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A Case for Upgrading Your TC

Day 1,618, 11:34 Published in USA Canada by Chamrajnagar

This article does not intend to discuss the macro-economic ramifications of this new feature, merely the personal benefits.

As I'm sure you're well aware, you receive a Super Soldier medal every 250 strength. Along with said medal (as with all medals) you receive a 5g reward. This effectively makes each strength point worth 250/5 = 0.02g

Note:These calculations neglect the "bonus" strength/day from working+training in the time to get a SS medal, as these are merely meant as a comparison between different qualities. Thus time to recoup is overestimated.

Let's look at some common scenarios:

The new player
Likely has q1 Training Grounds, does not gold train.

As you can see, it is extremely beneficial to upgrade your Training Grounds, since they're free to use anyways. After 112 (or 196) days, you will essentially be making an extra 0.1g (0.2g) per day as well as having gained an additional 560 (1120) strength in that time period!

The older player
Likely has q2 Training Grounds, and q2 Climbing Center, and spends 0.19g on training/day (price neglected in calculations, as the player is spending it anyways)

Older players have it the worst at the q2->q3 upgrade level. It would take over a year to recoup the costs of the upgrade (mainly because of the low rate-of-return on the Climbing Center), but in that time, you would have at least gained an additional 2800 strength than you otherwise would have.

The gold beast
Has q2 Training Grounds, Climbing Center, Shooting Range, and Special Forces Center and spends 3.47g on training/day (price neglected in calculations, as the player is spending it anyways)

Gold beasts will have undoubtedly got the upgrades without hesitation anyways, as they can't afford to be surpassed in strength (and whats a measly 112g anyways? 😛) However, their investment will be repaid in 249 days, resulting in an extra 5602 strength in that time frame

For a brief glimpse at all the cost recoup times, here's a simple chart

If you want any other combination, please just ask in the comments.



Rylde Day 1,618, 11:51

You'll never make back enough gold before a new upgrade comes out lol

Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Day 1,618, 12:00

It's a sh*tfest, really.

vl125 Day 1,618, 12:03

As Q4 / Q5 / Q6
dmg booster Q2 / Q3 / Q4 / Q5 / Q6
and so on...

Isso1980 Day 1,618, 12:04

yeah money grab..sigh...can't really compete with older players either, because they already have a huge economic base set up. Right now that's even more apperant thanks to the recent economic downturn in prices 🙁

Goran Thrax
Goran Thrax Day 1,618, 12:09

Well the divide between those who buy gold, and those who don't was slowly growing wider... So naturally what we need is something that only accelerates the separation.

A super soldier medal every 4 days... sickening.

Goran Thrax

Chicago Machine
Chicago Machine Day 1,618, 13:35

Actually, strength means nothing in this game anymore since you are ALWAYS pitted against opponents with similar strength. Therefore the only reason you invest in Q2-Q3 is the long-term goal of earning 2 Gold in the first 300 days which equate to only 0.00667 Gold/day. Who here really thinks they are going to be playing the game this long to see a real return on their dollar.? The ONLY reason to do this is to earn Medals faster.

Plugson Day 1,618, 15:09

Well this is encouraging. I am feeling more compelled each day to become a Goldbeast. The rewards keep increasing. Why shouldn't I?

oh right

Diminishing returns, inflation of strength, non-stop game updates, and the realization stats won't matter when more people quit the game ~ "King of the Lonely Sandcastle!"

screamingslave Day 1,619, 15:15

this game will be so empty when only the gold beasts are left. but on the good side congress seats will be easy.

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