G'day Tasmania!

Day 667, 14:32 Published in Australia USA by Chris Stanwick

Citizens of Tasmania,

Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy to represent you in the Australian Senate in October as a member of the True Blue Party. Although I am relatively new to Australia, the party and many other Australian citizens have embraced my arrival and made me feel welcome. I appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the Australian people and want to use my experience and tireless energy to aid in the continued prosperity and success of Australia.

I have served several terms as a Congressman; as a deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Under Minister before that; as an ambassador; as a military commanding officer; as a business owner of multiple companies; as a professor of economics; and in several positions in political parties. I currently serve as the director of an international research organization. I have political, diplomatic, military, and economic experience. I am also usually on eRep about ten to twelve hours every day, and intermittently on IRC.

As election day gets closer, I will publish articles regarding my stance on various issues so that you can better understand my politics. Right now, the most important thing to understand about me is that I always strive to do what is best for the citizens as a whole. I have sacrificed my reputation and career in the past doing what I thought best for the public, and am willing to do so again if necessary. I am responsible to my constituents, which includes every citizen in the nation, not to my party or anyone else. I will hold your best interest in the forefront of my mind for every vote, every debate, and every decision. You are Australia.

-Chris Stanwick