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Day 696, 10:39 Published in Ireland Ireland by AppleMan

Ministry of Finance Month End Summary

The August presidential term was an interesting one. We had a system tax change that gave us both a revenue boost and a heated Dail debate. We also had some Admin missions that helped boost the economy.

Here is the daily tax revenue for the month
(Including July for reference/dramatic effect)

Note: Some of those big spikes were caused by the admin missions.

And the Tax Account balance looks like this:

You can see here for information about how our current tax levels were established.

In August the monetary market sucked. For months the currency value has floated around 220-235 (10-17% profit) but this month it dipped down to 209 (4.5% profit) and has been slow to recover. Many of you may not care about this much but it results in difficult gold fishing, which is where we make much of our Army funding. That being said my deputies and I are pushing hard to reach our investment goals. The influx of admin gold from the SHIELD competition certainly helped.

Here's that currency value chart:

A large part of the Finance Ministry's funding goes to fund the Irish Army. Through investments and your donations we have been able to fund our soldiers well and keep our forces strong and growing.

We supplied over 31,000cc to the Irish Army this month, most of which was used to turn hard work by our commune members into weapons.

My Team and I expect another productive month and look forward to working with our new CP to keep Ireland strong.

Thanks for your time,

Minister of Finance