eRepublik available in four more languages[UPDATED]

Day 686, 04:21 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

One of our biggest wish is to offer eRepublik experience in as many languages as possible, and we constantly work for this achievement. As some of you might have noticed, starting a couple of days ago eRepublik is available in several new languages. On the upper right part of the eRepublik log-in page you can choose between four new versions: German, French, Portuguese and Russian. If we add English and Spanish, currently eRepublik is available in six languages.

The new languages come with their own admin, as follows:

admin DE - for German version ;

admin FR - for French version ;

admin PT - for Portuguese version ;

admin RU - for Russian version .

Each of them has a newspaper, where translated versions of the official eRepublik Insider articles will be published. For this reason we strongly encourage citizens to subscribe to their local admin newspaper in order to keep in touch with eRepublik world news and events.

We would be glad to listen to your feedback, so please feel free to send us a ticket through Contact Page, to the new department “ Feedback on Language Versions ”. Also, if you encounter any problem using any of the new language versions, please let us know.

We could not have achieved this without the hard work of some truly eRepublik passionate citizens, that helped us with all these translations:

PT - Cavalcanti,Henrique G, Artiga, Raikael , Acoutinho, Arthk;
RU - Edward Edison, Adin_Odmin, Eugene Rozov, Rodmis-73, Karolina Jesieniecka;
FR - marcchelala, Papa Frantz, Eldorino, Colansi, Christian Doe ;
DE - Chicco, Starkad Rorlikson, Franz Sigel, Isy, Markus Scierski, Herr Schmidt, Lucius Varenus.

All of them are now eRepublik Ambassadors and should soon receive the honors and rewards.

We hope you'll enjoy the new versions available, and that your eRepublik experience will increase. Of course, we'll keep adding more and more language versions, so stay tuned !

The eRepublik Team

Reminder: We would like to remind you that today, day 687of the New World, eRepublik server will be taken offline starting 02.00 AM (eRepublik time) for about four hours, due to scheduled maintenance.