Re-elect the Queen of Queensland

Day 701, 23:36 Published in Australia Australia by Crazy Quilt Lady

G'day fellow Queenslanders! Election time rolls around again so soon, and I want to continue to represent you in the Senate. I want to thank you all who voted for me in last month's election. Your support has helped me to continue to gather the confidence of my fellow Senators. This month I was honored to be nominated by H.Nelson to be his Minister of Cultural Affairs. And although he didn't stand much chance of winning his bid to be Prime Minister, I was personnally touched to get that first vote of confidence from a fellow Senator. I am hopeful that in the future I will gain the confidence of my fellow Senators to be nominated for another such Cabinet post.

Following in the wake of the Presidential Campaign I have done much soul searching on which Political Party to support. I am currently an Australian Independent, which is like saying I don't belong to a real party. I tend to be a moderate, but Moderate Conservative or Moderate Liberal is something I haven't remained steady on. For me it has been a choice between joining the True Blue Party, and the Australian Democratic-Socialist Party. In the end I have decided to stay true to my Independent nature, but publicly announce that I am friend to both the TBP and the ADSP.

And now on to qualifications...
* 2 TIme Active Senator from QL
* 8 Months of Managing Companies in eAus
* Member of the Australian Business Association

What I intend to do as Senator...
* I want to work with the Minister of Cultural Affairs to create more contests for Australians to participate in.
* I will work with my fellow Senators to defuse arguements so that proceedings do not get bogged down in partisan bickering while encouraging members of all parties to work together.
* I want to balance the budget, or at least get it as balanced as it can get without cutting funding for the military and for Centerlink/AusEaid. Meaning I want to reduce the amount of AUD printed by the government, thus slowing the progression of inflation.
* I want to get our economy balanced so that Company Owners in all fields of our economy can make a modest profit.
* I want to improve our economic ties to our Sol allies by importing more Iron, Wood, and Oil while exporting our Grain and Diamonds.
* I want to help our Sol allies to grow by helping them improve their economies, their player base, and their military strength.
* I want eAustralia to make gestures of friendship toward EDEN/FORTIS so that we may eventually call them friend, and count on their support in a war. This means then that eAustralia must first help them by lending them the use of the Dropbears and ACUK.
* I want to continue our hospitable relations with PEACE, even strengthen our relations with Russia.

What I won't do as Senator...
* I do not waste my Proposals on LoLs, meaning I don't make in-game proposals that won't pass just so that Senators will have something to vote on to gain extra experience points.
* I do not waste my Citizenship Passes, meaning I wait until the end of my term to accept only those applying for Australian Citizenship who have been checked and re-checked by the Ministry of Immigration.
* I will keep our government from rushing into any rash decisions.
* I will not allow war with Indonesia start while we are unprepared.

So please vote for me for Senate. Let CQL not just stand for Crazy Quilt Lady but for Congresswoman for QueensLand. And ignore that hand behind my back.