Security vulnerability patched

Day 693, 06:54 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Yesterday a security vulnerability was discovered and exploited for a short while, before our engineers could fix it. By opening articles containing -comments, some citizens got their GOLD stolen and sent to some specific accounts.

The first measure was to "lock" the accounts receiving the GOLD, in order to prevent its spread across the world. Then, in a matter of hours we fixed the vulnerability to prevent this from ever happening again.

Our investigation concluded that the following target-accounts receiving GOLD had nothing to do with the exploit: Emerick, borges16, UncleDed, Karolina Jesieniecka and MoredanKantose.

All other accounts involved in the exploit are permanently suspended, including some high-ranked citizens.

Thanks for your reports which helped us with this issue. Our team of engineers extracted the full list of affected accounts and reversed the transactions, so now everybody should have their GOLD back. In case you GOLD is still missing, please submit a ticket to Report a Bug department.

The eRepublik Team