Italian Peace and Updates

Day 693, 18:23 Published in Austria Austria by Rangeley

There are currently 3 proposals up for a vote. They are as follows.

Italian Peace Proposal

I have proposed an end to the "state of war" with Italy. This state of war, like the one with Hungary that was recently closed, is a vestigial trait of the time period where Italy held Austrian lands in the immediate aftermath of the successful resistance wars against German held Austria. Just like with Hungary, these lands have been returned, but the war remains open. As noted some days ago, Italian President Napoleone was supportive of closing this war, as our two nations are both friends and allies. Making a state of peace would allow for both of our economies to grow, opening them up to one another and ending the embargo. I highly recommend people vote in favor of this peace proposal.

Money Issue Proposal

The Ministry of Finance, under the lead of Dishmcds, has been working since the beginning of this term to provide stability in the marketplace after a relatively tumultuous period last month, when the currency was pushed towards rapid valuation. However, there has not been enough money in the bank to meet all the benchmarks we have set. For this reason, rjeddings proposed that 15,000 ATS be issued for 75 gold. This expenditure of 75 gold comes from the money (93.06 gold) raised this week, and is the first expenditure made from the Central Bank. As such, it will leave us in "net gain" territory. I recommend congress vote in favor of this proposal.

New Citizen Message

A vote is currently ongoing to put in place a new citizen message - the first in eAustrian history to contain a welcome in the German language, in addition to one in English. I would like to thank everyone who helped put this message together, and participated in the discussion. I also recommend that anyone who has not yet voted on this, vote in favor of it.

There are several additional policy announcements.

Economic Council

In addition to the Minister of Finance, there is now an "Economic Council," consisting of people who will help contribute ideas, and plans, to the Ministry of Finance. Robert Knotsworth and rjeddings are current members of the council, and Elesias has been invited onto it. The council has already contributed towards Austrian economic policy, with suggestions about the ATS, and how other ministries could be run more efficiently, including the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health

Along with the Minister of Health, RexLudi, three Assistant Ministers of Health have been selected to aid in the goal of providing gifts, and moving tickets to needy Austrians. These are Marie Von Gablitz, Stancel, and Arthur Reynolds. While Stancel worked to redesign and simplify the posting style of the Red Cross, Marie Von Gablitz is working on new ways to fundraise for the organization. This is associated with the aforementioned plan by the economic council, and would enable the organization to be less dependent on government funding - perhaps even operating completely on donations alone.

Recent Government Postings of Note

I recommend people check out the current orders from the Ministry of Defense, which relate to the ongoing wargames with PEACE GC. There is also the new posting from the Ministry of Health, and the update from the Ministry of Finance on week one of this term.

On the Agenda

I know some people have been wondering about the current state of the Constitution. There was some initial lack of clarity as to where it was in the process, but this has since been cleared up. It's recieved approval from the then current MoJ Lynari, congressional approval, and also Presidential approval from me. The only step remaining is approval by the Austrian people, which will entail a public reposting soon.

In the realm of peacemaking, after we successfully closed the state of war with Hungary, it came to my attention that there were actually two open states of war with Hungary, and thus, one remains open. I contacted the Hungarian government, and expressed my desire to see the remaining war closed as well. I'm hopeful that they will be supportive of our desire, and will have updates soon about the status of this effort.