Manitoba aftermath

Day 702, 09:36 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

After a pretty long sleep, yesterday the God of War unleashed his fury upon the eRepublik world. More precisely, upon the Canadian regions of Manitoba and Nunavut. It's been a while since Canada was erased from the map, and the US only held two of their original regions. The US managed to stay on the map, and the long war for reclaiming their homeland began. And by “long” there is no exaggeration, given the fact that 100 days have passed (that is 12 years in RL time measurement) since the start of the North-American wars.

In the past weeks, many citizens asked for a truly epic battle. The lack of such battles gave birth to countless funny articles in which Romanians and Hungarians invited each others to “push the button,” to bring back the joy on eRepublik battlefields. Well, neither the Romanian, nor the Hungarian President did it. But Canada together with the US pushed the button yesterday, in a simultaneously attack over Nunavut and Manitoba.

It was clear from the beginning that these were going to be big battles. Hungary was alone against Canada in Nunavut, and against the US in Manitoba. “Alone” should be understood as “without MPPs activated.” But one of the most impressive aspect of these battles is the huge number of soldiers that moved from all over the world to take part. Mainly “big guns,” but also many smaller soldiers sacrificed themselves for the sake of their alliance. The hard job for Hungary was to guess in which of the two battles to concentrate most of their efforts, in the final moments. Probably that's why they fought all day in such a way that when the final hour arrived both walls stayed pretty equal(3-400k secured). The harder job for Hungarians and their allies was to bring up the Manitoba wall from -600k to +400k, but they did it.

And so arrived the last 30 minutes. As usual when we talk about epic battles, big guns from all over the world rushed towards what was to become a genuine blood bath, in Manitoba. An incredible amount of fights per second was inflicted, as between three refreshes the wall jumped from 170k to 210k then back to 180k, this in a matter of just tens of seconds. The tension was growing. Then, in the last 4 minutes of the battle, the wall started to spiral down unstoppable, the allied forces of Eden/Brolliance (one of the two major alliances of eRepublik) proving to be more powerful. The manner of winning this battle, blasting away a 400.000 points wall in just 15 minutes, in spite of huge resistance, is indeed very impressive. But this does not lower the dignity and honor of PEACE forces. The flood of “epic fail, losers” articles does not honor the winners, as the opponents should always be shown respect, who knows what will happen in the next battle...

Now let us see some stats, which are really huge, especially if we consider the lack of MPPs:


- Total Damage: 8,714,666
- Fighting Soldiers: 13,610
- Total Fights: 99,529


- Total Damage: 899,400
- Fighting Soldiers: 2,655
- Total Fights: 14,334

We would like to congratulate all soldiers for providing us with such memorable moments.

The eRepublik Team