A New Hope

Day 665, 01:01 Published in Canada Canada by Tyler F Durden

Check your Battle Orders eCanada!

My fellow eCanadians and Party Members,

I, Tyler F Durden am running for the Presidency of the Canadian Progressive Front. I strongly urge all members to come out and vote today for the candidate of their choice. If you are a Party member, and have not yet registered on the CPF Forum, I hope that you will soon.
Come and help shape the Party policy today so that we can help shape eCanada's future tomorrow.

The Canadian Progressive Front also has an Organization, and a Newspaper - the CPF Press. If you are a Party member and have not added this Org to your Friends tab, do so today. Many of you have already been contacted by the Party Org in this regard. The CPF Press will produce it's inaugural edition as soon as the PP election has closed, and we the Party have decided on who will take the Party forward.

After spending the entirety of my eLife politically unaffiliated, I have nonetheless been a vocal advocate for eCanada. I am not going to stand here and list off all of the reasons why I think you should vote for me. You either would do so by this time - or you would not.

My reputation speaks for itself.

What I would like to speak to you about today is our future. The future of the CPF and the future of eCanada.

The CPF is a new political party, yet in the minds of many carries baggage from an era gone by.
Some have drawn similarities to the old CEP and even the Norsefire Party before that.
So far as this candidate is concerned, all that ended after the fall of Ontario.

We have been given new life - rather we TOOK new life. We were pushed into the sea by a ruthless, cunning enemy without even a morsel of regard for our Wellness.

The chaotic scene following the Fall of Ontario.

This was new to the eCanadian experience. Many were left behind who bravely fought for their very survival in the days which followed. Those who did manage to get evacuated spread out across the New World. Many went to eSpain to continue the fight. I was one of them. I bought a Grain company in Madrid and brought over as many as I could to work, and help the war effort from a Q5 Hospital region. We fought on until eSpain too fell. We were forced to relocate once again. Others traveled to the Mediterranean - eGreece and set up shop. A combination of these brave nomads and of the Government - operating in exile worked tirelessly to regain a foothold on our home and native land. We fought and secured a foothold. Slowly but surely we came home to fight alongside our countrymen in the liberation of eCanada.

eCanadians cheer after their liberation!

Not all were welcomed home as heros. Many were vilified - viewed as a threat to Government.

No, Will Smith did not help to liberate eCanada - but he was in a movie called Enemy of the State

Slowly, these groups of dedicated patriots worked to help augment the efforts of the CAF - our goal being one in the same. We want eCanada back just as much as anyone else. We won't say more - that would be insulting to the many sacrifices which every eCanadian has made during this war.

As a result of being publicly ostracized, some of these individuals put their heads together and established the Canadian Progressive Front. It was to be a Party for anyone who felt left out - a Party for those who had a voice, but no audience.

Our voice is 88 strong as of today.

In the Canadian Progressive Front, we now have a voice, and so do they whom have joined us since our inception.

Some may ask, what is the goal of this new Party?

While the policies of this new Party are being debated at this very moment on the CPF Forum, I for one feel that it is inappropriate to speak for anyone but myself about the direction I see this Party taking. The first thing that strikes the mind of anyone who reads the topics on this forum is this:

Never again!

Now, I will be the first to confess that NOBODY can ensure that we will never be wiped from the maps of the New World again - it is however my firm belief that this Party works to come as close to that goal as is possible.

Tyler F Durden and the CPF will work to reconstruct our national infrastructure. We will work to eradicate the enemy from OUR lands! We will work to build an eCanada that is strong and able to give hell to whatever fool would dare make us their enemy again.

Don't forget - this is who we are fighting. They are not Supermen. They are 14 year old boys who paint their peach fuzz with their momma's mascara to look like men!

We cannot do this alone. We need you - our countrymen. We need those brave souls who were left behind. We need those who depleted their personal fortunes in defence of our great eNation.
We need all true patriots to join us in this - our Great Patriotic War!

As Party President of the Canadian Progressive Front, I, Tyler F Durden vow to you today that I will strive to achieve these goals. I will do my best to adapt and overcome whatever our enemy may throw at us. Together we will work to re-establish this country from sea to sea to sea!

This will take hard work. This will take time. This will take blood. It will require superior strategy, fresh ideas - intrigue and desperate acts of heroism.

We all know what we have to lose if we fail - we have already walked down that road.

Will you stand with me?

You already know that I stand with you.

For Party, for eCanada.

At your service,

Tyler F Durden

In association with e Fight Club.

Are you with me?

eCanada: You have your Orders