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Day 671, 17:08 Published in Australia Australia by Crazy Quilt Lady
I am an active member of the Australian business community having run multiple companies since January. I have been an Australian citizen since the time zaney was Prime Minister. This makes me one of the remaining old guard of Australia. If I had gotten into politics then, I might be running for Prime Minister now. I have always held the belief that business and politics should never mix. Now I am running for a second term in the Senate because someone needs to be the voice of sensibility to prevent rash decisions, or decisions based on political rhetoric.

What did I accomplish in my first term?
Honestly? Very little. The first term of any Senator is spent learning the way Parliment works, and earning the respect of fellow Senators by taking part in debates. I believe I have done that. I have supported improved funding for the Australian military, and advocated further increases in our military strength.

My largest accomplishments have come outside of the Senate Chambers. As a respected businesswoman I have coached new General Managers. I made the suggestions that Oil Companies should be started in eMalaysia and eChina for export to eAustralia. Thanks to my influence, Australia is no longer dependant upon Indonesian Oil.

What would I do if re-elected?
As I have said before, I will push for further increases in our military strength. The size of the Dropbears and ACUK need to be increased by 50%. This would be in keeping with Australia's growing population of experienced players.

In the past month the population of Queensland has swelled an amazing 150%! In my first term I wanted to create a Gifting Partnership for Queensland. But now with over 250 people living there, I believe Queensland needs more than this "grassroots" style of healthcare. Australia has a Q5 Hospital built and ready to be deployed. I promise to push to have it deployed to Queensland where it will benefit the most people not already covered by basic healthcare.

What is my opinion of Operation Two-Fold Bay?
The timing of this proposition is just horrible! Australia needs to first get its military fully reorganized and expanded. Our Command & Control ability must be tested first in a real battle front before we risk fighting a war on our own soil. The Japan-Korean Resistance Wars have proven that we don't have enough commanders.

I have long held the belief that eAustralia does not need Western Australia. It is a poisoned apple. It contains some 2-300 Indonesian-owned companies. Australia doesn't have nowhere near enough citizens to work these companies. What's more, if forced to interact with our economy, those Indonesian General Managers will do everything in their power to cause havok. The appeal of Western Australia is that it has more natural resources than any one region in the world. But these are not resources that eAustralia needs. We already have rich Grain and Diamond regions. We already have medium Iron resources. What it has that we lack is Oil. But it only medium Oil. Australia is now getting Oil from Malaysia and China thanks to my influence. An Oil Company located in a medium region will not be able to compete against these imports coming from Oil-rich countries.

Taking Western Australia by force makes me fear for the security of eAustralia. By violating our contract with Indonesia, we not only make ourselves appear untrustworthy, but we give the Indonesians the moral high ground to justify a counterattack and subsequent total conquest of Australia. There is also the danger of eBrazil with its holdings in South Africa. Western Australia boarders Indonesia's South African holdings. The Brazilians and Indonesians could do a region swap giving eBrazil a boarder with us. Even if Indonesia magnanimously lets us have Western Australia back, we have no agreement with eBrazil that they won't try to take it from us.

My positions on the world alliances
Sol -
Needless to say, I fully support Australia's membership in Sol. These are the countries we can really count on to come to our defense. As a key member of the Sol Alliance, we need to do everything in our power to help strengthen our allies: economically and by helping them produce a baby boom.

PEACE - I believe we should maintain our healthy fear of PEACE. PEACE may have been driven out of North America, but I believe this was by design. They proved that their alliance can beat the EDEN/FORTIS alliance. There was no reason to stay on American soil, especially not amid accusations that PEACE is no longer a defensive alliance, but an imperialistic one like the extinct ATLANTIS organization that PEACE was created to oppose. Nor should we join PEACE. Our grievences with eIndonesia go long and deep. It would be an insult to the memory of past Australians to completely embrace Indonesia as our friend. They are still the big bully on the block and though it is smart not to anger the bully, nor should one join him in his bullying.

FORTIS - While it is true that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend.", the converse is also true. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. FORTIS primarily exists to support eUSA. It is kind of like ATLANTIS reborn from the ashes. They are Indonesia's enemy. By making friendly with eUSA and FORTIS, we would anger our larger, more powerful neighbor. It is still too soon to make an enemy of Indonesia.

EDEN - Trust is not given, it is earned. I believe EDEN primarily exists to keep the imperialistic ambitions of eHungary in check. As long as we keep on eIndonesia's good side, we can annoy eHungary all we want. Being tucked into our own corner of the world, we can't do this directly. But there are so many European nations that eHungary has set its greedy eye on such as eCroatia. I believe it is time for us to once again have a presence in Europe. Dropbears were there before to help eGermany liberate itself. Now I believe they should go there again. By helping a European nation defend itself in a drawn out military campaign, we will give our Command & Control abilities the test it needs to see if we are ready to fight a real war. In return, we will earn the respect of EDEN. And then when we decide to go to war with eIndonesia, we will know that EDEN will honor the MPPs they will make with us.

So Vote CQL,
Crazy Quilt Lady
Congresswoman from QueensLand