oblige, Scott Coyle, and Dave Gulya they will be ratcheting up the links for us to vote up. I am naming this Department the Census Bureau. My goal is to get links for every department paper, MUs, and parties up and running. Private MUs and individuals who wish to participate will receive the thanks of a grateful nation along with the added benefit of keeping the referral gold from using their referral link on the sites they'll be maintaining. Come on eAmerica let's give Greeling more people to count!

There you have it. This is the team I have assembled to help guide and direct the affairs of our nation for the next month. I still have positions open working in the Departments. We will be identifying Deputies to train with the expectation that said Deputies will have garnered the requisite experience to step into the Secretary position with confidence during this next term. I very much want to expand the pool of individuals from which future candidates for the office of President can feel comfortable drawing upon. Each and every active player who wants to contribute and make a difference is valuable. If you are interested in serving the Executive please follow the link and fill out the form (http://tinyurl.com/TB4CPadmin), I am checking it regularly and am in the process of contacting those who are signing up. My team and I are prepared to go out and rumble! Please consider joining us!