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Day 442, 06:48 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Last week, after more than 18 hours of continuous investigations, the researchers managed to determine the results of the exploit that occurred in the previous weekend. More than 400 citizen and organization accounts and transactions were analyzed during this process.

First of all, the researchers have determined that this weak spot has only been exploited during that week-end. The donation reports that citizens have suggested to be related to this event, including Durruti and several other entities from the New World, have proven to be transactions that weren't related to the recent events. Those transactions have been carefully analyzed in the past and researchers have spent some time in the last days to determine if the actions taken back then have been the correct ones.

After finding out about the first transaction, which was considered to be illegal due to this exploit, the researchers spent the last couple of days analyzing all the data and logs. The results started to show up as the investigation continued and in the end all data was centralized. A large amount of Gold has been removed from entity accounts and all actions, like resistance wars or creating and upgrading companies, that were started with money obtained illegally have been canceled.

The following actions were taken:
- The access to the New World was permanently restricted for all citizens and organizations that used this exploit in order to create Gold (24 citizens/organizations);
- Citizens or organizations that received and spent Gold gained through these actions also received a permanent ban (62 citizens/organizations).

Even though the whole analysis involved a large amount of work from the researchers, the consequences were fast resolved. For this we received a lot of help from the tools that are used for detecting citizens that use unresolved system exploits.

Researchers also wanted to assure all of you that actions against such citizens will be taken in the future as well and they'll do their best in order for your journey in the New World to be as pleasant as you imagine it to be.

Later Edit: Updates regarding the war module will be posted in an Insider article tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support,
The eRepublik Team



srachit Day 442, 06:48

First post!!!!!!!

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 442, 06:48


Ugurrr Day 442, 06:49


Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado Day 442, 06:50

nice, admins ^^

Elvroy Day 442, 06:50


srachit Day 442, 06:50

Great article

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 442, 06:50

when will wars start???

Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Day 442, 06:52


MV-Kb Day 442, 06:52

let's gooooooooooo

Kurapica Day 442, 06:53

what about the war module?

Swifty Day 442, 06:53

Good work, but I'm afaid that is not enough.

Origineel.NL Day 442, 06:53

Can you now fix the problem with my two organizations that are hacked ?

Kurapica Day 442, 06:53

admins you promise a war module on monday, can you give us some update on it?

crc Day 442, 06:54

What about the experience points gained by a avatars bug? When you're planing to fix it?

Zoli Day 442, 06:54

What about the war module?

You should make a wall of shame where we could see all baned players and why they have been banned

Cristi Badea
Cristi Badea Day 442, 06:54

Updates regarding the war module will be posted in an Insider article tomorrow.

jozo13 Day 442, 06:55


MV-Kb Day 442, 06:55

so... wars?

Popelus Day 442, 06:56

first pagexxx

Kurapica Day 442, 06:57

I hope war module will be ready for tomorrow then

Samir Casino
Samir Casino Day 442, 06:57


Dorian Derezic
Dorian Derezic Day 442, 06:59

We need wars!!

Zoli Day 442, 07:00

Why are comments broken into 2 first 20 and all. Now it's just an extra click for each article.

The Rain Factory
The Rain Factory Day 442, 07:01

we want warssssssssss

equilibrium1907 Day 442, 07:02

I want to fight, just start these wars... 😁

Zoli Day 442, 07:02

you should also look the guess president contest. time is up, people are still guessing

Meiko Day 442, 07:03

Thanks for the update! 😁

David Eastcorner
David Eastcorner Day 442, 07:03

Voted, good article admins.

Iluvatar Day 442, 07:03

@Zoli: eager to fight? 🙂

Norris Corp
Norris Corp Day 442, 07:04

That's not entirely true. You did'n ban all the people that exploited the gold bug in that week. There are still some peoplo who admited have exploited this gold bug in the national forums and didn't get banned.

Zoli Day 442, 07:04

Strenght and Honour!

jw Business Intl
jw Business Intl Day 442, 07:05

2 minutes and 42 seconds of research per acco.

