Operation Twofold Bay

Day 668, 07:17 Published in Australia Australia by Cottus Arci
Operation Twofold Bay
Australia, consider the following article very carefully - I believe it to be our most important decision in our entire history since liberation and I feel it should be a collective decision by the will of the nation, not one determined by our Government.

It's been 5 months since our Government determined the path we take to where we are now. It was one mighty decision, and one that was somewhat hasty and unprepared for. For those that would rather a quick summary rather than click the link above, here it is.

- ATLANTIS (Romania) vs. PEACE (Indonesia) was at it's height.
- South Africa (in an instant) MPP'd with ATLANTIS nations and declared war on Indonesia.

- Any attack from Indonesia on South African lands would have brought a lot of ATLANTIS nations (those MPP'd with South Africa) into the war.

- Australia was presented the same deal, MPP's to declare on Indonesia for failing to speedily return all our regions.

- Australia offered an ultimatum to Indonesia - all regions to be returned.

- Indonesia accepted, only to bully us into giving up WA, citing their public simply do not wish to ever let us have it.

5 months on, and I dare say, we'll never get WA back by peaceful means.

Indonesia hold onto it greedily, whilst they hold 15 other regions that also do not originally belong to them. This, even after they have lost several US regions recently.

Australia - A brief analysis
I believe Australia has gone through a simple cycle, one that very much mirrors the growing cycle of a person.

Early on, we shut ourselves off to the rest of the world, to focus on our own development. We began to grow increasing aware of the world around us, but were still too fragile to do anything about it. Eventually, we began to settle on more relaxed, conservative points of view.

The "building" phase is over - we have fully established government, political culture, military & industries.

Australia - the lazy nation?
I fear our RL culture has bled too much into our e-one. We've settled on a boring, uninteresting existence.

We once took a stance as a nation.

We once fought for a cause.

Now, we're unwilling to take a further stance that causes any risk whatsoever.

Now, we're unwilling to fight for a cause greater than our own.

We've lost that fighting spirit that got our nation back from Indonesia.

Australia must take action!
War rages around the world, and for as long as Australia has been liberated, PEACE has been the aggressive bully of the world. PEACE can refute that all they want, but the wars of this years history show it's almost entirely PEACE, and getting more so with every month.

I move that Australia unites as a single voice, and calls out to PEACE that we will not tolerate it.

I move that Australia joins EDEN.

The great big downside to this
Yes, I won't ignore it. Indonesia.

Would Indonesia dare attack us?

Would Indonesia even dare to threaten us?

The world is watching, and many in the world will in turn stand for our case.

I dare, Australia.

Dare with me.

Cottus Arci
Father of eAustralia