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A Cold Reality

Day 1,310, 17:56 Published in USA USA by Bradley Reala

A lot of soldiers have recently asked me, why are we losing? Why are we getting so thoroughly beaten that we can’t even win a minibattle? The sad truth is that the answer is not that there’s some master plan. It’s not that we’re doing anything wrong. The current eUS Government and the people who are working to fix these messes are doing everything possible, and they deserve all our respect for doing what needs to be done. Sure there are some blowhards out there that think they could do a better job, but the reality is that we’re in no position to win. We're getting trounced because over the past six months our government has pissed off every ally we have, and made no qualms about being complete turncoats in many cases. We are now left with almost no allied support at all. Those 26 MPPs don't do us ANY good if those 26 countries refuse to fight for us, and many do.

Unfortunately the problem runs even deeper than that. You see, we're not the only country getting bent over and screwed silly. Every single one of our allies is too. Terra/EDEN have been horrible with communication, while ONE has been excellent. This is, as I told our government months ago and was subsequently ignored on for months on end, because it's easy to coordinate 5 big countries rather than 20+ little ones. Unfortunately, even as we are FINALLY making some strides toward better communication, due to the above our allies still aren't giving us the aid we need.

So here are the cold hard facts: We're no match for ONE. We wouldn't be unless all of our allies finally got it together and started working as a team. Unfortunately, even then, we fall short of ONE's damage doing ability, but we would have a better chance once that occurred.

The sad reality is that we brought this on ourselves. Our government believed itself to be invincible and did whatever it wanted. Now we're dealing with the consequences, just like in WWIII.

How do we fix it? The fact is that up until three days ago there was no strategy whatsoever. There was actually talk of getting wiped and just starting over. Thankfully President Glove has shown a more resilient attitude, and has been listening to strategy. We are attempting to stage a counter offensive, but the reality is that we may be falling into stalling tactics, because we are so badly outgunned.

I'd like to end this by saying that we can win this invasion, but I'd be lying to you all if I said that. The fact is that no matter what we do, our damage falls well short of ONE's, even when EDEN and Terra are working in direct coordination. On top of that, EDEN and Terra are attempting to merge now, and create a new alliance. While I'm very happy that this is finally happening, the measured damage is still far below what is necessary to defeat ONE. I hope that our allies will begin coming to our aid. I hope that Glove continues to take my advice and put up a resistance against our invaders. I hope that we find a way to turn this all around. The reality is bleak, and there is no guarantee of victory.

That said:

Whether we win or lose, we will go down fighting. Our enemies will pry this land from my cold dead hands. I will not stand by to watch us lose. The past few days have been inspiring, and though I still feel resistance, the eUS Government is moving in the right direction. I'm not going to stop pushing either. I'll drag this country to the battlefields, kicking and screaming if I have to.

It's about time someone did.



Kijiman Day 1,310, 18:05

Nice article. Voted

Kria Erikson
Kria Erikson Day 1,310, 18:12

Voted, and you can count on me to stand behind you on the battlefield for the United States through anything!

Ruthain Day 1,310, 18:13

Well said Brad. We'll not go down easy!

Brent Abernathy
Brent Abernathy Day 1,310, 18:14

The eUSA will rise again!

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,310, 18:14

\o/ epic win

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,310, 18:17

voted... hold the line, boys, hold the line.

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Michael Francis
Michael Francis Day 1,310, 18:20

Voted. Let's start getting our land back!

Morrigan Alexandros
Morrigan Alexandros Day 1,310, 18:33

voted! great article Brad. We need to start giving people more info about our situation. Just like this and Glove's last article did.

People, remember to fight.

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,310, 18:39

"On our own two feet all our foes we will defeat..."

I stand by you General Bradley. We all do. America does.

And we will fight until the bitter end. We will fight through occupation and we will persevere.


Good to have your words sir 😉

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,310, 18:40

Voted, we will come out of this stronger.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,310, 18:41

tooth and nail

seeker1 Day 1,310, 18:42

Voted. Nicely written.

Capn. Gertrude Firepants
Capn. Gertrude Firepants Day 1,310, 18:44

Recipe: take traitors from Eden ..and put them into eUS Military - that will fix our relations in no time ..oh wait, what?!

redbirdusa Day 1,310, 19:06

Very True.

Jason the Great
Jason the Great Day 1,310, 19:33

Good article Custer. I'll be right by your side clinging to our land.

