Running for congress representing Northern Territory

Day 696, 06:05 Published in Australia Australia by jimmie32

I'm announcing that I'm running for congress in Northern Territory this month.
Like I said in my "Hello Australia" article when I came here, I am going to run for congress. Here is my presentation. Short and sweet one.

My Goals:
Improving relations with EDEN - not much to say here. I was a freedom fighter living in the USA during this war until a few days ago, so of course that I still support it. I'm not switching sides.
Helping the new players - although I can't do it directly, I believe that government-funded "Food/Gifts for newbies" programs can and must stay. If we don't make new players to have a good start, they will end up by giving up and leaving the game.

What I am not going to do:
Lower taxes significantly - I sometimes will agree with little changes, but I believe that current taxes are, really, they are low enough. Compare it to other countries.
Get Western Australia back - There are so many reasons for me to be against it. Although its a very resource-rich region, PEACE is just using it as a tool. Lets see. We have to buy all the companies. PEACE will risk tons of gold to buy their companies and sell them to us for damn high prices. Making it impossible. Also, if we have to get it back buying companies, damn no. The current companies aren't giving the profit that they deserve, there's lack of labour, if we add another thousand companies into that list we are going to be crushed to death.

What I am also going to do:
Voting Records - Every 1, 2 days I am going to write an article with voting records, and you are, of course, free(dom) to comment in it, telling me if I did it right or not.

What I am also not going to do:
Ending my term before time - Oh no, that's not. Definitely. Even if I have real life issues, I wouldn't get myself out of congress due to that. I will of course tell you and atleast post mini-voting records, it might get slower, but it will always move.

So... vote for me!
I don't see a reason why not. I will provide moving tickets if you need to move to NT to vote. I will be posting an article about it later on, maybe a day before election day.

Thanks for reading: Remember to vote on the 25th!