Surprising eWedding On The 666th Day

Day 665, 14:33 Published in Brazil Brazil by Dio Shev

People of the New World,
Dear Brazilians, Romanians and Spaustrians,

We joyfully announce the marriage of two well-known figures in opposing sides of the New Worl😛
Marshal Malika Ela - Commander of the RTF and Media Mogul for two times - and Marshal Reshev Villanova, Supreme Commander of the PEACEkeepers.

The ceremony will take place on 666th of the New World.
Read your invitation for further instructions:

The Ceremony
Place: on Rizon Server (Orthodox Ceremony) and on Forum (Dioist Ceremony)
Date: September 16th (666)
Time: 11:00 (eRep Time)

About the Bridal Party
Bride: malika ela
Groom: Reshev Villanova
Dioist Priest: Supreme Priest AgentChieftain
Orthodox Priest: decisiv
Godfathers: Jazar and tuput
Godmothers: Lola Moreno and Oraizan
Bridesmaids: Crista22 and Raven Claw

About the couple:
Malika and Reshev faced each other, without knowing it, many times on the battlefields of PEACE and ATLANTIS. Reshev even lived in Hungary for a while, where he fought against Romania.

Over time, both stop fighting on the same battlefields and moved away.

But the distance was broken recently when Mr. Villanova volunteered to participate in the international articles of Ms. Ela, called "Face 2 Face - eRepublik famous characters around the World". He considered himself a fairly famous member of the New World.

"Who are you? You’re not impressive 😛" - answered Malika, arousing a burning hatred in Reshev's heart.

With his pride wounded, Reshev started a campaign that brought together dozens of citizens who requested an article about Mr. Villanova in Malika's newspaper. There was even an invasion of Spaustrians in the Romanian IRC channel #eRepRO.

Malika finally agreed to include Reshev in her articles and, as expected, she did not resist the stunning manliness transmitted by his photos. From that day on, an unexpected friendship began between them, which reserved something greater for them both.

Something that we now want to share with you all.

Extra: Antonio "Jazar" Salgado invites you all to join RESHEV'S BACHELOR PARTY.