Avruch Day 1,310, 19:41

I can agree with most of that. We've had a lot of problems with diplomacy in the last six months, dating to before the creation of PanAm. In the midst of that, we've done ourselves few favors with the community schism. Some of us have put a lot of effort into resolving those issues, and some haven't. I'd urge anyone in a United States military unit of any kind to speak to their commanding officer to get access to the Joint US Strike Room on IRC, so that we can give fully up to date instructions on where damage is most needed. When alliance unity is fractured because of diplomacy, internal unity is an absolute necessity.

That said, it's simply false to say that "until three days ago there was never a plan." There have been a series of plans, worked out in cooperation with the Supreme Commander of Terra, but as you've noted we have several severe disadvantages right now.

I appreciate that you said the people in the government have been and are doing everything they can. That includes working with our allies to get allied support wherever possible, even to the point of risking a deeper rift with some members nations. We're doing what we can, but our options are limited when we're facing an invasion by many of the strongest nations in eRepublik.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,310, 19:43

Comment deleted

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,310, 19:50

lol Henry, as if you had any idea. There's a reason you're frozen out of the government and I'm signing my name to the DoD Orders.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,310, 20:00

Yea, Glove hopped on your balls in a last ditch effort to finally get you to coordinate damage. Congratulations, you've managed to hold out long enough to get your name included in an article.

As soon as you pull your head out of your ass and realize you're doing a fraction of the damage you could with funding, and finally do something about it, all you are is a guy shouting into the wind, but not actually doing anything.

Devill Day 1,310, 20:11

We will not give up, we will fight to the bitter end!

shiloh13 Day 1,310, 20:18

Good Article

SPC91X Day 1,310, 20:37

good article. good points. i don't often think about how allies factor in battles.

Cstarlight21 Day 1,310, 20:40

We will fight til the bitter end.


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,310, 20:59

way to make friends and influence people, myBad.

maria mercedes
maria mercedes Day 1,310, 21:10

Voted <0

Fitisin Day 1,310, 22:16

07, General Reala

Tooth and nail, brothers and sisters!

snake dr
snake dr Day 1,311, 00:14

o7 United States

Crusadercarl Day 1,311, 00:30

If egos were euros you guys would be kicking ass.

Krikon10 Day 1,311, 01:55

U mad america?

Klemensa Day 1,311, 02:38

Eden+Terra combined do roughly 200 million damage less than One and that's why you are loosing, thank you captain Obvious. And most people wouldn't sacrifice resources to fight in battles that are soo clearly lost instead of going all in their PERSONAL battles, where sides are more equally matched as well.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,311, 03:22

@ Pfeiffer: Whatever gets you through the night, although I am glad to see you're still subscribed. Sometime I'll return the favor. Normally I subscribe to papers that actually have some relevance, but I might make an exception in your case, because you're such an intellectual.

Dishmcds Day 1,311, 07:16

I wouldn't forget that you were a President somewhere around there. Seems most of your troops forgot that already too, although most would know it was a rather unsuccessful term.

Peyton Z
Peyton Z Day 1,311, 07:24


Fitisin Day 1,311, 07:35

Pfeiffer and his ilk care little about the damage output of the eUS Military. They only care about control, and it drives them nuts that we're not grounded under the Congressional boot. He's like a drug dealer pissed that somebody in the neighborhood isn't a customer.

milestailsprower Day 1,311, 08:46

Voted up! Don't die too soon America...

tuxedoo Day 1,311, 09:38

"We're getting trounced because over the past six months our government has pissed off every ally we have"

Oh yes - it's true. I Believe it was hard to say it.
Respect for you.

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,311, 11:47

Voted. Good to hear from you, Hawkeye.

ShadowMJ Day 1,311, 15:36


M1sT3rM4n Day 1,312, 07:12


fpope79 Day 1,312, 10:53

Otra cosa no tendreis,pero las pajas mentales que os haceis los unos a los otros animandoos no os los quita nadie.xD

Duhya Greene
Duhya Greene Day 1,312, 13:19

The end is near >:3

Samuel Seabury
Samuel Seabury Day 1,314, 16:51

I ended up in Canada today after the Canadians "liberated" Alaska. They're running scared, talking about Poland declaring them its next natural enemy. As screwed up as the eUSA elite is - and it is very screwed up - it is nothing in comparison to eCanada, a group of clueless juveniles if every I have seen them. Brad - you were a lot better President than they gave you credit for. You managed to stop the invasion, with a minimum of losses. Not like now.

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