[EDEN] Bosnia joins EDEN, the conflict grows.

Day 683, 11:42 Published in Croatia Romania by Mistwalker

Good evening to everyone 🙂

To prevent inbox spamming I will only post this in one country and ask you all to give it your best to make this known to everyone. So please vote and shout this article to all your friends.

Before I begin I would first like to announce that I will be stepping down from all my positions both in EDEN and in the Romanian gov. It's been a great summer and I had lots of fun doing the things I did but it's time for me to take another vacation ( I'm nearing 1 year of eLife, yaay ) and let new, younger people step up and carry the torch on the road to the future.

As this is my last article as EDEN spokesman I would ask you to subscribe to the new EDEN newspaper, here

We don't really have a HQ like PEACE does in Jakarta so the Brotherhood org will just move around from place to place , and act like a forward command post, always located on the front lines of the battlefield like it's supposed to be, right now it's in Lapland waiting for the Northern War to pick up again 🙂

But enough of this, let's get down to my little announcements for today.

1. Bosnia and Hertzegovina joins EDEN

That's right, our brothers in BiH that have long since desired to fight beside their former allies in Atlantis and have already done so on numerous ocassions. After bravely fighting shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the Allied Forces to defend USA against the invasions from Russia and Indonesia as well as citizens of Bosnia taking part in battles and military campaigns across the globe and a failed attempt by Serbia to PTO them on the congress elections of September 2009, the Bosnian congress as well as their people took a vote and here we are 🙂

Please join me in welcoming eBiH into the Brotherhood. The announcement article of president bekitare can be found here, please vote and leave a comment.

Your help so far has been invaluable and you have justly earned the right to be in the Brotherhood.

Hail EDEN ! Hail eBiH !

2. Norway. Training wars and Poland

With today's final move in Operation Failhalla (some might remember the PEACE version : Valhalla) Norway's sovereignty has been secured by EDEN. PEACE nations Russia and UK taking advantage of the Norvegian people's sacrifice in WW 3 for the USA made a break for Norway's high oil region of Vestlandet.

Sadly the only way to close the war between Norway and Russia (9 MPP's) was to conquer Norway before it would be completely isolated by Russia and be made a permanent slave country. This was done by Finland who has already started releasing its regions back to the original owner. Trondelag was just the first of the rest to come.

Before I go any further I would like to state under the request of the Slovakian government that the Training War between them and Czech Republic in which a lot of EDEN countries are taking part does BY NO MEANS MAKE THEM PARTISANS OF EDEN OR BREAKS THEIR NEUTRALITY AGREEMENTS WITH THEIR NEIGHBOURS. We thank the Slovakian people for their help in training our citizens and respect their wishes as we would respect those of a fellow Brotherhood Member.

And speaking of Training Wars ... one of them is about to go bad for You Know Who. PEACE has been conducting Training Wars with Lithuania and Latvia for some time now... as it goes it seems that in all this time they forgot to sign some MPPs and Poland is quickly moving to disrupt these wars.

Tomorrow PEACE will find itself in a bit of a bind, Lithuania will only have MPP's with China and France for the initial assault and while other PEACE countries are moving in to sign MPP's to protect their ally it will cause a nice little panic and chaos moment, anyone with an understanding of game mechanics should at least give a little smile for this smart move from Poland.

I can only wonder what the rest of us will be doing... 😉

Well this is about it everyone, it's been nice writing to you all and I'll miss this for sure. Thank you for reading and have a pleasurable weekend.

Hail EDEN !

Mistwalker - EDEN spokesman

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