Tarahestan Day 442, 07:05


Bolodewo Day 442, 07:07

just want to say good luck & success...

ExoM7 Day 442, 07:07

Can't wait for the war module update.

Itchy trigger finger.

Bunaly Day 442, 07:08

Admin.... why don't you publish a TOP 10 with the top 10 richest persons in erepublik


that would be cool

Erwin Schauman
Erwin Schauman Day 442, 07:08

I do not know if I should believe this or not... I know for a fact that there are still people with hundreds of extra experience points and overgrown strength and skill due to the work/train bug.

That being said, is the admin team preparing to implement a system that allows faster identification of these anomalies, including multiaccounting, so that these kind of problems will not reoccur in the future? Afterall, as exploiting increases, the playability of the game declines.

I would also like you to inform the community about any and all rulechanges you have done BEFORE they are implemented. The thing that is happening in annexed eRussia is just unacceptable, and it is not enough that you tell the public of these changes days later. These hidden deals with selected group of eRe players have to stop.

Kape Day 442, 07:09

"First of all, the researchers have determined that this weak spot has only been exploited during that week-end."

Hmmm, then I guess those who bragged about having used the exploit earlier are just liars.

Once more, implement citizenship and bring back the trade agreements!

Sossu Day 442, 07:12

Numbers are ridiculous.
86 rule-breakers is just the tip of the iceberg.
Also, if you used those 18 hours on investigations on those 400 accounts, you used appromax 2 min 42 secs per account. Thats kinda...low.

Sir Olf
Sir Olf Day 442, 07:13


Cristi Badea
Cristi Badea Day 442, 07:14

@Zoli: "Why are comments broken into 2 first 20 and all. Now it's just an extra click for each article." - It is a measure we had to take in order to optimize the article page. We realize it isn't the best solutions in terms of usability and we'll consider improving the system when the whole media module will be redrawn.

"you should also look the guess president contest. time is up, people are still guessing" - It's closed now, thanks for notifying us. The team member in charge was talking with his girlfriend on the phone when the contest had to be closed 🙂 It's excusable, at least he has a girlfriend 🙂

@Norris Corp: Please feel free to send this claim via the contact form with the name of these users you talk about. But I can say for sure that a lot of working hours was invested in solving this issues and the error percent is down to a minimum level.

softwynd Day 442, 07:15

@Cristi Badea"Updates regarding the war module will be posted in an Insider article tomorrow. "
Which tommorow?

Don Toto Galego
Don Toto Galego Day 442, 07:15

oooh my gosh, thanx for tha info

Collinar Day 442, 07:15


crc Day 442, 07:17

Cristi, could u answer when ur planning to delete the experience gained by avatars bug?

zfarhad2000 Day 442, 07:18


miladmzz Day 442, 07:20


Alby Day 442, 07:21

Lets see how many citizens show up with the tagline of "Permanently Banned" and we can piece together the 80 or so players who committed these crimes.

Misho Day 442, 07:21

I really hope that this isn't just the tip of the iceberg as stated above.

Hope you have washed away near 100 per cent of it.

Cristi Badea
Cristi Badea Day 442, 07:26

@Bunaly: Could be cool if we consider this top not by their actual Gold accounts, maybe by an estimate wealth (company shares, company)

@Erwin: This report is only about the Gold glitch aka "Hunting down the alchemists". The other ones that you are talking about is still under investigation. Also, as an answer to your question, the team already have several revolutionary tools that help us on a daily base to find citizens that don't play by the rules (either multi accounts or "hackers") and these tools, just like the whole eRepublik project, is still under a process of being improved often.

@kape: It's in human nature to brag about cheating the system. "Once more, implement citizenship and bring back the trade agreements!" - Voted 🙂

@Sossu & jw Business Intl: Admin should have been more specific. Three team members worked for 2 and a half days (18 hours each) to track down all the harm that was brought to the New World. And take for granted the fact that we would have invested more time if the results were not the ones expected.

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