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A Brief Word from the MoFA

Day 688, 13:30 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Good Evening eIreland, I hope I find you well!

This is just a brief article, expect a healthier version sometime soon. Only two things on the agenda right now, however.

1. Ambassadors, as President Patton has said, ambassadors are of paramount importance and I would urge you to apply. I'm sure around half the populace have been plagued with my attempts to lure them into diplomacy, if the other half would be kind enough to apply we may have a full contingent for the first time in my memory. Currently, we have around 17 open places. I would urge you to apply, take a small amount of your time to assist in such a large way. Once you have PMed this Organisation, or my personal account, with an expression of interest, and we have pin-pointed a country, I will be sending out a pack to assist you in your duties.

2. We need a Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, please apply, with why you feel you should get the job and what you could bring to the department. All messages to the Irish Foreign Ministry Org.

I would also like to wish Tarazis all the best in his personal life, and hope he comes back as soon as he can!

Until Next Time,

Darragh O Faolain TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs



LordoIrish Day 688, 13:35

Voted !! 😃

Bradums Day 688, 13:36

You already snagged me, Darragh 😛

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 688, 13:51

We will be the best liked most respected country in the eworld soon enough : )

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 688, 14:54

Well ive already got 60 + votes on my article in Finland 😉

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 688, 15:00

Is there any specifics aims the FA ministry hope to achieve this month?
I wouldnt spend too much valuable time searching for ambassadors either...there are simply too many places to fill for a small country like ourselves.
Perhaps the 10 most important countries to ireland in the eworld, and 1 other picked at random every month. That would be 11. A more realistic amount.

Darragh O Faolain
Darragh O Faolain Day 688, 15:15

Aims, yes, we hope to get the NAPs up and running again, and there is some valuable contributions coming from the private dail on things we could do. We will be messaging and speaking with Presidents and MoFAs around the world, to build up our reputation and standing abroad. People are also speaking about the alliances, and wishing to enter/form one, so the President and the FA dept. will be exploring that too.

As for your point on ambassadors, there are 56 countries in the e-Ireland that would be considered to need an ambassador. All but 14 of these have been filled already, since yesterday. All that was ever needed was a personalised drive by the Minister, which was sorely lacking. Spending some time on this, will hopefully be worthwhile in the long-term.

As I said, there will be a longer article later on.

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 688, 15:22

Sounds good to me. 🙂
When did the NAPs expire??
Well done, great start.

Darragh O Faolain
Darragh O Faolain Day 688, 15:27

The NAPs expired the week before last, and an effort to renew them was launched within the seven days named in the Pact.

Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 688, 15:41

Ok. Very good cheers. 🙂

patton Day 688, 17:03


Sign up to be an ambassador and sign up in the IDF !

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 688, 17:59

Darragh this is wonderful. I wish I could have helped this time around, but when we have our Baby Boom my arms are going to be full of baby noobs! lol

Keep up the good work. 🙂

sheepyhair Day 690, 11:33

What would this ambassadors role include?

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