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A cross dimensional mindfuck:Game design broken down

Day 1,901, 11:55 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

This article exposes some game design flaws I mentioned in another game I play.

In short the game has a forum and users can contribute their ideas to the forum for the game. After a process the idea can be implemented in the game.

However towards the end I expose what went wrong with this brilliant concept:

2.0. why it dont gel anymore

Mmm so I will just write a short one. Well as to topic I wanted to look at the new game changes.
For a new player there is now a better transition from a facebook game to this game. A person can quickly sit there and toggle a few jobs.
So for a new player its kinda ok if you come from your basic facebook clickers. For an old player I dont really know anymore . With the introduction of allans gun set there is now unlimited job opportunities.
Personally I dont see the "plan" anymore. Usually in the past one would shift labor points towards "fun" jobs like burglary and grave robber. Although grave robber still gives quite good payouts with the 5 min job as standard the net results have been nerfed to shreds. Similarly with burglary. And there is many more jobs that have been nerfed to shreds. Perhaps they should return to a default 2 hour job as option to all jobs and bring the figures and results back to normal for 2 hour jobs.

So is 2.0 bad I really dont know. For me there is now a big difference between payout and what we usually associated with certain jobs for example a job like building palisades dont drop items like in the past. All in all there is a irritation level with the new jobs.

Also 2.0 is not all together there. Its now like a game that lost it identity. I guess someone out there has a few hours a day to find golden and silver jobs. I dont even bother anymore. With many players having massive inventories and lots of money for a lot there is nothing to do but fort fight. Powerful traders will lose the plot as their sitting on the end sign for months.

Ideas, and complexity:

Face it you cant keep a game forever on easy mode. Somewhere you must introduce difficulty. We have the in forum ideas section. Not available though to banned players.

I can think of a lot of ideas that was never even considered that could have tied the game nicely together. In the end badly run forums and over zealous moderating and power forum users has killed to many ideas. Its like a longdrop with the current forum. In any forum there is the "golden" idea that will take the game to a set and steady fun path. However since many "creative" players are snubbed out I'm afraid its like a diamond dropped in a longdrop. We all know its there but nobody is going to bother to bring it to the fore. Moderators 1 - Users of the game 0.



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,901, 13:38


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,901, 16:36

v, but what is allans gun set?

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,902, 05:50

its part of the game the west that is hosted by innogames a german game design company . full title is allan quartermains gun and dress set. join world 1. i will ask moderators to allow this since i have promoted eRep in that game as well and since its not that big of a promotion.

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