Presidential address and cabinet announcement

Day 686, 01:36 Published in South Africa South Africa by Steven Bosch

Dear citizens

I am humbled to take my second term in office. One, that I assure you will be my last.
A 72% of the votes were in favor of my presidency - and I take that as a mandate to continue in the path from the past.

One thing I'd like to mention is that there will be a cabinet reshuffle (as promised) and I'll make that public later today. I believe that the government should be more visible and will in this term expect more public reporting from the various ministries and departments.

Here is my cabinet:
Please confirm if you accept the position offered to you.

<strong>October Cabinet of eSouth Africa
President: Steven Bosch (Representative to Sol)
Vice President and Chief of Staff: Luc Praetor (Advisory Representative to Sol)
(Luc will follow up on cabinet activities and organize the reporting system - once weekly on a Monday)

Presidential caucus: Ines Schumacher, Jizzie McGuire, ERDwurm
(This is a group of older players who will serve as the president's advisory board.)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Oceanus (Advisory Representative to Sol)
Minister of Liberation negotiations: Ines Schumacher

Minister of Information: Philip Francis Exavier Esquire

Minister of Finance: Enoch Root (Advisory Representative to Sol)
Head of RBSA
(This position is done on nomination basis - and I have nominated Enoch Root - congress are voting on it).
Director of Government Companies: OvidiusZa

Minister of Social Affairs and Trade: Frank Furglar
(Frank will also run the eSAHC)
Mentorship Director: Stormclouds
Director of Lotteries: Greyhunter
(New department that will hold a lottery and raffles - first one being a Q2 house donated by Amun Nefer - thank you Amun)

Head of the South African Armed Forces: Ali Mentary

Minister of Intelligence: zamrg
Director of Immigration: Guss1972

These are the people in cabinet, but I also encourage people to contact myself or the cabinet and become involved. If you want to run for president, or you want to help the country, you're going to need to help and serve in the departments and ministries mentioned above.

Congressional speaker (In RL SA we call it a parliament):
Nominations need to be done for the congressional speaker. Any candidates may be nominated for speaker even if they are not currently members of congress.
After a 24 hour nomination period, congress and the president will vote for the speaker on the forum.
The speaker will implement the congressional reform.

Lastly, I think it is time that in this term some actual presidential candidates step up. This is my challenge to you: Work at getting a public image, figure out what's going on in the country. Come up with viable ideas. Build the country and the people will vote for you.
I'd really like to see a vibrant election next month.

Thank you to every supporter - lets make eSA work!


<strong>Steven Bosch
eSA president</strong>