PODCAST: A Portrait of Ajay

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Ajay Bruno. Need I say more? Just the mention of the name, and you know exactly who I am talking about. His name stirs up a whole hornet's nest of feelings; some of disgust of his persistent bitching about politics, some of complete sickness from his racist views, some of ridicule from his completely illogical claims, and others of just sheer annoyance that someone like this is even permitted to thrive in the world of E-republik, or even in the real world. If there was such a thing as a Darwin Award, this guy would hands down win for political suicide.

Last Friday, we had Congressional Elections in E-Republik. These elections were not without their events. I happened to call into Ajay's show that night, but not before the conspiracies took over. Who charged Ajay with breaking the rules? What political party is Ajay going to be taking over next? How does the insanity end? Download the podcast and find out!

WARNING: Contains some crude language, suggestive rhetoric, and extreme right-wing views

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