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A Day of Reckoning.

Day 1,878, 19:39 Published in Canada Portugal by ragalanow jadon

The day dawned over eCanada like any other. People got out of there beds and went to work. Soldiers fought in the many far off battles for countries they barely knew. Everything was same in eCanada; but there was something in the air that was different. A tension, it could be seen in the face of every citizen you passed.
Today was the day that eCanada finally found out if they would be pursuing an alliance.
So as Work was completed and Daily orders finished eCanadians everywhere turned on their TV’s, picked up the paper, or gathered in the square in front of parliament hill to hear the anouncment they had all been waiting for.
I was among the many eCanadains standing in the crowd on that chilly January day, waiting on baited breath as Wilhelm Gunter stepped onto the raised podium.
He looked tired from long days of organizing the referendum that had led up to this historic day, but at the same time he looked proud. Standing there in his crisp Canadian uniform he was someone to be respected.
Next came Rylde. Dressed in battle attire and decorated with many and more medals he struck a inspiring figure, his dark face solemn and long hair streaming behind him in every gust of the cold north wind. He was not the perfect leader, a man of camaraderie and battle, but he was the leader of eCanada and no one could say thing’s wouldn’t get done under his leadership.

Wilhelm gunter stepped up to the mic and cleared hi throut.
“people of eCanada,” he boomed, “the day has come! Today we bring eCanada back on track; we set ourselves on a path for better or worse . A path chosen by all of you, the citizen of eCanada! Today is a day of Reckoning!!!”

This brought a loud burst cheering from the crowd. You could feel the excitement rising. People waited on baited breath, the day had come.
Wilhelm had begun to speak again.
“So without any further ado I give the results of our alliance referendum.”

Wilhelm Gunter paused and looked around at the eager faces. To his right even Rylde’s calm façade cracked under the pressure of the overwhelming silence, he turned to his companion mary chan and whispered something. Her face twisted into a small half smile but she did not answer.
“The leading alliance in the Referendum is,” Wilhelm Gunter roared, “ ASGARD!!!”

As many of you will have seen Asgard has been chosen as our next alliance. We may not be in the alliance yet but I have full faith that with the drive our government currently has we will soon see this goal recognized. Rylde, who has spearheaded this alliance referendum along with Wilhelm gunter, may be a fighting, drinking, swearing warrior buteven those of you who don’t like him I believe have respect for his abilities, he gets shit done.
After the passive and stagnant state I’ve seen Canada be in over the last couple months this finally feels like a change for the better is in the air. Canada feels more focused, more united. We are ready to move forward, ready to work for a goal and be part of something bigger then our internal bickering. Some might say that this is a foolhardy endeavor but I see it as a challenge.
Yes we may make enemies and wake sleeping giants but we will fight. We will fight and if at first we fail then we will fight again, and again!

They may take our lives, but they can never take our freedom!!!!
hail MDP!
Hail eCanada!
Hail Asgard!



chriswen Day 1,878, 19:58

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,878, 20:06


5440 Day 1,878, 21:29


panzer1990panzer Day 1,879, 23:29


Rylde Day 1,879, 00:19

I half expected you to say i came out wearing a native headress lol

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,879, 04:36

lol not gonna lie i thought about doing something like that, or mentioning how you were our CP from the TeePee

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,879, 08:18

Hail Asgard!

Lol @Rylde.

TheBurningMan Day 1,880, 11:42

Nice, I likes it.

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